Organica in full: Local rock activists release full-length debut

buzz-treesonfireActions speak louder than words? Here, Trees on Fire want you to listen to both.

Trees on Fire have attached themselves to several environmentally conscious movements, from their support of the efforts to save McIntire Park to their own organically-produced band merch– but with "Organica," their debut full-length album, they put that spirit down on paper. The 14-track release is an extension of the 2009 EP by the same name, which was originally marketed as the first of a four-part EP series, and proceeds will be directed to ecologically-minded charitable organizations both here in Virginia and down in Louisiana, where they did some of the recording.

"It was basically a two-year process with this album, so we grew a lot as musicians and the concept changed and evolved," says percussionist Paul Rosner. "The approach changed as we went along, which challenged us– we wanted to push our own envelope a little bit."

The album includes the three original Organica EP tracks, then veers off into eleven new pieces characterized by reggae rhythms, Radiohead-inspired orchestral melodies, three-part harmonies, and ethnic textures you wouldn't expect from a rock band – "a great big stew of stuff," as Rosner puts it.

"There's a sense of urgency that runs through a lot of our music– 'carpe diem,'" Rosner says. "We don't want to preach, but raise questions."

Trees on Fire releases Organica on Saturday, April 24 at The Jefferson Theater. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $15. You should really go. You know, carpe diem.


Truth being told always makes the world a better place. But I guess the truth can hurt sometimes like when you jump on the Green bandwagon to sell merchandise and albums with the false pre tense that you care about the environment. Zero Integrity should be the band name. Organica? really?

Don't want to preach but raise questions. Did'nt these guys borrow money from their Oil executive frat boy cousin ($50K) to record the album? He also gets 8% of sales. So how can it be said that these guys attach themselves to environmentally conscious movements? They borrow money from Oil boy and oil boy gets paid back (we'll see) plus 8%. When searching for answers to these questions just follow the money it came from Big Oil. But whatever the hippies round here don't care just keep the trees burnin brah.

The name "organica" Originated from Paul’s foot fungus.

Not getting all snitty...just axing because it's a question that keeps popping up (at least for me). How do you reconcile a "stop what you're doing and hug the trees" leitmotif with the compromising reality of "OK well then let's fill the van up and go on tour now to promote a greener way of being..." ?

Damned good band regardless.

so none of us live in a hut, and one of us are as green as we'd wish, and we're all tapping away on computers right now, so just go see the show--this band is full of good musicians, and that's all i care about.

there you have it: never actually take a stand that you have to work at�and be assured you are superior to all. Self-righteous position firmly intact, snarky comment posted. And how did you contribute to making the world a better place?

they are a great band and put on a high-energy, professional show that emanates really, really good vibes. Always happy to see these guys play. No matter where they go from here, they're on the right path.