Chang watch: The chef has landed

dish-chang-cookingWe know you’re all just sitting at your computers waiting for the latest Peter Chang update. Well, here it is: according to Chang’s “consultant and translator,” Gen Lee, the quixotic chef has found a place of his own somewhere in Short Pump, though it's not a done deal yet. Lee says the paperwork should be finalized this week. If all goes according to plan, the place should be open in about three or four months, says Lee. Stay tuned for further details.


Nah. Headwaiter is Daisy.

um obviously not only charlottesville bc the articles that scared him away were in NY & DC magazines, & people in georgia were the ones flocking to a restaurant on the mistaken rumor that he'd moved there. way to keep up.

Only Charlottesville would stalk a Chinese Chef, what a bunch of limp greasy egg rolls you are

His spokesman is the General Lee? Wow. Is Rosco P. Coltrane his sous chef? Boss Hog his Sommelier? His headwaiter one of the Duke boys?

I think that would make the owner of Taste of China Boss Hogg.

No soup for you, Joe Cecil!