Write stuff: Rock Paper Scissors back on Mall

Heather McNulty and Dani Antol in their new store, where even the receipts are handwritten.

For some, the love of good paper is so intense that the words "deckle edge" can cause a shiver. No matter how often they email, text or Twitter, there are still occasions when they reach for the fine writing paper.

Those people who refuse to consider the handwritten note obsolete know Rock Paper Scissors, the stationery store started on 2nd Street NE in 2002 by Scarpa owner Amy Gardner. About a year ago, she moved it to Barracks Road North Wing to adjoin Scarpa.

New owners have moved Rock Paper Scissors back to the Downtown Mall in the space beside Chaps formerly occupied by Glo salon.

Graphic designer Dani Antol and former advertising account executive Heather McNulty both used to work at Payne Ross & Associates ad agency. They purchased the RPC March 1, and by March 8 were open for business.

"I've always had a love of paper and the art of the handwritten letter," says McNulty. "We felt strongly about the brand Amy built. It has great name recognition."

So at a time when all things printed on paper–- newspapers, books, correspondence–- are moving to electronic devices, what if people cease writing notes?

"I suppose it's possible," says McNulty, "but we believe wholeheartedly in it."

And the partners have another firm belief: Despite Evite, people will always need custom-printed wedding invitations, birth announcements, and party invites. And they'll want those with a beautiful design on high-quality paper.

You know who you are.


Many people I know thought that Rock Paper Scissors often had disinterested customer service, unless you were a regular favorite of theirs that is. Great products though. If the new owners improve the customer service aspect of the business, then they should do very well.

Hand-written receipts? What could go wrong?

Thanks Lisa!

What's the deal with all the infomercials in the Hook? I mean really. Does every local business get an article? Or is it just friends of staff?