Meadowcreek Parkway lawsuit smashed

news-meadowcreekparkwaysurveyThe lawsuit by a local group trying to stop construction of the Meadowcreek Parkway has stopped at the Virginia Supreme Court. The next effort to halt the long-planned, already begun connector between downtown and the upper reaches of U.S. 29 might be a federal lawsuit. Charlottesville Tomorrrow has an account.

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i cant tell you how many imbusuels drive down my street everyday cutting through to pantops. and im sure there is atleast one person on here who does it. and also, for the litter'ers who dump entire bags of trash on the side of our street. and for the guy in the navy blue kia who threw a budweiser can out his window and then was tailgating me from 29 to 250 a few weeks ago. i hope they build the parkway. it'll get the crime and miscilanious childish activity off of my street. and for all of you who throw trash out your window, you should be ashamed. BUILD THE PARKWAY!! for those of you who have a facebook, add this group if you support it.!/pages/ALL-FOR-THE-MEADOWCREEK-PARKWAY/114681905212910?ref=ts

Give it up people! Your not going to win! Its Over ... the fat lady sang! Find something else to grip about!

Anyone who thinks the Meadowcreek Parkway is going to solve Charlottesville's traffic problems has never looked at a map of the area. One thing it's guaranteed to do, however, is greatly worsen traffic along Ridge-McIntire.

"The effort under the rubric of ââ?¬Å?Save McIntire Park” has never had anything to do with the park per se and everything to do with an ideological position opposed to road construction of all types."
Seen anybody protesting Hillsdale Drive lately? Hollow Boy, you're right on the spot, as usual. Music Lover, you're usually in the ballpark, too, but here you missed the mark. The Sumpreme Courts does hear petitions filed late or incomplete, empathetic or not.
People, you will never be able to move fast through Charlottesville and this road will not make a difference.

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Seriously - if this group think the Federal courts are going to be more empathetic with them than the state courts, either their legal team isn't free (and sees billable hours galore in their future) or they're even more delusional than they seem.

When you elect the government and the government then makes a decision with which you don't agree, your only true redress is at the ballot box, not in the courts.

"When you elect the government and the government then makes a decision with which you don’t agree, your only true redress is at the ballot box, not in the courts." Music Lover, what country do you reside in ? Are you familiar with the American Supreme Court, and do you remember George W. Bush vs. Al Gore

I think the parkway is very much needed to help alleviate the traffic bottlenecks, but I hope it's not as intrusive as opponents think it might be.

This obstructionist group's activities illustrate why real "tort reform" won't happen without requiring anyone filing a suit to pay the defendant's legal costs if the suit doesn't prevail. The effort under the rubric of "Save McIntire Park" has never had anything to do with the park per se and everything to do with an ideological position opposed to road construction of all types. They hope maybe to delay the project long enough for it to wither on the vine.

The parkway lawsuit isn't about money, which is what most tort reform efforts are aimed at-things like medical malpractice.
A lot has changed in the 30 years since we were told the road was needed.Exactly how will the Parkway help with traffic on 29N, our main problem.
Seeing the Chamber of Commerce and other development interests hotly in favor of it,clamoring that there may be a nickel they don't get their hands on if the road is not built makes one not want the road even more
Not opposed to all road construction-a bypass sounds like a good idea if it could be done, maybe near the county line either east or west. May be too late though as the 29North corridor has been overwhelmed with development.

The meadow Creek Parkway is the kiss of death for a liveable Downtown. Cut through traffic on Ridge McIntire is going to make an already congested traffic situation between Preston and Main into a real nightmare and the 250 bypass will be brought to a standstill most of the time.

The traffic on 29 moves fine and dandy (more often than not) except on Fridays. It's the traffic on Hydraulic, Rio, Preston, Pantops and the drive from South Street to Ivy Road stinks. Why does that road need 7 names as well? South Street, West Main, University Avenue, Ivy Road, 250 West, (several other as well)... it's sickening... How will the Meadowcreek Parkway help to alleviate this challenge? Also, if you have to drive from Greensboro to DC you have got to drive right smack through C-Ville and Albemarle County. Charlottesville needs both a Western By-pass and a better way to get from North Garden to the Airport area. How do we fix this? To get from Lynchburg to DC you still have to get right through town. We also have some terrible merge problems here with 64 and 250 as well. We need to fix those first. The exit where you go from 29 south onto 64 east is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Every single day I almost see an accident there. The merge lane and the exit lane are the same darn lane. Nice, eh? You should have to stop there. Not a mild yield.

The Meadowcreek Parkway is a waste of taxpayer dollars and is 20 years out of date already. More roads don't help. See DC, Boston, LA, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami.

This obstructionism is the same bad acting as the wasted $40 million given to local government by the state to create a western bypass. Its amazing how a few can obstruct the good for the many!

I've lived here a few years now & it sounds like this road should've been built back in the 80's--I could see that in the first six months of living here. Cville also needs express lanes built between US250 & Airport Rd so that traffic can actually move through town, instead of wading through the deep end. It's been said many times before, "the ONLY thing that never changes is change itself."

The Meadowcreek Parkway is for the good of the many?

The only people helped by the Parkway are the county residents unwilling to accept that they can't have their cake and eat it. They don't want to pay taxes, they don't want to live in the city, b ut they want all the conveniences of the City and the expect City residents to make their lives more convenient.
Meanwhile, they have created the horrible 29 North growth that everyone through the entire State has to suffer just for the convenience of those same selfish suburbanites.

When I live in the country I live in the country and don't commute in every day. When i want convenience, I live in the city.

Caesonia, what about the $18+ million dollars the county pays into the city each year? I know the county residents whine about having to pay it now, but it should mean something in the argument you're trying to present above.

Gas, that helps to pay for all of the taxes the city loses each year by serving as the county seat (smile). Also, all of the cut-through traffic caused by the county police and sheriffs departments. That's worth $22M alone.
"...already begun connector between downtown and the upper reaches of U.S. 29..." I thought the way was terminating at Rio Road which is't that far up 29N. It should be terminating at Proffit Road or beyond.

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Build the dam thing already and lets move on. Lord C-ville is so behind the times.. get real..

Yeah, lots of cities destroyed themselves years ago by running freeways right through their centers. Don't want to miss out on that trend!


Behind what times? What times are those? Becoming a slave to bedroom community heaven like NoVA? Should every locality give up it's own lifestyle to accommodate developers and suburbanites who themselves don't want to get real or keep up with the times?

The Parkway is terribly conceived and will really do nothing to resolve anything except for a select few.

The only people who need to get a reality check is that you can't just keep building roads for giant vehicles to cruise down smashing into a small area. You need to change your lifestyle.

Maybe Chris is a deep thinker without deep pocktes. The State doesn't have deep pockets either, so Chris won't be seeing a lot of his pet projects in the future. He's going to have to think deeply and come up with an alternative solution in the future.

What does the parkway have to do with people littering on your street. That's a city-wide problem, enough so, that Council has an "adopt-a-street" program so that groups can sigh up and go around and pick up the trash. It's funny how people naively think that this road will work miracles.