Ads up: Hook wins big at VPA

news-taphouseadThe Hook's advertising department won big at the 2009 Virginia Press Association ad awards banquet in Portsmouth on Saturday night, taking home 21 awards for excellence in advertising–- along with a coveted Best in Show honor among so-called specialty publications for ad rep Sean Wathen and graphic designer Clay Caricofe's 12th Street Taphouse ad (shown here.) Who needs Madison Avenue, anyway!

–post-publication link: judges' discussion (@ 3:50)

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ads? you guys get paid! Hmmm

I like the Tap House ad (congrats on that), but this article is typical Hook misleading self-aggrandizement. Let's put this story into context (which the Hook never does): The VPA gave out 429 awards so the Hook had to win some (it's the nature of VPA). Also, the article doesn't tell you that the Daily Progress won nearly twice as many! A better headline would be: Hook Thumped by Daily Progress in Ad Battle, or Hook Dead Last of Locals in Ad War. But The Hook would more likely say: Hook Wins more than Times, Post, Tribune Combined.

That's a good-looking ad.

I didn't know you guys had a woodcarver on staff. Nice photo too.

@Homage or borrowed?

Close but no cigar. (or should I say pipe?)

Misleading? That's your interpretation. The point is this ad won BEST IN SHOW. Which means, out of the 429 awards you mention above, they picked this one as the BEST IN SHOW. That's not misleading. BTW, didn't see any wins from that other paper. Do you also watch Fox news?

Good Work!

(Wonder when all the anti-Hook replies start now? :) )

Totally first class--I even love looking at the adds, because of the beautiful lay-out and design . Well deserved !

Nice ad - did you have to credit Bob from the church of the sub genius

Most excellent work .

The Hook is a very impressive read .

Sean's good at creating an ad. Great. I'd still never give him my money.