Cuccinelli drapes state seal goddess's breast

The Virginian-Pilot has the scoop on the active attorney general and the bosom of Virtus.


Why do you lefties have a problem with this. He didn't change the seal for the flag, he just changed it on a lapel pin for his staff. Taxpayer didn't pay for it. Oh that's right, you guys don't know what a lapel is. It's on a suit. Something you wear to a job. Oh I forgot again. You guys want the government to take care of everything for you so you don't have to work.

Tom Ridge did the same thing to Lady Justice, and it was just as pointless then.
Mr. Cuccinelli might want to stay away from art museums, it might upset him to see "immoral" body parts in those old paintings.

Discust is correct... The specific version of the seal Mr Cucinelli picked has very deep roots in Virginia history.

It is an exact copy of the seal on VA flags issued to Confederate infantry regiments in 1861 by Secessionist Governor Letcher. They were made by the firm of JR Thompson in Richmond and were carried into battle by Virginia Confederate regiments before the familiar Confederate Battle flag was introduced into service.

Several originals still exist including the state flag of the 28th VA regt which is housed in the Museum of the Confederacy. For comparison purposes, Google 28th Virginia state flag to see several clear images.
To clarify matters, the bare breasted version of Vitus is NOT a modern invention. It predates 1930 & can be seen on surviving belt buckles & buttons used by Virginia troops before & during the Civil War.
You can draw your own conclusions about Mr Cucinelli's intentions & judgement(or lack thereof).

Good question Harry ! I actually have no problem with what he does about the pin either way. I was just commenting on nonsensical and useless "leftie" bashing.

Wow, I can hear right wingers cussing all the way over here in left field!

Whats next with this guy? Censor "South Park" close "Victoria's Secret " Don't let Men shop at "Victorieas Secret"!!!! Ban marring your cousin! Oh then he'd have to get a divorce!

The point is, the sum of the man's work in office to date, I'm afraid, is making a laughing stock of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I don't frankly know how else to say it.

This is becoming a goofy "state".

In Cuccinelli's seal the tyrant underfoot is not vanquished but is raising his head in defiance. What's up with this guy?

I guess that we will need to clothing for all of the Greek and Roman statues now. How crazy is this?!!!!

No, it's not in defiance. The tyrant is now looking up her skirt, since her chest is covered.

Seriously though, I wonder why Bob McDonnell didn't do all this stuff when he was AG?

Oh yeah, he wanted to be elected Governor. My bad, I forgot about that.

Actually, Jack, I don't think it was Tom Ridge, but the AG of the time, who's name escapes me now but he composed and performed his amazing hit 'Let the eagle soar.' He was some Republican senator from a midwestern state and was given the AG's office as a sinecure for his fealty to the party.
I also know he put Tommy Chong in jail for sellings bongs over the internet...

So Much For The Topless Joint I was Going To Open In Belmont (with loud music too)

This Guy Is Past Right Wing Fanatical He's A " Goose Stepper "

Indeed, it was Ashcroft. My bad.
@Freetoxprss, you're right that it is just a flag. That "Don't Tread On Me" flag has a snake on it and snakes are dangerous. How about a kitten instead? No one wants to step on kittens.

This isn't a "right" or "left" issue. This is more about a man who is embarrassed by either; His state, history, or a woman's body.

Coochie coochie coo is really making a great name for himself and a mockery of the Virginia Electorate.

This is about Him. He's the one with the problem. There is no problem with the flag or the Goddess or a breast. The problem is squarely between the ears of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Another great reporting job by the Hook.

This is causing me and Virginia to be made fun of by friends in North Carolina. NORTH CAROLINA. Thanks Mr. Cuccinelli...

Yes, true discust for all you libs who distort the truth and slander this great American ,our Virginia Attorney General.
The State Capitol historian, Mark Greenough, said the Great Seal of the Commonwealth is a two-sided image that dates to 1776.Multiple varieties of the seal have been used over the years. The side depicted on the state flag features Virtus atanding victoriously over Tyranny, a male figure.
The modern version is based on language added to the state code in 1930. It specifies that Virtus is "dressed as an Amazon"
The more modest attire used on lapel pins given out to Cuccinelli's staff" harkens back to an older version of the seal"
Lighten up you haters of conservatives. Do some research before you condemn someone.

How far back do we have to harken?


In times like these, I find it best to look to the Ying Yang Twins, who so eloquently stated, "And we all like to see tig ol' bitties..."

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OK now I get it...he's a Left-wing plant put in office to portray the GOP as reactionary, cultural twits. How else to explain it? What a great boon Kutchie-mon is for the Democratic party; Deeds looks world class relative to this Nova nitwit. Any thoughtful, grown-up conservatives out there (yep there are some) must be shaking their heads.

Maybe Bob the carpetbagger should remind him that the breast-exposing flag was adopted when the Confederate foundering fathers decided to secede from the United States and repudiate its constitution.

Hey, the guy doesn't like boobs. What can we say.
I am only worried for what might happen next.
Perhaps his head blows up because he can't secede Virginia from the Union.
Or perhaps his head just shrinks further because of his ignorance.
But I have a feeling something is going to happen to his head.

Silly move. Really, how many people noticed or care? Leave tradition alone.

This guy needs to be recalled. All he's done since getting elected is made a mockery of his office.

I predict many other objects, images, and proclamations will be bothersome to this gentleman. Perhaps an analysis is called for ?

It was Ashcroft. When he gave press conferences a breast or the breast showed up in photos right next to his head.

That would be Former Attorney General John Ashcroft who was defeated by a dead man for the US senate from Missouri in 2000 who covered up Lady Liberty's bosom.

Freetoxprss: I wear a suit to work every day of the week and to church on Sunday. And on my lapel I wear a US flag pin along with a Virginia State Seal pin given to me by a Republican Governor. By the way, I am a leftie of and proud of it. I work hard for my money and I do not mind sharing my wealth with those who need it. But if you have the need for greed, then you go ahead and store it away...

Hey Freetoxprss,I hear you over here in left field. Thanks for proving my point!!

What would everyone say if he had undraped the other breast?

He has nothing better to do I see....

Hey Rob Buffalo, great response, I agree totally. I am only worried that what might happen next is that we will all be to attend church on will be the law of the land. Probably will have to be a Southern Baptist church. Okay, I am ducking now :-)

Okay, I forgot about html tags being forbidden. This is what I wanted to say: I am only worried that what might happen next is that we will all be REQUIRED to attend church on Sunday