Would you like some haterade, courtesy of Comparative Anatomy?


Swing on over to Nailgun for a spell if you'd like a very long and mostly well-reasoned discussion of our 2010 music issue. (To quote Tracy Morgan at his finest: "So many words! It's like a Mos Def CD!") But if you're more into the left-field loony-bin rants, grab a cup of tea and settle in, because–- surprise!–- you're already in the right place.

First, there's the category 5 shitstorm in the reader comments under the article itself, wherein various usernames, some of dubious IP address origin, valiantly champion Comparative Anatomy, a local duo that prides themselves on wearing silly costumes (rabbit/chicken) while playing their instruments (bass/bass). So, the second-best chicken-suited band in town, basically. Special thanks here to Holly, Kevin, Matthew, and molokoultra for some especially great commentary; the award for zingiest one-liner thus far goes to Young Hecho, but by all means, everyone please give us more to consider.

And for a particularly majestic finish in the stupidity race, there's the post by the bird and bunny themselves on their MySpace blog; please do click through for comments there from their MySpace friends, who have names like "Self-Amputating Leg" and "Putrid Remains" and "Cheezface," but we'll archive it here for posterity since as we've seen before these things sometimes disappear.

After what was easily the WORST show we have ever played, ever, last night, I happened to catch something while just lazily looking around that made the old Puffers smile a bit. Here is the link before I continue:


The Hook is a local city paper in Charlottesville that has the usual this and that. Amongst the blather about local politics involving the construction of new parking garages, commentary on when Lady Gaga is coming to the arena, and heart-stopping articles on which restaurant has the best Mongolian chicken sticks, they usually have some mentioning of music in the form of show listings with short blurbs (which we've been in a number of times).

Now, before I continue, don't get me wrong, we honestly, seriously, don't give a freaking flying (insert something here to your choosing) whether or not we were mentioned in the article above. Seriously, whatever, I didn't even know about it until a good friend of ours, and probably the best noise/experimental musician in Charlottesville, showed us he happened to be briefly mentioned with one of the bands. Anyway, so the article is supposed to be about up-and-coming "bands to watch" in the area.

As you could expect, most of these bands are some form of really crappy and annoying punk, or some sort of variation on that 'independent' tag that's thrown around like pieces of shit in the monkey trees of the local music scene. So yeah, nothing surprising about that. What I did like, however, is that a little flame war is beginning that's shedding some light on actually how bad the music scene is in this area (at least the scene THEY decided to mention).

There is not a single mention of any of our local rap or metal artists whatsoever, including some people who have been around for years doing stuff that's leagues beyond any of the bands in this article (in terms of where they're going with it). So, apparently someone decided to start laying it out and mentioned the fact that they thought it was something of a travesty Comparative Anatomy wasn't mentioned in the article. Then someone else was happy that that someone mentioned us. At least we know that, in spite of the horrid display last night, our we're funny enough to get some attention in the hair mat of this place. Anyway, yeah that's it, maybe more flameage will spread and they'll put us in there or something so we can do a ridiculous interview. I will keep watching this link to see if anyone else says something. Make me laugh more.

We look forward to more of the same when we release this year's summer wedding issue.