Snap: MyKonos coming soon

dish-greekLooks like a Greek-American restaurant named MyKonos Caf© is opening up in the former Old Grounds Caf© space near Cici’s Pizza. We contacted Great Eastern Management to find out more, but have not heard back from them. Be sure to check the Hook's food blog for updates.


Get the gyro at Blue Grass Grill, it is much better. It's interesting to finally eat a really good gyro. And I've been around the gyro, let me tell you boys. Both coasts, and the Greek Fest in Richmond. So do not ignore my advice. Get a good gyro. Finally. No I do not work there or know anybody who does. I give this advice for you.

Mykonos Cafe is being opened by the owner of the White Spot and will serve a Greek/American menu.

Hope they deliver! Haven't had a gyro delivered since I moved out of College Inn's delivery zone after college. (Still have the phone number committed to memory umpteen years later.)