On TAP this week: clean drinking water for the world�s children

dish-tapprojectIf you’re planning to dine out this week, some of the area’s best restaurants are giving you a chance to help people around the world improve the quality of their drinking water. According to UNICEF’s TAP project, 900 million people around the world, half of them children lack clean drinking water. Waterborne illness is the second leading cause of death of children under 5-years old. The TAP project is an effort to change that situation, conducted during World Water Week every year. All you have to do is pay $1 for a glass of tap water you usually enjoy for free and the proceeds will go to the project. For just $1 you can supply a child with clean drinking water for 40 days.

What’s more, students at Light House Studio put together a PSA for this year’s event called "Together We Can Fill The Cup." Check it out here.

The restaurants participating are: Ariana Kebob, Aromas, Bang!, Blue Moon Diner, Bluegrass Grill, The College Inn, Eppie's, Fleurie, Horse & Hound Gastropub, Hotcakes, Ivy Inn, Orzo, Petit Pois, X Lounge, Zinc, and Zocalo. The event ends this Saturday, March 27, so get out there and enjoy a great meal and help a thirsty child.