Star flick-er: How Warren Beatty seduced America


news-warren-beattyIf you've heard the startling statistic that Warren Beatty slept with 12,775 women, that number comes courtesy of author Peter Biskind, who calculates the Bonnie and Clyde star's sexual encounters from the mid-1950s until Beatty meets his future wife Annette Bening in 1991.

Biskind dishes more, much more, in his book Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America, including eye-popping allegations about the sexual skills of Jane Fonda, who was here at the 2008 Virginia Film Festival, or not so-impressive tidbits about Beatty buddy Jack Nicholson.

The Film Society brings Biskind for a screening of Beatty's Heaven Can Wait April 12 at the Paramount and to talk about the actor's career–- and couplings. Joan Collins, Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, Madonna.... plus 12,771 more.


Great job on keeping his sister in line..............

Warren was dedicated to the task. If his exploits are true, that number averages out to a different woman a day, every day, for approximately 36 years.