Willie Nelson returns to Pavilion

Country music legend Willie Nelson returns to perform this summer at the Charlottesville Pavilion. The pony-tailed musician played there in 2006 and 2008 and highlights a trio of acts announced Friday morning, with the others being Al Green and Lady Antebellum. Tickets for Nelson's show–- which takes place Saturday, July 24–- range from $32.50 to $52.50. (file photo by Mitchell Jarrett)

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Who cares... Stoner fool...

Bob, I'm sure Willie doesn't have a clue..........

Willie hasn't saved a town yet..........

I've seen Willie several times and its usually a greatest hits package with 2 or 3 "Newer" songs thrown in. Very little chance of seeing any of the really cool 70's stuff from the Phase and Stages era


Does anyone have an idea of what the set list might be like? Is it going to be some traditional stuff or mostly his experimental "re-interpretation" of non-country type music?

i hope they hurry up and legalize pot IN SCOTTSVILLE... then willie could play the old tire plant and save the town.

Don't sit in the lawn area to see Willie. Went last year and hadn't sprung for a reserved seat, so was forced to sit in the back. Could barely hear the band over the knuckleheads partying around me who were clearly there to socialize and couldn't given a hang about hearing the man play. Left fairly disgusted and promised myself not to make the same mistake again. Will definitely pay the extra $ to sit closer.

Awesome. Now bring back Dwight Yoakam!

Y'all must not be very good fans or realize the American treasure we still have with us. He won't be around forever folks! left behind had it pretty well right. Willie's shows today go about 90 minutes and cover 25-30 songs, always starting with the "traditional" "Whiskey River" and ending with a rousing Spiritual. In between are many hits and known songs with a couple of the latest[Country Music album releases] included. The great "Family" band is always highlighted here and there too. If'n y'all haven't seen Willie, do it, if'n ya have, see him again. It's medicinal. His kind won't be coming around again.