Bubbly Benefit: Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat rock for Charlottesville

news-sherylcrowThe 48-year-old pop-rocker wants to help ease the pain of uninsured families.

The Charlottesville Free Clinic, which has served more than 11,000 uninsured patients during its nearly 20-year run (and seems to have been a bit ahead of the "universal health care" curve), has attracted the attention of politically active pop-rock star Sheryl Crow–- so much so that the 48-year-old musician plans on headlining the Clinic's 7th annual Benefit Concert at the Charlottesville Pavilion June 21.

Crow, a nine-time Grammy winner, released her sixth studio album, Detours, to widespread critical acclaim in 2008. The heartfelt album, inspired by her battle with breast cancer and 2005 engagement and subsequent 2006 breakup with professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Breaking onto the mainstream music scene in 1993 with her debut, Tuesday Night Music Club, and winning such Grammys as Best New Artist, Record of the Year, and Best Rock Record, Crow has continued to set the standard for female pop-rock performers. A political activist, Crow has lent her voice to such issues as the war in Iraq, breast cancer, and global warming.

The altruistic rocker will perform alongside California pop star and Grammy winner Colbie Caillat. Caillat's 2007 breakout single, "Bubbly" caught the attention of critics and artists internationally, including Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift, with whom she would later collaborate. For both Crow and Caillat, the benefit concert will be their first appearance in Charlottesville.

The free clinic runs largely through volunteers, offering primary health care and basic dental services to Charlottesville's uninsured. The past six benefit concerts have raised over $750,000 in medical services for area families. Tickets go on sale April 16 at 10am for $35-68.


They join an illustrious list who have played a benefit for the CPC. The Indigo Girls come immediately to mind.
Sheryl Crow is a breast cancer survivor, as is Melissa Etheridge, who some venue,probably JPJ, so needs to bring here.

OOps, that should be CFC

Interesting point, but still what happens to people in the meantime until we get that reform? Its also true that UVa hospital treats many indigent patients, and writes off the bills.Maybe they get passed on to other patients or the taxpayers.
Like a free clinic that may not be the best answer to the problem, but until something better comes along, we need it.
The present bill may not be the answer, though I don't believe it be as horrid as its detractors say it is. It could be a start in the right direction though. But a lot more fixing of the system may be required.

I won 5 Grammy's in one year. And an Oscar!

What an irrelevant story about two irrelevant artists and an irrelevant issue.

Another reason to love Sheryl Crow.

I wonder if the people who award the Grammys knew awarding Colbie Caillat one would render all Grammys dead weight.

I beg to differ, Jimothy

Wow. What a great get.

WOW__ what a great artist!!

I would hardly call the CFC and its ever-present needs for funding an irrelevant issue. Just ask anyone whose only source of medical care is the clinic.
Not familiar really with Caillat's work, but I would hardly call Sheryl Crow "irrelevant." Believe she has sold a lot of albums-and that many with lesser talent have sold far more than she has. She does some great songs.
And bring on Melissa Etheridge!

I have heard some say that the free clinic has actually slowed down the public's awareness of how badly we need health care reform. Without it the public would have more of a sense of urgency to bring insurance to everyone.