WaPo explains health care

Like it or hate it, health care reform passed. The Washington Post has a simple tool that asks a few questions, then explains how you'll be affected.


what I love about this post is that it links to actual fact-based information, as opposed to something Bill Hay or Glenn Beck or the falafel guy have made up to stir up the uninformed masses, and yet, not a single comment. intriguing

Except it's not fact-based, unfortunately. Go enter a married couple with no kids making $40K with insurance from their employer... or a married couple with 2 kids making $70K (w/ insurance)... or a married couple making $170K... it says "You will not pay any additional taxes."

That's just not true. You will pay a tax on medical devices (assuming the doctor doesn't want a pay cut and passes the cost along), and other certain services like indoor tanning.

You're right, I don't think people want to take the time to understand the facts, once they do they'll realize that this bill is a small first step, and brings much needed reform to a system that- any doctor or nurse or health care practitioner will tell you is broken. So many complain that government isn't working, but when our officials try to make a constructive change to improve the system they are met with outrage and worse. Thanks for posting this. I hope more people will use it to find out how the bill will affect them.