Hammer time: Peter (but no Paul or Mary) comes to UVA

news-yarrowPeter Yarrow, one third of the historic folk group Peter, Paul and Mary, will speak on the music of the 1960s at Old Cabell Hall on Wednesday April 28 at 8pm to kick off the Golden Anniversary Series put on by the Center for Politics. The decade-long series will examine various 1960s events on their fiftieth anniversaries. Yarrow, who earned five Grammys and has had multiple albums go platinum, will also perform some of his classics "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Leaving on a Jet Plane." Tickets are free and must be picked up at the UVA Arts Box Office in the lobby of the Drama Building at 109 Culbreth Road between noon and 5pm Monday through Friday.

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just don't let him near your young daughters...............


Actually Harry - he was 26 at the time, and the girl was accompanied by her 17 year-old sister as well. Peter did his time and has acknowledged that it was the biggest mistake of his life and which has never been repeated. Time to let it go.

HollowBoy - yes Peter was married to Mary Beth McCarthy, but she was Senator McCarthy's niece (not daughter) and she is still alive and well - at least she was last November when I saw her at Mary Travers' Memorial Concert in NYC..

AWESOME - We all have a chance to see a living legend perform. We can tell our children, grandchildren, etc., about it!

He came to Western Albemarle about 10 years ago -- it was the best free concert I ever attended.

If Mary was to appear, it would be quite an event.

She passed away last year

Opening act: Scott Joplin!

Will try to make it. I missed PPM many years ago when they were at U-Hall.
I highly recommend their DVD Carry It On which chronicled their career up to 2004. This, along with No Direction Home(Bob Dylan),Murray Lerner's "Festival"(Newport Folk Festival) and Joan Baez's How Sweet the Sound which came out last year, are the best when it comes to the music and history of that period(60s).
PPM carried on a long tradition of social consciousness with their music, fromm the 1963 March on Washington to a song about Matthew Shepherd on this DVD. Sometimes think we have far too little of that today- but we do have such as Melissa Etheridge, the Indigo Girls,and Steve Earle. And Baez is still going strong 50 years later!

Was it really necessary to bring that up, a mistake he made 40 years ago, at a time when "free love" was the flavor of the day?
Not saying what he did was not wrong, just that it is a gray area. Certainly nothing like that child rapist whose story is here.
Its more like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, except for the age of consent issue. And I suspect the same thing has happened with a lot of entertainers who have had underage groupies throw themselves at them.
By the way, do people know that Yarrow was married to Mary Beth McCarthy, Senator Eugene McCarthy's daughter? She died of cancer in the 90s and is buried in Woodville, Va along with her father who spent the last years of his life there.

right on, and Roman Polanski, that girl was only a year younger, and that was the 70's, so he should just squeak by too right?

Little did he know that in 40 years 14 year olds would be giving it away like candy.

Let it go man.. the guy has been paying for it for 40 years....

some of you people just SUCK.

40 years ago 14 year olds WERE giving it away like candy, not all, but quite a few. And lots do these days as well. It all depends on the 14 year old as to whether she has matured sexually. If she did by the time she was 12, she's going to have the urge and may have a hard time resisting. The girl Roman Polanski had sex with had already by her own admission had consensual sex with her boyfriend.

In a world of 6-7 billion people, America with its weird combination of over the top prurience and puritanism is among the few places to criminalize what is viewed as normal in the rest of the world.

"weird combination of prurience and puritanism- thats it in a nutshell.
At one time , it may have changed, in Virginia a 14-year old girl could get married, with her parents consent.
Able to marry at 14, yet illegal for her to have sex.Bizarre.

In a quick search for the state laws, I was surprised to see how many states allow marriage with parental consent (or due to pregnancy) at the age of 14, even several at TWELVE years of age. wth?

but...it is really strange how someone with a celebrity status will be given a free pass and on the other side your next door neighbor will be locked away for life.

Woodville. A place I have not thought of in years. Ft, Gid, forks,flint. When life was much simpler.

Not sure it was a mistake- he was 32 yrs old...........pleeeezzze.

He was trying to ping an 8th grader!