Lady Gaga

In the grand scheme of things, it still feels like Gaga kind of came outta nowhere, doesn't it? Her debut single "Just Dance" was released a little over a year and a half ago, and it was really just her well-documented taste for the bizarre that turned her into a worldwide pop icon at breakneck speed. Her Monster Ball tour, accordingly, is a parade of gleefully freakish props and set changes culminating in her showdown with the Fame Monster, an octopus-piranha kind of thing representing her relationship with the cultural spotlight after which she named the rereleased version of what is still her only album thus far. Oh, and about that – even if they're practically all worldwide chart-toppers, there just isn't much material for her to choose from here, so you can expect a couple oddities from her days as a flea-ridden struggling artist thrown in for the diehards (they'll be the ones dressed in strange costumes in the parking lot beforehand). Go for the visuals, if can afford it. And also because at some point she will probably play the piano with her butt.

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Goo goo for Gaga? Are you serious? She definitely ain't no lady!