Photos from Taylor Swift at JPJ

photophile-swift-taylor-0912Former Hook art director H. Mitchell Jarrett took some pictures at the March 20 Taylor Swift concert at John Paul Jones Arena, and here they are.

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that's my future baby momma right there

love taylor swift she has the best music and the song with boys like girls is awesome

Can't say I am very familiar with her music but does sound like a good time was had by all. Melissa Ruggieri's review in the Progress didnt have much good to say- but she seldom does. C-Ville more positive on the whole. Maybe Swift's lyrics aren't great poetry- but then the same could be said about much of the early rock and roll that people of a certain age group still cherish.
My opinion is "that she isn't Joan Baez- but then who is? By the way the American Masters DVD on Baez,How Sweet the Sound has some great footage of at Taylor's age when she was playing at places like Club 47 in Boston and the Newport Folk Festival. Back then singers didnt have all the pyrotechnics and bells and whistles they have at concerts now. Just Joan's guitar and magnificent soprano- which still sounds good 5 decades later.
I wish Ms Swift a long and successful career.

Taylor i think u r a great role model for our futer generation of younger kids. And i thank u for being the person u r today.Keep up the good work

I dew hope the future learns to spel and use compleat wurds and frases 2 xpres demselves.

taylor u are so important 2 me and im your bigest fan of all please reaply