Pavilion X shows its (new) colors

onarch-uvalawnpavilionxPavilion X just got a new parapet and color scheme.

A year ago, there was widespread concern among UVA alums about then-impending changes to the hallowed UVA Lawn, including changing the colors of the Lawn’s white columns and dark green shutters, restoring Pavilion X to reflect what Jefferson intended, and replacing the Rotunda’s roof by replicating architect Stanford White’s version, a greenish copper he chose as part of his redesign following the 1895 fire that destroyed much of the building. Over the winter some of those changes have taken shape, as a March 31 photograph indicates.

Formerly clad in glossy white paint, Pavilion X now stands adorned with a new attic parapet, what one angry alum called an "ugly attic,"  and a sandy beige paint scheme. But the controversy continues, as those accustomed to the relatively modern image of the Lawn with its red brick and gleaming white columns, railings, and domes would like it to stay that way.

In response to that, UVA historic preservation planner Brian Hogg says there are no immediate plans to extend the new Pavilion X color scheme to the rest of the Lawn. In addition, plans to restore the roof of the Rotunda are also on hold. The plan now, says Hogg, is to spend some time simply “looking at the design of Pavilion X.”

“It’s still an open question what design direction the Lawn will take,” he says. “We’re going to have more discussions before any decisions are made.”

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Yes, there is photographic evidence of the parapet in a previous incarnation. The re-do may seem surprising and jar a little, but it is historically based, and it's lookin' good to me. Give it some time. Almost nothing on the Lawn is exactly the way it was planned originally.

UGLY waste of money!

Dang, Tang. Stick to Chang-bashing. Architecture critic skills: no good...

Paint no good, addition and UVA crazy, look like warehouse get dump from sky on nice building.

Looks a little bulky and top-heavy to me... is there any evidence that pavilion ever had such a parapet? Or did Jefferson just draw it with one? The linked-to story doesn't say.

There are 19th century photos of the building with its parapet. In the photos it looks like an itegral part of the structure. This one unfortuately looks as though it was stuck on, which it was.

I understand it had to be built that way, but it looks like the builder didn't take the contour of the old roof into account. If you approach the building from Cabell Hall, you can easily see a sizeable and ugly gap between the parapet and the roof at the front of the structure. It looks very sloppy. If that can't be fixed, it really should be taken off. It degrades the appearance of the building that much.

On a positive note, I really like the green shutters.