Arena envy: JPJ luring folks away from Richmond

Is Charlottesville, thanks in large part to the John Paul Jones Arena, edging out Richmond as an area sports and entertainment destination?

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones seems to think so.

According to a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, during a visit to the Triangle region of North Carolina last week, a group of Richmond-area business and government leaders were looking for ideas to boost economic development in the downtown area. Among other places, they visited the RBC Center in Raleigh, a facility, the story suggests, that puts the aging Richmond Coliseum to shame.

"Clearly, we need to replace the downtown Coliseum," Jones told the RT-D. "The question is what, where and how. People are bypassing Richmond to go to Charlottesville."


You could try replacing the downtown coliseum with a downtown. I remember the old one, it was nice.

Cville might have the JPJ, but RIC trumps Cville in all else- especially the downtown!

I think Richmond will get a lot more shows now that the old GM L Wilson has left town

"People are bypassing Richmond to go to Charlottesville."

No. People are bypassing Richmond to go anywhere else.