Wheels of fortune: Carpe Donut seizes the day

dish-rohdiefamilyMatt Rhodie and his family hope to put "Carpe Donuts" on your grocery list.

Since rolling out Carpe Donut and  “gypsy," his mobile donut factory, a little over two years ago, donuteer Matt Rohdie has won fans across the Commonwealth with his totally organic, apple cider based bread wheels cooked in soy oil. In fact, it has become trendy among the well-to-do to feature Gypsy at fancy events, like this February wedding at Keswick Hall.

But the really big news, as far as Rohdie is concerned, is that he finally got his wholesale license and has Whole Foods expressing some interest in carrying his donuts in the freezer section at their Charlottesville and Short Pump locations.

“That could be big,” says Rohdie. “If it takes off, it could be big.”

The donuts are already offered on ice at Feast! and have been available in small bulk at the Blue Ridge Country Store on the Downtown Mall, Trailside Coffee in Crozet, and will again be available during Pavilion shows. Oh, and Rohdie mentions that they will also soon be available at Cinema Taco for the Jefferson Theater crowds.

“Hopefully, these developments will make the donuts more available to people in town,” says Rohdie. “And people seem to be pretty happy with them from freezer to oven.”

Yes, Mr. Rhodie, but not has happy as we are with them from hand to mouth.

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Carpet donuts?


I've had this guy's work. He's great! The donuts are good, and service is great. I hope he does very well. Seize the donuts!

Carpe Donuts are incredibly delicious, and contain good ingredients. I love the idea of being able to pick 'em up frozen. Hope this works out for them. It's always great when truly nice people succeed.

Are they not as good, as good, or better than Spudnuts?

McLovin sez: Frost tonight!