More Comer fallout: Glenmore C.C. sold

This morning's edition of the Daily Progress reveals that one of Charlottesville's major country clubs has been sold in the wake of a financial scandal blamed on its ousted president, Michael Comer.

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Here's some unanswered questions that have never been answered.

1. Was anyone overseeing Comer in his role as president?

2. If he embezzled funds to save the family business(es) as his lawyer claimed, then why didn't he go to the Kessler family first to see if they could help? Surely, when Frank Kessler died, he left his heirs some serious money. Did he go to a lawyer about these supposed finacial woes and seek advice? Given the size and scope of these businesses, I would imagine that they had a lawyer or several lawyers.

3. Where was the money deposited? Was it in a business operating account? Did anyone not notice these large sums of money?

it is so very, very sad when rich people lose money. :(

I have been told there is far more to this story than has yet been reported in any of the local media. The financial dealings that are public, and that have led to this and Mr. Comer's guilty plea may not be the complete picture, and hopefully someday we will know more.

Yeah, there's 964 rumors out there.

But remember, they're just that.... rumors.

What is your definition of a "major country club"? are there minor country clubs here?


I Hope this means that the golf course will now be public

I seriously doubt that the policies of the club will change just because ownership is. The residents don't want just any Tom, Richard and Harry tromping around on their sacred grounds.

Anyone know if Octopus has sold any local condominium complexes lately?

If by "Public" you mean free like a park- no not a chance. But if you want to play there they sell non-resident memberships. It's not like you need to buy a house there.

"Money talks, BS walks".....that's how you cut a deal and cop a plea. Comer's deal was to have his family repay everything, and find a buyer for their holdings at Glenmore to get them out of a business that they do not belong in and couldn't control. Check out Comer's background and "training".

So this club will come down to the real world. About time.


That about sums it up. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people. :)

They have treated people like !@#$%^& and now their world has turned to !@#$%^&.

What goes around . . .

Why in the world does Glenmore need a gate? I could care less where folks live around here, but what the heck is the appeal of a gated community. To keep the wild hooligans of Keswick out? They ought to make Mike Comer work the gate house there in shackles.

And while we are at it, why is there a gate at Lake Monticello? I just don't get it. I have talked my way in both of those places with no reason to be there. I'm certain if you were a criminal you could do the same darn thing.

both need a gate to keep the residents off our streets........