The Flaming Lips! (Again)


Either you missed them in the fall of 2006 or you missed them Thursday, April 15– but we can guarantee that if you made it to one, you didn't miss much. Just as wild, just as talented, and just as messy the second time around, The Flaming Lips brought their spectacle to the Charlottesville Pavilion and did not disappoint. If you want to see what you missed, or just relive the glory of the night, check out photographer Tom Daly's snaps from the show. We apologize that clicking on the slideshow link does not automatically release confetti into your lap.


I agree with Caesonia. There's nothing I hate more than being disturbed by loud noise when I'm gardnening. But let's not stop at banning outdoor music. There's actually a lot of things that make a lot of noise. I think we should also get rid of trains and motorcyles. They make a lot of noise and I don't like it. And also my neighbors. They are really loud. Let's get rid of them too. Oh, and especially kids. Little kids drive me crazy. Do they have to scream so much? Let's ban them from Charlottesville as well.

And I also think Old Timer is right. We can really increase revenue at the Downtown Mall by getting rid of the shows at the Pavillion. Know what else we should do to increase revenue, close down the bars and restaurants too. And just think of how much we can increase revenue by closing down the stores. Frankly I'm surprised nobody's thought of this sooner.

Caesonia, I would be the type of person to heartily agree with you on issues of noise ordinances--I'm extremely sensitive to noise myself, hence the reason I rent off of Rugby Avenue, not in Belmont or Downtown. You really blew your case by calling the other poster's comment "selfish and petty," while hypocritically going on and on about how hard your life is with toddlers. Did you not make the choice to include children in your lifestyle? And to live with these children near the Downtown Mall, a location that brings badly-needed tourism to our faltering economy? It's one thing if you've lived in Belmont for 45 years and suddenly a loud bar moves in next door; it's another to be up in arms about a rock concert that ended at TEN FIFTEEN, one that surely brought folks in from all over the area to shop at our stores, eat our food, drink our beers, and, for at least one night, keep the Downtown Mall from looking like a scene from a desolate Western. I don't even like the Flaming Lips and thought the energy they brought to the mall was a bit magical. You cannot tell me that the only place you can possibly live with your children is within earshot of the Pavilion.

Hurry! Someone call the WAAAAAHMBULANCE for Caesonia.

I posted a load of Lips pics from the concert to Flickr:

Great photos from Tom Daly!!! I have admired his work for a long time. He has tremendous talent. His photo blog is local, eclectic and super sweet!

I feel as if there are quite a few people that would rather micturate on my parade than just suck it up and realize life isn't all rainbows and bubble gum. "Oh the Pavilion bothers me..." You know losing my legs in the war was a bit troublesome as well however I have risen above the odds. You bums need to learn to deal with adverse circumstances. If you don't like where you are at then change the scenery. THE BUMS LOST!!!!

All praise the Lips!

Ah yes, everybody within 3 square miles got to participate, whether they wanted to or not. How nice it was to be over a mile away and know that children would not be allowed to sleep until 10PM. God forbid you have another life. The summer assault has begun on Charlottesville, where the late night party venue must strike all parts of the City.

And then people wonder why the Downtown mall is falling apart. Run off everyone that isn't of the late night crowd, and then what do you have left? Not much in consistent revenue.

What a blast. So much energy!

Caesonia is obviously not a purveyor of fun. Kids like fun too you know.

I was wondering why they stopped so early. Whoever heard of a rock concert stopping at 10:15! They nearly played for 2 hours, regardless and it WAS quite a spectacle.....

Excuse me Melissa? Not a purveyor of fun? I tell you what, I will let you deal with a few toddlers for a day or two when they didn't get enough sleep due to the 'fun' of others. Then you can come back and tell me how it is.

What an incredibly selfish and petty thing to say, but how expected in Charlottesville from the young crowd.

I tell you what's fun for me. To get up with the chickens and watch the sun rise after a nice night of sleep, and get my gardening on. That's fun. But I bet you would love it if I started running my mower right next to your bedroom window at 6 AM wouldn't you?

Don't like it? Guess you aren't a purveyor of fun.

Not all of Charlottesville should have to partake of a small group's idea of fun. It's called being civilized. There are still people with children living in this neighborhood who need to get to sleep.

Well now...
Who ever heard of an outdoor rock concert venue being allowed in a small downtown area surrounded by a lot of expensive residential homes, or even just large residential areas? See one in Arlington? Fairfax? Georgetown? Norfolk? Nope.

There's a reason why. And now we see why the mall is dying too.

I'de rather say call the whambulance for the people who feel they are cheated when they can't have fun that doesn't involve getting deafened.

Don't worry. I am sure someone can always arrange to disrupt your life for their fun on a regualr basis. Then we'll see who is crying.

Obligatory "Mr. WAAAAAHMBULANCE Driver." Come on, someone had to.


I am completely confused. Did Ceasonia say she had children? I think she gave you an example of what can happen. You could hear the flaming lips all the way over on Charles St, which is ridiculous. That's not the Down Town area and its over a mile away.

Secondly, why should anyone in Belmont expect things to be any different than on Rugby Avenue or Park St? Belmont is an area predominantly zoned R-1 just like Rugby, and has the exact same treatment you do. Why do you think you are owed better treatment? Most of the residents in Belmont far predate the Pavilion, and are from a time when Rugby Avenue was considered a far more affluent place to live.

Suppose if 10 years ago the city had decided it wanted to put a loud rock pavilion over at McIntyre park - a much better location with parking- when Rugby was considered a much better place to live than Belmont. Suppose you had already been living there 10 years, and I told you:

" Too bad, I'd feel sorry for you but you shouldn't have bought a house near a large park with lots of land to develop. You should have known a rock concert pavilion would be built there someday, even if you are zoned R-1."

You'd be squealing and crying and demanding you be treated as a peaceful neighborhood zoned residential. Because let me tell you, the volume and kind of music coming out of that rat bag pavilion would hit all of Rugby Avenue if it were in McIntyre Park. Belmont is NOT the downtown mall, and there is NO SUCH THING AS DOWNTOWN BELMONT. It is exactly like Rugby Avenue when it comes to zoning.

The reason Caesonia called the commentator childish was because it was. Caesonia was told she didn't appreciate fun, because she didn't appreciate her home being invaded over a mile away by someone else's loud music until pretty late. Your right to have fun ends at my doorstep, but if you aren't sure of that, I am sure I can arrange to sit outside your home on Rugby Avenue and crank the base up several nights a week until you get the message that you aren't any more special than Belmont.

Oh, and as for shopping at our stores, the mall is now half empty, so I don't see the Pavilion doing anything to attract business. Do you really think the pavilion attendees are shopping at the Cat House? or April's Corner? Myabe they are buying hockey equipment from the Ice Park. is that what they are doing?

is that why the Mal is a thriving happening place, or its dying?

I suggest to you the reason the Mall is dying is BECAUSE of the Pavilion. I used to go there a lot to eat. I never do anymore. I couldn't tell when my ears were goingto get blasted, and all the parking would be given over to the Pavilion for the night. I got tired of having to plan my life around Capshaw's concerts, and just started going somewhere else. promise you a LOT of other people have made the exact same choices.

You know, the Mall was pretty busy until they built the Pavilion. But now the Pavilion has taken it over, and the economy slows, and you see what is left.

Apparently, you think its appropriate for a a whole neighborhood and downtown area to be destroyed so that a couple of spoiled people an listen to over loud music until 10-11PM.

Why don't you move downtown then, since you feel it's appropriate.

Oh wait, you said, you like it as long as it's NIMBY.

You're a typical hypocritical NIMBY.

was that over 70 decibels?

Wow, such vitriol. I am not going to engage with you about noise ordinances, Old Timer, b/c we are on the same side. In fact, I'm certain I vehemently defended your position against staggering opposition on another message board--your name rings a bell.

Why are people who listen to music spoiled? Why do you assume I expect special treatment b/c I don't live downtown? How am I hypocritical in any way?

After many years of downtown living (in another state) my husband and I agreed we aren't cut out for it. This was a choice we made, not b/c we expect "special treatment," but b/c we are sensitive to noise. I can hear stadium concerts from my house; yet, my neighbors' children are a far more pressing noise irritant--however, let's agree we have different noise pet peeves. I've accepted a certain level of noise as an exchange for the convenience of living a few miles from my job.

If you know Caesonia doesn't have kids, you're either a far more nuanced reader than I, or else you're privy to details I'm not. What I objected to in Caesonia's posts was not the noise complaint, but the entitled attitude echoed by many in this town: "everyone caters to my kids!" An entire town is supposed to shut down at 7 pm. Charlottesville is full of people with an elevated sense of importance, but the attitude is exacerbated by certain parents of young children who expect the world to revolve around their needs.

The Pavilion shows don't generate income? Nobody had to pay for parking, hotels, food or drinks before or after the show? Tell that to all the restaurants that were packed last Thursday--see how all those local business owners like having to operate on kid-friendly hours.

the bums will always lose!