Kohl's digging for October

news-kohlshollymeadmoonscapeIn mid-January, the Kohl's site, left foreground, still had the look of a moonscape.

Upscale discounter Kohl's appears to have broken ground on its planned Charlottesville store, as a bulldozer could be seen turning earth on the site Friday, April 2, near the sign that's been stuck in the moonscape of Hollymead Town Center and still announcing an October opening date. A source at the site says the company, whose spokespeople could not immediately be reached, is still shooting for an October opening.

Wendell Wood, who developed Hollymead Town Center, owned the parcel for about 40 years, sold it "four or five years ago" to HM Acquisition Group, he says, and came back into possession of the land last September, a $19.6 million deal, according to county property kohlsnewtransfer records.

Wood declines to call it a foreclosure–- although Albemarle County property records note the deed is "in lieu of foreclosure."

"We had a friendly arrangement, and I got the property back," says Wood, who had financed the deal.

Besides Kohl's, the new shopping center will include residential units and offices, as well as "possibly a theater, possibly a hotel," says Wood.

Kohl's will rise pretty quickly, predicts Wood. "You'll probably see something under roof in 60 days."

–last updated 3:45pm Monday, April 5, with additional reporting by Lisa Provence


Why are people so big on Olive Garden? It's just pasta and garlic bread, nothing special. Is it because it's "all you can eat" pasta bowl? Is it the Fat American syndrome? Because other than that, I can't figure out the appeal. You can make your own pasta and sauce and garlic bread at home that tastes even better, and for cheap. Although it won't be the "neverending Fat American pasta bowl." But then again, people shouldn't be eating like that anyway. \

Kohl's is good. Right now I have to drive to Shortpump to get to one, so 29 north works for me. Saves me an hour and a half round trip drive.

And yes Jim, proofreader is a honest profession. Checks in the mail!!

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Describing Hollymud as moonscape is a gross insult to the moon.

Kohls yes, but please no hotel or theatre to make traffic worse!


Thanks, Jim! I discovered the same thing when I saw one of my cop shoppe friends in Fashion Square Mall Saturday night.

Funny. Red Lobster is the inverse of an upscale discounter. They charge a premium price for fast food.


it's a red lobster going in at fashion square.

Who needs Kohl's? I'd much rather have Costco and Olive Garden.

Surf conditions in Costa Rica are excellent this week.

olive garden
two story movie theater
new icepark out north 29
mayor who knows how to spend money
and last but not least,
people who know how to drive the traffic of rush hour.

Good question boooo. Why anyone would eat at Sonic is an even better question, but I suspect your answer applies to both. Eating at Sonic means you don't have to burn any fat walking 20 feet to the trough.

and last but not least,
people who know how to drive the traffic of rush hour.

Dream on! Good to dream...but it will never happen...too many people commuting in for a job....and not enough of an infrastructure to handle the traffic....

I noticed the portion of the Fashion Square Mall parking lot where Olive Garden was suppose to go a few years ago has now been dug up for new construction. Is Olive Garden finally going in there?

Tim, drive to Waynesboro, Culpeper, Fredericksburg or Harrisonburg. You need the fresh air!

My wife and daughter are in the Waynesboro Kohl's right now.

Not a foreclosure, but a $40mm default. They also bought the property behind this site for about $49mm in 2006. Wonder what will happen with that one”Š

When are we gonna get a Costco?

Brought to you by union wages and benefits that are out of line and therefore out of this Country............

perhaps these are jobs created by Obamajobs......surely not.

Wow, more retail jobs. Poverty wages for people bagging junk made anywhere but USA.

Upscale discounter?

When Sam Walton was running Wal-Mart he promoted heavily products made in USA. Blaming unions exclusively for loss of manufacturing jobs not quite the simplistic answer some would like. I agree that they had there part as well but its tough to compete against near surf conditions in other countries. NAFTA didn't help things also. Obama has called for more offshore drilling. A real move to energy independence on the horizon? Could this be the real start for higher wage positions in a field that so desperately needs to be expanded for our own national security? Not holding my breath, we have all heard it before! And no offense to all those retail clerks out there. You are a very important part of our economy and just a smile or kind word from you can really brighten a day!! Don't think I would be able to fill your shoes!!