Snap: Creative branding

photo-creativebrandingshocktopcar A car showing a creative branding strategy was parked yesterday, April 14, near the Downtown Mall on Second Street NW. The car touts a beer called Shock Top Belgian White, part of the Michelob line which is part of the Anheuser-Busch line, which is part of a worldwide conglomerate called InBev. But in local beer news, the team down at Devil's Backbone Brewing Company won four awards (including a gold) on April 10 in Chicago at the 2010 Brewers Association World Beer Cup. And over in Afton, the Blue Mountain Brewery took home a silver medal for its American-style wheat beer. The competition, held every two years, is considered the Olympics of Beer, with over 3,300 beers from 642 breweries in 44 countries trying to impress an international panel of 179 judges. Looks like Nelson County is vying for a prominent place on the international beer map.

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in two weeks I can walk a couple blocks over where the best Hefe in town sits in a huge vat, waiting to be consumed by me. What place do I speak of? South Street Brewery