Huguely admissions: 'Her head repeatedly hit the wall'

cover-laxmurder-222fourteenthstreet-aHuguely had only to travel next door to visit his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love, who lived in an annex behind this old house on 14th Street.

"The door to Love's bedroom had been forced open and had a hole in it that appeared to have been made by a fist." "Hairs were visible in the hole."

The chilling words appear in the affidavit for a warrant to search the apartment of University of Virginia men's lacrosse player George Wesley Huguely V, the scion of the prominent Washington-area family who now stands accused of killing his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love, a noted UVA lacrosse player in her own right.

According to the affadavit, obtained from a Charlottesville court file, Love's roommates discovered her early May 3 face down on her pillow in her bedroom at 222 14th Street. The affidavit notes that officers found the about-to-graduate young woman with chin scrapes, a large facial bruise, and an eye swollen shut–- as she lay in a pool of blood on the pillow. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The resulting search warrant gave police officers the right to search Huguely's apartment, a multi-unit brick structure next door at 230 14th Street. Later, when Charlottesville Police detective Lisa Reeves spoke to Huguely, he allegedly admitted that he was involved in "an altercation" with his former girlfriend Love, and he proceeded to drop the following bombshells:

news-lacrossedeathPolice believe Yeardley Love was slain by her ex-boyfriend, fellow lacrosse player George W. Huguely V.

– that he "shook Love and her head repeatedly hit the wall."
– that he "kicked his right foot through the door that leads to Love's bedroom."
– that he "communicated with Love by email" and then "took Love's computer from the residence and disposed of it."

Police report that they later recovered the computer.

A Hook reporter canvassing the site Tuesday morning spoke with a resident in the apartment above Love's who reported they were not home of the time.

According to the affidavit, all Huguely's damning admissions came after he waived his Miranda rights, the standard warning that anything he says can and will be used against him in a court of law.

"Those affidavits aren't always right," says Fran Lawrence, lawyer to Huguely's lawyer, who has already gone on record as portraying the situation as a tragic accident.

–updated 6:37pm Tuesday with comment from lawyer and assertion computer recovered
–updated 8:38pm Tuesday with detail about upstairs neighbor
–original headline: "Huguely admissions: Murder suspect allegedly says he kicked through door, shook Love"


"Tragic accident"? Sounds like this young woman suffered a very violent death. What did he think was going to happen by repeatedly hitting her head against the wall? At the very least, he wanted to seriously her.


High? Really? Off the marijuana I suspect you think...the only thing that is ever subject to violence at the hands of a pothead is a pack of twinkies.

More likely black out drunk.

Can threatening the life of a police officer result in a charge of it own? Anybody know?

Hey boooo!, in regard to your question about why people think he's going to get away with it: If I don't automatically make that assumption, how can I grind my axe against rich kids, college athletes, sports teams, the justice system, and an imaginary shadowy conspiracy of UVA alumni?

someone found a thesaurus...vituperation, huh?

why would a lawyer have a lawyer?


You are deliberately missing the point of what I am some others here are saying because of the continued self righteousness you want to clothe yourself in.

The crime that this young man committed sadly happens in Charlottesville more than you think. BECAUSE he was at UVA, it has gotten far more attention than otherwise. I know a few ladies who have been assaulted and raped in this town and they weren't at UVA, on UVA grounds, or by people who had anything to do with UVA.They got none of the attention that either this crime, OR Morgan Harrington got, for all that you keep crying that it is ignored. It is also true that my own daughter was rudely accosted with suggestion by a UVA male student by the Lawn.

I never gave UVA a pass, and said I was upset with Casteen in a previous post. I have never been under any illusions over the type of crime that can take place at UVA, and I work to stop it/

What I am saying and you don't want tog et through your thick skull is that we have a much bigger problem that is not specific to UVA. It's found all around the USA, and on other college campuses, and our society likes to ignore because it's inconvenient.

Until you can address the bigger issue, and stop your attention getting obsession with UVA, I think you need to pipe down and open your eyes and do some reading.

^^^ I thought that was really odd as well. It occurred to me that maybe the kids who found her had been out partying and weren't thinking too clearly .... but yeah, that's a lot to overlook. Obviously they could see something was wrong, since they came into her bedroom in the first place.

This man is violent abuser, and now a murderer. Hundreds of thousands of young women are victims of physically abusive boyfriends/husbands in every community across the nation.Many of these women end up dead.No man has the right to hit, push, slap, punch, shake, or verbally threaten a woman EVER. If you are a female,immediately leave any guy who exhibits warning signs of this potential behavior. It is a tragic fact that in on our society domestic violenc cases like this have become common. This case is repeated over and over, every day, somewhere in America. Women-avoid abusive boyfriends with tempers and jealousy issues. Help your friends leave abusive relationship, and stay strong and safe.Men- respect and cherish your female friends and relationships. Men and women, use the memory of this unforgivable tragedy and the loss of your beloved friend to fight against domestic abuse in whichever community you may end up in.

You know one thing jumps out here. This made national news and has this town stirred up big time, yet the incident itself is as common as home made sin. People (mostly men) assault and kill girl friends and wives, who have attempted to terminate relationships, everyday.
They do so in the face of restraining orders and, in fact, obtaining the restraining order is one of the fatal acts of the victims, in that the perps always get bonded out right away and then they're really mad.
Not to minimize the sadness of this, but the fact these were golden children instead of trailer-trash is the only reason it's getting so much publicity. It would appear identical crimes are not always so identical, but are on a sliding scale based on who the people are. Think how many man on woman murders of the same type have happened around here during the last 10 years.
100 years ago when the Charlottesville Mayor was convicted (very possibly in error) of doing in his wife in a fit of passion, he was dangling from a noose soon afterwards.


There you go again, trying to make this all about yourself and getting mad at UVA. At least we are saved from your narcissistic poetry this time.

This country has a culture of violence, and it always has. We are just seeing it get worse. I am totally about taking back the night, but it isn't just about going after UVA - plenty of crime in this area without UVA, it's about parents teaching their children how to solve problems without violence.

When I see you stop constantly focusing on UVA, and start focusing on the area as a whole, then I think you'll have made a step towards doing something rational in this case.

Just like the rest of Boy George’s encounters with the law- Dad will take care of it. Everyone is talking about ââ?¬Å?warning signs”. There were no warning signs, this is down and out bad parenting- PERIOD!

The attorneys have already worked up the deal- the punk gave up everything and confessed to the murder. He’ll get 15-20 yrs, out in 7 and possibly after 5- ââ?¬Å?good” behavior. Funny how you can get out on ââ?¬Å?good” behavior, when you get put away for bad behavior.

Recall Robert Chambers- the preppy murdurer- same deal.

Chambers got 15 years and served every day of it because he couldn’t pull himself together in jail- no regrets, no remorse.

Oh well, at least Boy George will have a job when he gets out at his fathers company- maybe it will be his company by then.


Take back the NIGHT UVA

Virginia Guy...I'm shaking. How threatening you are...wonder if you are this way in real life?

WOW Its cool that both sides are getting a defense.Well let me see how this plays out.Its a shame any one has to die under any circustances.Its just weird though that if its black people every other post would be about "thug"this and that.Now it takes real nothingness too commit murder.Is he considered anything but what he is in these post ,is he called out any other name than monster.Recently a guy admitted to murder in court and recieved life.Now a week later this guy gets a concrete defense from whatever scum there is.It made the national news again that a young white lady was killed and it should, but in retrospect do you forget to highlight any one else.Just think about whats not seen.Race does not dictate the outcome of most interactions in any city but rather yet the chain of events that plays out in any ones life.I only wish that those who are in position to help would and not by offering defenses to the already capable but rather yet help the defenseless.Bum stabbed in N.Y laid to die as others passed not knowing his attacker only attacked him because he tried to help others only to find himself unhelped as he lay bleeding.People get your priorities straight please.!/

"I’m wondering if anyone knows the circumstances that led Love’s roommates to conclude she had ââ?¬Å?overdosed on alcohol” instead of being brutally beaten to death? "

I wonder the same thing, that conclusion is just so odd....

Of course it can.

man.... if he gets life in jail... who is going to spend his trust fund????

Angel eyes--excellent observations. You are quite correct.

so he's a credit baby

As a parent instead of insults, feel sorry for the two lives that are over. You were not there and none of us know the details. How quickly we are to judge as non of us have done anything wrong. Her life is gone, his is over it is not about money, expensive schools, the past, or is just plain SAD. Learn something from it to honor her life.....

Seems Huguely knew there was a decent chance that he had killed her since he immediately went in to cover-up mode by taking the computer.

Who knows, maybe getting help for her at that time could have saved her.

Unfortunately, Huguely has always seen himself as the center of the universe, so selfishness prevailed.

Old timer

The conbination of your poor grammer and your personal vituperation is proof positive that you are in fact an old UVA graduate if not a UVA gentleman. I am personally concerned with Morgan's death and with finding her murderer and giving her remaining family some closure. I am not able to solve the world's problems. Perhaps you can. More power to you. These crimes took place at UVA. Accept it.


You ask how long before the defense attorneys start blaming the deceased? It has already begun, as you know, and discrediting victims is what defense attorneys do. You do not like this, I do not like this, yet...we do nothing to change such awful behavior. And, God help anyone who has ever dated even once, or otherwise tried to be friends with the accused. In cases like this, everyone is hurt, everyone. And, lives, those of others who have nothing to do with things like this, but who could in any way be associated in any small way with the accused...will likely also be harmed. If they are not harmed by media and gossipers, the police will work them over, lie to them, scare them nearly to death, and for no lawful reason. This is not right, but this seems to be the awful way things go. Very, very sad.

Prosecutors start at first degree, defense attorney starts at manslaughter. I suspect a plea deal will occur, second degree murder - 20 years..

Let us ponder what would have happened had the young woman not died. What if he had ââ?¬Å?merely” physically assaulted her? How would the University have handled this? I recall the Smith case, when one young student physically assaulted another. What criminal prosecution did he face? In the Allston/Sisk slaying, the UVA student killer received a sentence of three years and was out of jail in one.

There have been numerous sexual assaults perpetrated by UVA students against other UVA students that have resulted in absolutely zero criminal liability over the years.

Let us ponder the possibility that this young man did not intend to kill this young woman. Placed in the historical context of the above criminal happenstances, what would have led him to believe that he could get away with such an assault?

Have some UVA students learned that they can get away with such crimes or, if they are caught, that they will get a light sentence? Where would they have learned this lesson?

@ Palm Olive - Exactly. Meredith Veira asked Chief Longo the same question, what's with the discrepancy between what the friend initially reported and what police found, and Chief Longo could understandably only account for what police found at the scene. But I too would like to know what the heck the friend was thinking by reporting an alcohol overdose when there was a hole in the door, a pool of blood and visible physical trauma. Not adding up, at all.

Big 210 pound guy can't take a little rejection?

Just another male trying to control another female?

If he can't have her, no one else can?

It's time for some cruel and unusual punishment! I have a couple of ideas. :)

@Harry D: Thank you for demonstrating that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. He confessed to the murder before the search warrant was even executed. His lawyer is in no position to make deals.

Three people attended UVA.
One was raped, she was left bleeding and unconscious on the grounds after dark. She had been jumped coming out from a class. Her cheekbone was broken--she never saw the person. One had his car vandalized three times in one semester by a racist roommate while he was living in University housing. The RA advised him and his family to forget about it. One was murdered while attending a concert at UVA and that murderer has not yet been found. This isnt about narcissism this is a crime spree. It is a fact that this lacrosse player was arrested for violence previously. He should not have been allowed to return unsupervised to a college. It isnt Charlottesville VA's fault that he was attending UVA after threatening to kill a police officer--it is UVA's fault. Furthermore, it isn't societies' fault that he threatened a police officer--it is his fault. If you set up an environment where a group -UVA can escape the consequences of breaking laws by invoking the honor code especially in situations of violence you, will have a problem. Dont know your background, I assume that you went to UVA. I suggest that you actually visit the grounds and talk to current UVA attendees before you spout.

It is a real shame that just 3 weeks ago in Charlottesville, a Take back the night program at UVA warned about protecting women from being abused and assulted. Did anyone from the lacrosse program go? I wonder how many UVA faculty members or coaches attended? This is a terrible loss of a fresh young life. This girl should have been starting her life as an adult rather than ending it. Also, this young man should have been stopped long before he escelated to this level of violence. The fact that he threatened a female police officer with death in 2008 and then returned to UVA to play on a team and to socialize/date is really troubling. Didnt anyone at UVA do anything to him? Didnt he have to attend some ongoing UVA-based therapy?? Did anyone anound him in positions of authority especially the coaches do anything about anger management?? Threatening a police officer with racial and sexual slurs and then death and resisting arrest isn't just a case of a teen-age drunk. That is a big deal. Did UVA do anything? As horrible as this murder is, maybe he could have been corrected before he got to this level. I read somewhere that he continued on a lacrosse scholarship at VA. Is this true?? What a shame this is. Again Gil and Dan Harrington said there was still a culture of violence at UVA. It doesnt matter about his family wealth--it is about his actions and how he was allowed to escelate his behavior until he blew up. Do you think that this girl's family-two women- would have allowed her to continue to be around Huguely if they had known about his criminal record?? I think not. Did anyone warn this girl about his criminal record?? UVA educates young people-they have some responsibility to them to protect them. If you readmit a student who is guilty of violent assult to UVA, you have some accountability for that person's behavior and you CERTAINLY need to warn the other people around him about his record.It is public information now that Mr.Huguely had a record for assulting a police officer and threatening her with death. And UVA doesn't warn anyone about this? Not good. This death could have been prevented. The kid was a loose cannon--and he was allowed to be one at UVA. When you send your children to a top ranked University you assume that they are learning from the best and that they are surrounded by the best (students). You don't assume that the University had allowed individuals convicted of violent assult and death threats against women or anyone else to attend the University. This is not only a shame, it is a crime. George Hugeley looks like a a murderer, and it looks like UVA is gulty of criminally negligent behavior. Go Wahoo.

Did he 'accidentally' kick in the door to her private bedroom? It was an 'accident' that he shook her and banged her head against the wall until she was dead? If she died right away, her eye wouldn't have been swollen shut. He beat her for a long time. Imagine her terror while he was beating her to death! That is not an accident.

Look Both Ways...whatever. The coaches love the money those kids bring to the team. The perks that are received I'm sure are well worth tolerating those children on the field. I'm sure its very easy to look the other way. It's just MY opinion. BTW what does the Lacrosse coaches do for the commmunity? Plant a tree?

He'll be very very lucky if he can get it reduced to manslaughter. Felony Murder (1st degree) can be intentional or accidental and includes a killing committed during the course of burglary. Burglary is not just stealing, but breaking into a dwelling with the intent to commit any felony.

There's something to be said for the fact that he basically freely confessed to everything before he got a lawyer. I'm not sure what it is though.

I don't see how the lawyer can portray this as an 'accident' after this monster waived his Miranda rights and admitted he beat the crap out of this woman.

If the computer is found or the emails are extracted off her email site (if they still exist) could seal his fate...but as Klockner Stadium Row 8 stated, money talks.....and I too wonder what will come out of the woodwork....or be paid to stay in.

@Klockner: blaming the coaches? You obviously have no athletic experience as a player or a coach. Cooach Starsia does more for this community than you can imagine.

Dom could have booted him after his prior arrest

And hopefully this kid passed every drug test and never got into fights

He is going down. Let daddy try to get him out of this one. An accident? Gee, I accidentally slammed her head repeatedly into a wall. He is going down.

I guarantee you this is not his first violent act against a woman. WHOEVER had knowledge of his violence against women and did nothing, should be ashamed.

how the hell are the site of the 2003 stabbing and where Morgan Harrington's t-shirt was found relevent at all? are they on the map solely to get readers to follow the link to other hook stories?

yepper, yepper, you are correct that this story is what is important. you misunderstand my point, the other stories are unrelated and should remain so.

Now that we know the details of how Yeardley was killed, I wonder how it is that no one heard what was happenning - there would have been a lot of noise with the banging and her screaming and it was an apartment complex. Or did people hear and not report it?

Klockner, I knwo you're not questioning Starsia and his role in this. He is a stand up guy, you couldn't find a better person. Now, granted, I didn't read your other comments, just what 'look both ways' wrote. But if you're at all questioning, in the least bit, Starsia, you bite your f'ing tongue.

Remember the student who was stabbed and kill at UofMaryland a fews years back. Everybody got off for what seemed to be an open and closed case. The killer never charged for murder. Lawyers are trained to mix everything up and flip everything around. Her parents are in for a double nightmare. Her death and the trial.

I think it's also worth mentioning that this is a tragedy no matter who was involved (rich or poor, well liked or disliked) and a trumpet call to all that domestic violence is around us always and is a tragedy every time it happens. I am crushed at the notion of both of these lives being cut short. As I am crushed by the loss of Bob and Becky Klostermann of Norfolk Sunday, two lives that were nowhere nearly as idyllic appearing as the lives lost in Charlottesville. Everyone is flawed, but everyone has potential. We all have hope. And ultimately that's why every loss of life is a tragedy.

It was an accident he says! Didn't mean to kill her, just planned to beat the **** out of her. Hobbes said that when a "man" sees someone proceed against him with violence he has no way to know if they plan to stop short of killing him. By the same token once you initiate an attack, you really don't know where it'll go. This boy will be "lucky" to get voluntary manslaughter, but more likely to get murder 2. But, if there were threats in those emails, well we got a new game.

Oh I see- Her HEAD repeatedly hit the wall. She did it herself- BOHICA big boy, get used to Bubba...........

Alan, I so hope you are wrong on that.

Gimme a break Jake- Count on it- lawyers are always in a position to work on the deal from day one. The prosecutors want to inject or fry the punk and the punks' lawyers want to save him- they save him, the higher the bill daddy has to pay. They lose him, they stop the billing.

Confession is the first step of the deal. "Work with me here punk, and you'll get 15-20, out in 7 and maybe home in 5 for 'good behavior' don't, you're going to Greenville in a few years"

His lacrose coach surely knew this punk, unless the coach lived in a vacumm or had no concern.

Everyone talks about ââ?¬Å?warning signs””Š”Š”Š.an athletic coach is a life coach. The best ones know their charges and can get the point across, and still have ââ?¬Å?winning” teams. Maybe the punk was ââ?¬Å?too good a player to fail”. Maybe the team and coach wanted the win so badly that it didn’t matter how they did it. The other players knew this punk too- they never had the balls to say a thing or keep him in line. Now they all say ââ?¬Å?we knew something would happen”Š..” a little late to speak up.

None of these people who never had the balls to say a thing, or intervene will ever make it in the real world, with help from daddy”Š.

Hey Cat...before you decide to reprimand someone about their bad grammar, you should probably know how to spell the word. Hint: It's not "grammer."

deleted by moderator

what a monster. and what terror her final moments must have been.

Some 'accident.' His lawyer better quit while he is behind.

Whoops. Was this boy still drunk at 6-ish a.m. when the cops were chatting him up? His counselor will surely earn some coin for this case.

Based on the info. in the affidavit, which is tantamount to a confession of assault and battery at minimum, at this stage what are the odds the kid waives arraignment, cops a plea and cuts a deal for aggravated manslaughter? He'll pull 1 year minimum and unlikely more than 5 out of a potential 20, based on VA. § 18.2-36.1

We all want justice, byut as Allen Price sings, "ya gotta have a lot of money to but it."

i'm guessing he fits the pattern of a controller/abuser -- completely enraged by her independence. she was a beautiful young woman with a promising future -- and by all accounts a wonderful caring person. just an astonishing crime.

so sad...this couldn't be his first incident of rage like this. I'm sure there is some person out there that has experience his temper. I guess he believed the old adage..."if I can't have you, nobody can".
Still hold the coaches responsible. They had to see his explosiveness before. But money talks.

He stole a computer, drunk, high, whatever he knew what he was doing by trying to cover up things

where did all the "innocent until proven guilty" people go? Where did all the people whining about how this is damaging to UVA's reputation and the "lacrosse community" go?

That affidavit sure puts things in perspective.......

The women at UVA should work together and hold a rally to show support for the Love's family as well as all women in abusive relationships - if this man (he IS a man at 22 years old, regardless of his behavior) gets off with just 1 year... there is NO justice for Yeardley.

The victim's computer has been recovered by the police, according to a third affidavit posted and available on the NBC 29 website. Additionally, the accused has been swabbed and X-rayed at UVA Med Center. Just FYI, kids.

Whatever is on that computer, it must be damning enough to kill for. Consider: an exchange of emails obviously occurred before the big bad wolf allegedly huffed & puffed and kicked in the door. Perhaps the emails prompted this nocturnal visit from the beast in the first place?

Sounds like a textbook example of a serial abuser and control freak. Anybody who dated the guy might well have interesting information to share.

@Klockner: Coach Starsia, his coaching staff and his family spend countless hours organizing and running Special Olympic events.

cshshatter, it's good you're getting your dander up over the appropriate outrage. Yes, the hook's picture is the issue. Just ignore the affidavit......

it is not an accident when a 209LB man beats up a 120LB woman.

Clearly the "accident" line of defense is not going to fly. How long before the lawyer starts blaming the victim?

look both ways...awesome!!
WOO HOO!!! I will not question anyone that mentors our children! Because if they do charitable work they are great role models and care about there players on the field as well as off.
Thank you look both ways!!

the only "accident" here seems to be forgetting to teach this man that his actions have consequences. monster.

As a parent, I see this picture as a double tragedy for two families. One lost a daughter and one lost a son. One family will never see their daughter as a bride, mother, and share many happy years with their grandchildren. The other family will miss the same but without the sympathy of friends and family. They will bear their loss through shame. My heart breaks for both families and the boy that committed this crime. His shining future died with his actions.

Daddy has been in the Maryland courts for financial problems a lot. They were even taken to court by UVA for some financial issues. He's no trust fund baby. His family is already in deep financial trouble. This will just make it worse. He doesn't have much leverage that way, just the illusion of it.

Daily Progress reporting on the receipt by the young woman of "threats" and that the police are investigating multiple sources for this information.

If true, and if the threats were sent over email, I'd say the defense lawyer is going to need a new dump truck full of manure......

I don't see why people think this kid is going to get away with anything. Use your intuition and common sense. He admitted to beating her/shaking her. She's now dead. And according to all reports, Yeardley was somebody that everybody adored, a really good girl, which only magnifies the tragedy. And it's become a super high profile case being covered on all the major media venues nationwide. Combine all that together, and this kid isn't getting away with anything, there's no way he'll get away with copping a plea deal. He's going behind bars for a number of years. Everybody keeps harping on about how "money talks" and his supposed background of privelage. As rich or priveleged as many here seem to think he is (I'm sure he would appear to be that way to some poor rural family living out in Nelson County or somebody from the south side of Cville) he's nobody in the big scheme of things and neither is his family. He's nothing, and if it's true that he admitted to this and he did what they're claiming then believe me, he's going down. The case has become so high profile so quickly that the public wouldn't allow for anything else. That's just what I feel, but others may think differently.

Huguley doesn't appear too bright... emails are stored on a remote mail server--not (just) on a laptop (if they were stored there at all)... and even if deleted, probably have been backed up; hence, taking the computer seems to have little use unless something else (like photos, etc.) were on there.

The Huguley family capital is obviously low when bail has not even been discussed as an option (would easily be 7 figures).

I was struck by how beautiful both of these young people were, and how just a week ago, with graduation in sight, how everything wonderful in life was ahead for both of them.
As the parent of a child who passed before his promise to this Earth could be fulfilled, I pray for Yeardley's family. This is a loss that will never end during their own remaining time on Earth. I also pray for this young man and his family. Things will likely never be the same for any of them either.

ââ?¬Å?Those affidavits aren’t always right,” says Fran Lawrence, lawyer to Huguely’s lawyer, who has already gone on record as portraying the situation as a tragic accident.

Looking for a technicallity already Fran ole' pal???? Guess I am in the wrong profession.....but I have a conscience, so I wouldn't be so good at being a lawyer anyway.

From the New York Times: ââ?¬Å?Until more information becomes available, it is our hope that no conclusions will be drawn or judgments made about George or his case,” Mr. Lawrence said. ââ?¬Å?We are confident that Ms. Love’s death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome.”

In my judgement Mr. Lawrence has made both a conclusion and a judgement here. I conclude that he's doing so for money rather than a deep-rooted desire to seek a fair trial.

Cavdaily just posted the affidavit

I'm wondering if anyone knows the circumstances that led Love's roommates to conclude she had "overdosed on alcohol" instead of being brutally beaten to death? Not laying blame - just trying to understand the makes little sense that if your friend's door had been kicked in and she was laying face down in a pool of blood that your first thought would be alcohol poisoning...especially with cuts, bruises, and an eye swollen shut factoring into the equation.

Imagine the regret this guy would have for the rest of his life.

Its not all that difficult to look to past cases presented by the defense attorneys and get an idea how this will go...