Trashformation: Lake Monticello opts for local MRF

Waste Management just lost 4,200 customers to Van der Linde's MRF.

The City of Charlottesville’s corporate trash hauler Waste Management was dealt another blow by the recycler Peter Van der Linde’s MRF, which has allowed local haulers to offer single-stream recycling and trash pick-up.

As detailed in a recent Hook story, the management of the Jefferson Theater and the Charlottesville Pavilion recently dumped the City’s trash service in favor of Dixon Disposal, a local hauler using Van der Linde’s facility. Now Fluvanna County's Lake Monticello community, home to 4,200 residences, has decided to dump Waste Management after 10 years and go with SDI, a West Point, Virginia-based trash hauler that has moved to the area to take advantage of Van der Linde’s MRF, according to communications manager Peggy Alexander.

Meanwhile, the DP reports that the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority's long-discussed plan to privatize its trash disposing and recycling operations has been scrapped, at least temporarily, because Van der Linde Recycling, whom the Authority spent the last two years trying to sue, and was the only business to respond to the Request for Proposals, recently withdrew itself from consideration.

We’re recyclers,” Van der Linde told the DP. “Transferring it means you’re taking it to the dump”Š It’s really not what we’re about.”


Lake Monticello has 4,200 single-family residences, 15 condo units, and 12,000 residents.

The lake was fun at one time now run poorly by a group of sad broad members without any clue of what Lake residents need. Less golf & swim team more community fun activities on this lovely lake. Re-open the club house and monday night football bar in a up-to-date style not a senior home. You go into the club house now and wow it smells, look aged, and a old person place. The golf is fun but too many bossy folks running it too many old foks rule please. Law enforcement is great here b/c the majority of Charlottesville/Alnermarl cops live here. Hook do a story on this lake by young folks not the older ones & you will see a very diffenent story. PS interview the folks living out side the main gates the working single/family folks, Food lion is still a mess so empty builings, no new business b/c of high rent. A mess. Lake has over 6,000 people do a recount..

I don't care who picks up the trash just PLEASE get us a decent Chinese delivery place!!! Peter Chang where are you??????

How many nails in the coffin, before the City and County bail out of this money losing agency and jump on board with all the smart businesses and citizens using Van der Line Recycling ? Where are the tea party people who hate government waste of tax payer
dollars ? Isn't it their candidate for Congress Mr. Boyd, who is still considering spending public funds on this failing enterprise, that is already losing money. What is he thinking ?

from the DP link above:

ââ?¬Å?It would take some capital investment,” Boyd said. ââ?¬Å?That is what started this whole thing is we were looking at probably a $3 million capital investment on the waste authority to bring it up to a level where we thought we could break even on it.”


Good JOB LMOA! Join us!

-LMOA resident for over 24 years

LOMA is a mess. Old person running a place in the 1970 style.. Get a clue LOMA... Your spend were there is no need and save were they is a need. Get with the times please..

Number of people living at the lake is 6,876 get the numbers right please.. Also if you live outside the main gate but still at the lake your treated as a joke this lake is a mess. The board is a mess an old people home idea of things. At least the trash well at leasat they got that...

Note: the story says "home to 4,200 residences," not residents. Thank you.

Dave McNair

BFI/Allied Waste and Waste Management please leave town! You are doing a disservice to Fluvanna County residents (trash along Route 250 and big haulers heard at 6:00 in the morning, etc....), Albemarle County, and City of Charlottesville residents!