Are we ready for pizzacones?

dish-pizzaconeHere’s an idea for a new eatery: pizza cones. Apparently, they are creating quite a buzz in New York City, and have been popular for some time in Brazil, Russia, and Italy. If fact, according to this New York Press article, a blogger from Charlottesville named “Alex” took a bus to NYC during a blizzard just to try a pizza cone.

That would be recent UVA grad Alexander Patton, 22, now charter coordinator for the University Transit Service, who rode with a friend up to NYC on the Starlight Express February 24.

“How often does a revolution in pizza technology occur?” says Patton. “The last major innovation could arguably be the creation of the stuffed crust pizza, back in ’95.”

Unfortunately, a category 5 blizzard was hitting the Northeast at the time, and during the trip they couldn’t see the road, and the wind was rocking the bus. But they made it.

People told Patton he was “stupid” to travel so far for a slice of pizza, even if it was rolled into a cone, but Patton says it was “definitely worth the trip.”

“One of the best things about eating a pizzacone was definitely how clean it was,” says Patton. “ I didn’t get any grease dripping onto my hands, and I was easily able to eat it with one hand”Š like an ice cream cone.”

Overall, Patton calls the experience “fantastic.”

“I got to have an awesome trip to NYC and try out an innovation in pizza technology,” he says. “ Some may say that this is merely a novelty, but I believe that this is a pretty awesome concept, and I would love to see this spread. I mean, come on, it’s pizza in a cone! It really just makes me wonder, “Why didn’t I think of this first?”

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