Kluge's jewels on 'Today Show'

news-kluge-leopardWinemaker Patricia Kluge is shedding the skin of her life as billionaire's wife by selling both her mansion, Albemarle House, and other lavish belongings, including jewelry. A couple of the items to be auctioned off April 20 at Sotheby's appeared on NBC's Today Show this morning. Ann Curry wore Kluge's platinum-and-diamond drop earrings (estimated value $600K-$800K). A bejeweled Cartier watch with a leopard on a carpet of sapphires, valued at $100K-$150K, surely must be one of a kind.

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Antoinette Thanks for the correction about Lady Astor. You might have added that she was the FIRST woman who was elected MP in Britain and interestingly was NOT good friends with Winston Churchill. The two women are not comparable--yes the suggestion was "a tad off course!"

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Why is the Mod deleting so many comments? So what does this woman have on the Hook? Everyone knows that she is. If you don't, there are plenty folks who have some photos of her that they can sell you.

Noted quote:
Lady Nancy Astor: "Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea."
Churchill: "Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it.”

Maybe, perhaps, that Mrs. Kluge has some sense that she can't take her bling-bling with her to wherever she goes in the afterlife.

Are you gay or just a pig ?

Now why on Earth would anyone want to move away from Albemarle County where everyone's nose is in everyone else's business? To be honest, it's like that every where! Good luck in Morocco, Mrs. K, come back home soon.

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I'm sure they contributed to the kidz because they love them, not because it's a huge tax write-off.

"I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about what Bill Clinton said. There was nothing he said that was inaccurate factually."
Why was it deleted then ?.................. At best it was crass.

Mer --

I appreciate the comment, but have to add another correction. Nancy Astor was not the first woman elected a British MP. She was the first elected woman to take her seat in Parliament, which she did in 1919. The first elected -- in 1918 -- was Countess Constance Markiewicz (born Constance Gore-Booth and married to a Polish-Ukrainian nobleman). She was a militant Irish nationalist who, along with other elected members of Sinn Fein, protested British rule by refusing to go to Westminster.

On the chance that facts matter, I offer these:

Nancy Langhorne, daughter of Nancy Witcher Keene and Chiswell Dabney Langhorne of Mirador in Albemarle County, married as her second husband Viscount Astor and thereby became Lady Astor. Nancy Langhorne's sister Irene Langhorne married artist and publisher Charles Dana Gibson, who made her the model for his popular "Gibson Girl." As daughters of a land-poor ex-Confederate officer, Nancy and Irene Langhorne were short on cash but well supplied with beauty, brains, and character. As one example, Nancy spent many of her teenaged years riding into hardscrabble mountain communities with medical missionary Rev. Frederick Neve. Later,she credited that experience as formative when she successfully ran for a seat in the British Parliament on a progressive platform that emphasized the welfare of women and children. Oh, and though her pride in hospitality required her to maintain a good wine cellar as a socially and poltically prominent figure, her experience as the abused wife of an alcoholic first husband made her personally a teetotaler. So it's just barely possible that your suggestion that she was a predecessor in kind to Patricia Rose Kluge Moses might be just a tad off course.

why do people think they have the right pass judgment on this! It is her stuff and her business. period

why would you want to sell a beautiful, secluded home in one of the most breathtaking parts of Albemarle County and a designer bracelet, that I'm sure was designed exclusively for Ms.Kluge. This is parts of your life. Why would you want to get rid of them.
I'd feel pretty confident in saying it's not about needing the money.

Bill Clinton. That is distasteful. Your respect for women is about zero. Remember, you are the partial product of a woman.

I guess we wouldn't want to say anything suggesting this woman lacks class or anything of the sort, would we now? Of course one of the things that's obvious is the number of deleted comments and how clear it is to most as to what those comments said!!
My one experience with her back in the eighties was being very nearly run down by her while on my bicycle in front of the bus station. She was driving a snazzy Jaguar at the time. To her credit, she saw me and jammed on the brakes.

We had our own local girl who made good around, Nancy Gibson of "Gibson Girl" fame who went on to become "Lady Astor". So I guess it's: "Honi soit qui mal y pense".

I personally think the kludges have offered invaluable support for sick children that all of us put together could not offer .

I don't care if Mrs. Kluge was doing the Pope ! Both Mrs. and Mr. Kluge offered back to the community an immeasurable gift. .

My Mother always told me to work with what I had and do good things with what I had to share . Anybody want me to bring them a large fry back from work ?

I love resourceful Women , THEY RULE THIS PLANET !

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If the kluges saved one childs life or suffering would it make any difference if it was a tax write off or from the heart ?

A charitable contribution can be made to the TEA PARTY with the same tax shelter .

Its a shame to see the mentality on this board. Live and let live people. You men slamming her know nothing of who she is and her situation. Amazing how you can sit around and judge someone who has accomplished more then all the men on this board combined. Shes getting rid of the houses and downsizing her lifestyle. Gee, pretty astute move at this point in her life. Perhaps she wants to give more of it away?? Jealous, judgement and probably uneducated also. Arrogant jerks.

I agree with southerntransplant.

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First of all she is not Mrs. Kluge. She has been married to Mr. Moses for years but she has chosen to still use the name Kluge. Very poor taste. Shows you how far some people will go to to promote themselves. Mr. Kluge has a lovely, respectable current wife who is completely unpretenious. And by the way, the sale fo the jewels is all about a way to fast cash....you don't sell your estate and your jewels for no reason. She should also stop using her ex-husband's name.

I sure have enjoyed the comments, can you keep it going? Just as women have the perogative to change their clothing with the seasons and their hairstyles, Mrs. Kluge Moses certainly has the right to change her lifestyle and sell the articles associated with her former life. If she is a real woman, and she is for sure, she will just soon have all new stuff to replace what she has sold. I for one think she is a real grand dame having met her once at a Carr's Hill reception. I am sorry her little shop on the corner of Market and High is no longer in existence as I certainly enjoyed eating lunch there. I wish her well in her future life in Morocco.