Shorn: Three Esthetics stripped

bizbrief-3estheticsLast fall, the biggest problem facing upscale salon Three Esthetics in the Glass Building was protesters blocking the parking lot the shop shares with Congressman Tom Perriello's office.

This week, Three Esthetics faces a different problem that threatens the whole business. When co-owner Victoria Snapp came into work on Monday, April 12, the formerly bustling salon and full-service spa was missing chairs, equipment, fixtures and staff members.

"It was abrupt," says Snapp. She was aware her business partner Patrick Butler was leaving, but says, "I was unaware of the time frame."

"I couldn't come to an agreement with the landlord," says Butler. "I had to grab my stuff. I took what was mine and left." Landlord Lisa Murphy did not respond to a request for comment from the Hook.

Butler says he's opening a new salon in a smaller space. And Snapp says with the remaining five stations, Three Esthetics is still taking appointments, although it will likely not continue to exist with that name.

"We're working with the owner [of the building] so that folks that want can continue to work here," says Snapp.

Hair stylist Jeff Burton, an independent contractor at Three Esthetics, is still in shock at finding "trees, plants, and people" gone from his workplace. "I'm up in the air. I think I'm going to wait and see what all I can do."
UPDATE 4/16/10: Owner clarification.


III was a great salon. I will be sorry to see it go. But I will definitley keep with my stylist Barbara Lynch. She is fabulous and always professional

freedom of speech! you can't beat it!

Business partnerships are like marriages and they end like divorces. They're messy! But like you said, Esthetics customer, there is a lot your aren't hearing and you're not meant to. If you were, you'd be an owner of the salon also. Just support the "Children" in this divorce and continue to see your favorite stylist or Esthetician as everyone deals with the fallout.

As a client of Patrick Butlers I know he has not been happy for quite some time. I hope that in his new space he will find his happiness. I love his work and am sure on his own will do quite well.

ââ?¬Å?I couldn’t come to an agreement with the landlord,” says Butler. ââ?¬Å?I had to grab my stuff. I took what was mine and left.” Landlord Lisa Murphy did not respond to a request for comment from the Hook.

What lies beneath? So why isn't the landlord commenting? Why is her client grabbing and going as fast as he can to get out of dodge? This building is on the market...why? Apparently, the businesses in the Glass Building are jumping ship...and fast! What's the real deal? Lisa Murphy continues to receive negative press...but why???

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I LOVE PATRICK, he has done my hair and my two girls for over five years and I can not say anything but great things about him. He took care of that business better than anyone else did! He has done the right thing by moving on and getting his own place, he has not been happy for awhile and it is time that he is again:) And I could not be happier for him!

Victoria Snapp is described in the article as "owner Victoria Snapp," but then salongoer says, "From what I hear III got it’s name signifying it’s three original owners. One jumped ship early, one wasn’t present, and it was left to him to run the show."

ââ?¬Å?We’re working with the owner so that folks that want can continue to work here,” says Snapp.

Here an owner, there an owner, everywhere an owner.

If she's the "owner," who's she talking about working with?


Some thoughts:
1. I wouldn't call that place "upscale". It's just a regular salon.
2. Glad to see the plants go.
3. That whole salon arrangement is weird and confusing when booking appointments. There are women running other waxing/massage businesses in the Esthetics space.
4. There's definitely more to this story we're not hearing. It is a salon, after all.

I went to Three for a little over a year. My stylist was an excellent hair cutter, but completely irresponsible. In the course of the year, she canceled 8 out of 12 appointments... 2 of those, I showed up and was told that she wasn't coming in, and that someone had left a message on my work phone (it was Saturday). Other times I found out she wasn't coming in when I called to confirm my appointment... the last time I called to see what time my appointment was and was told, "___ isn't coming in today, she sent me a text message." I moved on

One never knows the whole truth & nothing but the truth. Many sides exist to the same story, so before you judge a "guy who would treat people like this", how 'bout you ask for a little more about how he's been treated the last few years by the people that were supposed to be involved in running the business? People that left him holding the bag & most responsibilities related to making the money to pay the bills? Sometimes one does what they must to survive. And things don't always end to everyone's satisfaction... but they must end in order for something else great to begin.

i have gone to Three a few times. once my stylist never showed up. Another time my stylist was rude and finally Patrick helped me. It is no wonder why he chose to venture on his own. He needed a more competent staff. I will be happy to follow him and the employees he chooses to take with him. I look forward to seeing patrick, Sara and the handful of stylists at the new salon. and maybe this will be a lesson to the less-professional stylists that worked at Three.

The owner did the best he could with what he had to work with. Patrick will do great at his new place. This is just what it took to weed out the bad apples. From what I hear III got it's name signifying it's three original owners. One jumped ship early, one wasn't present, and it was left to him to run the show. Hopefully everyone will be able to move on from this.

Glad Patrick is going to a new space. What's good will go, what was not will rot.

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Interesting. My stylist also has a station at III, and I agree with the first commenter (although I liked the plants). I always had the feeling the place was being run in a slipshod manner, and some of the people who worked there seemed oblivious to the need to appear professional (Jeff Burton and a few others excepted). It used to bum me out as a customer, although I love the gal who does my hair so I returned anyway.

all i wanna know... is erica staying???? erica let your customers know please! we love you!

The airing of ones dirty laundry in public is not very professional. While with any separation be it personal or business there are always lines drawn and sides to be chosen. The breakup should be kept civilized as to do as little damage to each others reputation as possible. After all the parties involved are both business people in the community and will be facing the consequences of this for years to come. Victoria I wish you well wherever this new adventure takes you. Patrick it has always been a pleasure having you as my stylist and I look forward to seeing you as you embark on your adventure as well.

Nice try Boston, but you seem like a teabagger that's still upset that Murphy asserted her private property rights and had you guys thrown out of her parking lot like she should have. Murphy isn't getting any negative press in this article. Where have you seen any such thing? Private property is routinely sold, why is none of your business unless you happen to have some for sale.

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Brooke Is the bomb if you want a stylist with some personality get a hold of Brooke.She personally offered to make good on the gift certificate .