Christina Floyd tells her survivor story

Rex Bowman of the Roanoke Times tells the poignant tale of fighting off the murderous assault on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Christina Floyd did not waste valuable time in denial thinking "I cannot believe this is happening". She recognized she was fighting for her life very quickly and did so. I wish her every good wish in the future and in whatever she chooses to do to make sense of this tragic and senseless happening.
I also wish her condolences in the tragic loss of her friend, and the same for the fine young man's family.

It's inspiring, in a sense; instead of locking into a passive, helpless mode, she fought for her life. I hope I can have my wits about me if I'm ever in a situation like that.

Could it get more cold-blooded? Evidently so. "The last time Floyd saw Davis at the overlook, he was still by the wooden rail where he collapsed. He was later found down at the bottom of the precipice."

She kept her wits about her and fought back - she's an inspiration to us all. I wish her all the best - she's at the beginning of her life and ready to launch her flight into the world and she's already proven herself to be tough, smart and resourceful. She will be successful. Go Girl!

Aren't we now thinking that keeping women out of combat roles in the military is a little silly?

I want to marry that girl! Move over Sheena! If more women would fight back like this Darwinism would put a huge dent in the predatory whacko population in our society.