Titus Andronicus

With all the acclaim constantly heaped upon them these days, you'd think Jersey punk-rockers Titus Andronicus should be playing at more established venues, but then again they only sold a few thousand copies of The Airing Of Grievances, presumably because all the tastemakers furiously Blogspotting about them had Rapidshared their copies. But anyway, water under the bridge, since now they're on to the next record, The Monitor, which in its vaguest sense might be construed to be a concept album of sorts about the Civil War battleship of the same name and has been winning unilaterally rave reviews since its release last month. Do not miss this, especially since we've got free tickets for you.

Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus


Ok. One of the guys from the band Larry keel and the natural bridge has the worst beard, (pg. 32 of some other local weekly, whose name must not be mentioned.)

Can you find a specific picture for us online somewhere? Beards are living, breathing creatures, you see, and thus tend to change over time.