The CSC Funk Band

CSC Funk Band

Scuzzy freakouts tempered by simple Afrobeat-style cyclical minimalism gives you this modern funk band, very loosely defined, led by formidably bearded guitarist Colin Langenus, formerly the leader of revered Brooklyn DIY rockers USAISAMONSTER, and rhythmically propelled by C-ville expat Matthew Clark, former drummer for instrumental rock trio Ostinato and songwriter Sarah White's backing band The Pearls. If Langenus' pulverizing riffs are anything like they were in his last band, this should be killer.

Former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn's new considerably lighter Taylor Texas Corrugators project opens with more psychedelic country-tinged jamband material than you'd ever have expected from the 80's hardcore punk legend – who, to be fair, is now in his mid 50's.