Zim catches the Prez

news-zimmermanFormer Virginia baseball star and Hook HotSeater Ryan Zimmerman will catch the first pitch from President Barack Obama at the Washington National’s home opener today against the Philadelphia Phillies. Since being drafted by the Nationals in 2005, the third-baseman has become the face of the franchise.


.....and did you hear his interview in the broadcast booth? Couldn't name one player on the Sox- his favorite home town team, and called it Kamisky Field- yea, he's a player...........

actually he couldn't answer the question and did the Obama shuffle....

That WAS his pitch after practicing, log.

That pitch was just awful.

Strikes, steroids, richest teams win, and three hour games that rival the excitement of Jim Lehrer's news report. Baseball is a dying sport. Is it time for the NFL draft yet?

He should throw it back at him.

If the pitch had been better you would have criticized him for wasting time practicing. H8ters.

You got that right Albeboy. That would have been called illegal for height in a slow pitch softball game even before it crossed the plate

If the pitch had been better I would have suggested that he quit his day job and try to improve on the pitching- as he is not improving on his position as CEO of The U.S.........speaking of high salaries without performance

From the Wikipedia article on US Cellular Field:

Many sportscasters and fans continue to use the name Comiskey Park.

Or were you correcting his pronunciation with your phonetic spelling?

Zip is lookin fresh in that polo. Amazing what some 0's at the end of your salary can do for ya

HEY! I see YA, ZIP!!!!

I'm just glad we have a team in DC for a President to throw out the first pitch to in the season opener.
I do hope they can come up with the money to keep Zim when he becomes eligible for free agency. Otherwise he could end up as A-Rod's successor with the Yankees.
I first got into baseball as a kid watching the original Washington Senators(now the Twins) in the 50s when the Yankees were winning 8 pennants in 10 years. The Senators languishing in the cellar. But they did have some interesting players-Eddie Yost,"the walking man", 1957 AL HR and RBI champ Roy Sievers, and slugger Jim Lemon, a native of Covington, Va.
And still have a soft spot for the Twins,rejoiced in their World Series wins(1987, 1991), and also that they were able to keep Joe Mauer, certainly one of the greatest catchers ever.
Incidentally, the new USA Today Sports Weekly has all the major league team salaries. As expected, Yankees and Red Sox are at the top- but the 2 time NL champ Phillies have a lower payroll than that of the Cubs, who haven't won jack.

fonetiks........he actually called komiNskey park.....

"Low rent sport too........"