Harrington & Yeardley: Connected by location, outrage

cover-laxmurder-mapHarrington's t-shirt was found just three blocks from the site of Yeardley's death.

Just three weeks after the father of murder victim Morgan Harrington spoke publicly of the need for safety in Charlottesville, UVA women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love, another young woman with a promising future, is dead from what appears to be a homicide.

"I am so sick about this," says Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington. "It's devastating."

Morgan Harrington disappeared from outside a Metallica concert at UVA's John Paul Jones Arena on October 17, and her remains were discovered January 26 on a remote area of a 740-acre farm in southern Albemarle County. No arrests have been made, and the Harringtons have repeatedly warned of what they believe to be a continued menace to women in Charlottesville.

"A killer walks among you," Gil Harrington has said.

While the State Police spokesperson discounts the likelihood of any connection between the Yeardley and Harrington cases, there are at least three similarities:

• there were crushing injuries in both cases,
• Morgan's shirt was found at the corner of 15th Street and Grady Avenue, about three blocks from Love's apartment, and
• there was a lacrosse connection (as a group of UVA men's lacrosse players reportedly discovered Morgan's purse on their way to practice the morning following her disappearance).

Gil Harrington doesn't believe the cases are connected, but she does think there's significance to the location of the shirt.

"These things don't occur in a vacuum," says Harrington. "You need to connect the dots and figure out what is enabling these things to happen in your community. Why here, why now?"

Harrington isn't the only person speaking out against what she sees as a culture that somehow condones violence in and around the University of Virginia.

"This is yet another sad chapter in the book of my beloved alma mater as we see another beautiful life taken by violence," says Liz Seccuro, who was sexually assaulted in a UVA fraternity house in 1984 and whose assailant, William N. Beebe, pleaded guilty more than two decades later after he admitted to the crime in a letter of apology. Seccuro has long maintained that the university–- which reserves its single-sanction Honor Code for lying, cheating, and stealing–- fails to support victims of sexual crimes.

Susan Russell shares her discomfort. The founder of the uvavictimsofrape.com website that she launched after her daughter's alleged 2004 rape at the school says she was disturbed by the statement offered by UVA president John Casteen announcing Love's death in which he expresses "anger on reading that the investigators believe that another student caused it."

"Where has he been all these years?" asks Russell. "As the mother of a victim on his campus, it strikes me that he's living in some kind of bubble and doesn't believe that students harm other students."

In 2004, after the Hook published an article titled "How UVA Turns its Back on Rape," nearly 500 students donned gags in protest of the school's policies toward victims of sexual assault. In response, UVA rewrote its sexual assault policies aiming to provide more support to victims. Seccuro and Russell, however, say it's not nearly enough.

"The time has come for UVA's administration to seriously address this pandemic," says Seccuro, "and not bury the public with the idea that 'policies are being reviewed."

UVA spokesperson Carol Wood did not return the Hook's call for comment by presstime. But in this case, the charges have moved far beyond the hallowed halls of the University–- and into the Charlottesville criminal justice system.


who has time for this? May 6th, 2010 | 1:50 pm
ââ?¬Å?May I suggest either an eBay auction or a silent auction on Morgan’s day in Roanoke.”

I find it deeply disturbing that so many people have fetishized this poor girl and her family.

Well, I'm guessing that they're people whose lives aren't jammed pack with productive activity, shall we say. Although it's interesting that they don't seem to be aware that many people view the whole "let's become excessively invested in a case involving a young attractive female" phenomenon as disturbing.

So we basically see that on one hand there are overzealous internet sleuths who think that every news article should be about Harrington and on the other hand people who think that pieces that acknowledge coincidences are the death of decent journalism.

The Hook is doing a good job of steering a middle course.

You guys do good work, but this is super tenuous. And how is Liz Seccuro even remotely involved?

My thoughts exactly. Excellent piece, Courtney.


Great point! Wonder if his arrest was posted at W and L. Furthermore, if he was arrested in the presence of teammates, why didn't they notify someone?? The world is full of college students who drink, it is not full of college students who threaten to kill anyone let alone a police officer. this should have been caught. I recently spoke to a UVA grad about the honor code and she said at this point, it only applies to taking tests, not really to honorable or even legal behavior. What a shame--this crime should not have happened. Assulting Love publically, you just pull him off and send him home?? Every one of his teammates and (convenientely now ex-fraternity brothers) who observed this and didnt do or report anything is culpable. This isnt about jock culture--this is about someone who is out of control making threats, and who is protected until he actually does kill. UVA used to have a great reputation. Two murders in less than one year of young women. Telling women to stay indoors wouldnt have helped this girl. UVA says not their fault they were adults and it isnt school property??
More whitewash. Well the Harringtons said there was a predator in Charlottesville hunting women back in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, and April. Shame that the teams and the fraternities didnt listen. Go Wahoos.

In an April 1, 2006, Washington Post article about the scandal involving Duke University men's lacrosse team and a stripper, Huguely and his father, George Huguely IV, were quoted about the situation and the Landon School's ties to the case. Five Landon graduates were on the Duke men's lacrosse team at the time of the incident in which a stripper alleged that Duke lacrosse players raped her at a party. The charges were dropped.

Umm, Kat, Huguely was quoted about the incident when he was a high school senior because he had played prep school lacrosse with some of the Duke players. He wasn't at Duke when the events supposedly took place. Moreover, the Duke players were absolved in the case and the prosecutor disbarred for knowingly making false statements.

Virginia is a really sick place.

No becouse you failed to point that she was also a leader in womans civil rights a subjuct that I think needs to be touched!!!

But thanks for the info


You are already aware I'm sure there is little to nothing as far as "facts" regarding what what found up there on that farm as released from statements from law enforcement, so what kind of link should I share I do not know.

But know do know what David has stated, at first he thought the remains were a deer. This is not saying that nobody would expect to find a deer carcass buried in a grave, or covered with a tarp as you suggest, but I have never seen a deer treated in such a way.

Also, yes this is graphic so anyone be warned to read this, that the remains he found were spread out around, and according to the Harrington's the bones were broken. Scavengers will most certainly do this to a carcass to break open the smaller bones for marrow, that is quite common if anyone has run up on a carcass that has been exposed for several months.

It is certainly not my point to attack the Harrington's and I hope no one is suggesting that as it would serve no purpose, but not everything coming from "family statements" is totally accurate and has often contradicted law enforcement and other potential eyewitness statements.

At first I had typed a listing of these contradictions, but now I am thinking this is not the time or place out of respect to do that now.

I am wondering though that the substance abuse has established as a contribution to Morgan's behavior and ultimate fate, yet why out of this case is there is not a focus to improve the culture of drug use or underage drinking?

Instead I have seen several news reports online in the last few weeks that are presenting "rape" and "murder" as facts, these are news reports and not some internet forum or blog.

This is disturbing to many of us who have followed this case from the beginning.

Also I know of at least one Morgan website that is deleting threads that reference drug or alcohol abuse as contribution factor, why I have no idea.

Yet respectfully I must ask, with no official statement of "sexual assault" or "murder", why is there time and time again these issues that may not even be related to this case presented as facts, and may actually be a distraction from the actual truth.

The killer in this case may turn out to be drugs and alcohol. If so what then does that mean?

These are both horribly tragic events that happened to take place in the same area. Sure, investigate a possible connection, but don't jump to conclusions.

My many years in Charlottesville, both as a UVA student and later as a resident of the 14th Street area felt completely safe. I'm not sure if I'm the majority or one of the lucky few, but I love that town and am sorry to see an article suggesting a "culture of violence."

I hope every day that Morgan's killer is found, but I also think that the attention surrounding these cases should highlight the rarity of these horrific events rather than imply a dangerous environment where women should live in constant fear.

Now back to the subject....

to 'OK'
my point is irony. he did an interview about a high profile case and now he is accused in a high profile case. thats all. irony.

also to 'OK'
"can someone identify how U.Va. mishandled the Harrington investigation?"
oh boy, i'll try to keep it brief. no promises though ;o

1) on national TV LE said Morgan was wearing a Panera shirt (as in the bread)
vs the Pantera shirt (as in the band) she actually was wearing.

2) did not do forensics on Morgans car. unreal!

3) did not explain the different versions of whose car was driven to the concert. LE said it was Morgan's car, Dr. Harrington said it was not. how in the world did two versions happen?? We now know (thanks to the Hook) that is was Morgan's car.

4) failed to obtain one single photo of Morgan or video footage of Morgan from that night. either they are straight up lying about it, or they have none. either way, it's a fail on their part.

5) did not say there was a man driving Morgans car that night & did not specify if he was at the concert or not. instead they spoke only of Morgan's girl friends that were there.

6) did not identify where Morgans car was parked at the concert.
IF it was even parked there. we still dont know for sure because LE is silent on this subject. why? wouldnt it behoove this case for all that attended that concert to know where exactly Morgans car was? common sense would indicate that the first place Morgan would go to after being locked out of the concert-- would be her own car! even if she didnt have the keys. the car would be the likely place for her to go. it might have been unlocked or she might have had a spare or was spending time there trying to get in the car or waiting for the friends.

does joe concert goer know where that car was parked to think about if they saw Morgan there? no.
or who else was around that car???

7) total screw up as to where the purse was found. the written report was different than where the actual purse was found. did LE come out and do a presser to clear that up? or any of the other mis-information on this case? no. fail.

8) LE stated when Morgans purse was found, there was no signs of a struggle. huh? then later the Harrington's reporter the items in her purse were "scattered" about. subject to interpretation, but that sounds like SOMETHING happened! keeping in mind girls do not leave their purses behind. intoxicated or not.

9) LE knew Morgan was injured and missing. yet they didnt tell her own parents that because they "didnt think it was important"
^^ seriously, that is inexcusable to think a missing person was seen bleeding (no matter how slightly) and not think it's important. what the.....

10) LE didnt find Morgan. She was only found due to Mr. Bass.
(i cant really fault them too much for that- but it's still a fail)

11) LE knew long before Morgans body was found, about the shirt.
yet they didn't tell the public until just recently! you cant even argue about DNA because come on, it's a PANTERA shirt!! such a unique Pantera shirt that no one has even been able to find a photo of one online or anyplace else! as soon as they laid eyes on that shirt in November, they knew it was Morgans! People all over that area could have been asked what they saw around that time period. now it's pretty much too late. memories have faded. has LE even come out and said anything about the shirt?? not to my knowledge.
where is the televised press conference on this?? lost opportunity that cant be taken back. we cant even speculate they were keeping it "close to the vest" because they had a POI or suspect, as we know from them begging the people that live around the farm- they have no suspects.

I'm sure i'll think of more but that ought to do it for now!

Only want to address one issue that was raised here, that about more lighting(not in of itself), more visible police patrols. and the "strange-looking element" at the Corner.
I think that has been part of the problem with the University community- to blame crime on the "townies", and not admit that many of the sexual assaults and other crimes are committed by students on other students. Saying "don't walk alone at night" is all very well, but what if the person you know, trust, are with is the one that commits the crime, your classmate, date, or whomever?
Now admittedly non-students do commit crimes against students. But sometimes there is an undertone of the racist stereotype of "black men ravaging white women" in some of these safety messages. Indeed, it may be that it is not the stranger lurking in the bushes, but the fellow student in her dorm, or someone she meets at a party and who seems like a nice guy that is the menace.

The farmer on his tractor, a hunter on a 4 wheeler,
A hunter on a 4 wheeler wouldn't notice driving over remains? Mr. Bass wouldn't notice driving over remains on a tractor in an area that he didn't work during the relevant period?

Another example of poorly thought out journalism, or the lack of 'journalism' at all, on the part of the Hook.

I need a modurator or who ever it is that has all the power of dELETE!!!!

@ Dakota, It's always best to not get all likkered up and post online. Tomorrow you'll know that I was right.
@ cs fan
and I quote "This community is a monstrous construct, and the signs of that abound in a tiny geographic spaces,- in our White Western H.S., on the downtown mall, in that tiny space of playhouses for brats. At this, I must remark, this narrow minded viewpoint, this racism you spout is absolutely absurd. Western Albemarle High School is a diverse, racially mixed, highly achieving school that consistently leads the state and nation in excellence in the classroom and on the athletic fields, in volunteerism , and leadership. Regardless of your myopic viewpoint, quality teachers and staff strive to make our children good citizens and future leaders. If you don't like the community strive to improve it, or simply relocate.

A rich kid kills his girl friend.

Rich kid gets high dollar lawyer.

Rich kid copes plea and gets 10 years for murder or 5-10 3rd degree manslaughter.

This punk reminds me of the prime witness questioned in the dissapearance of Natalie Holloway. He's a liar

I don't need it, it doesn't apply to me as I'm not a US resident so it really won't matter.
I do think if people were aware of the situation, they should be held responsible to a point, perhaps their guilt will be enough. The records(if they are reopened) will perhaps show something other than what we have learned so far. Nobody on the "outside" knows yet what is in the texts, emails and IM's from the multiple parties, which apparently also involved the housemates. Time will tell. The only thing proven so far is there are many systems in place, too bad none of them worked together to save a life.

I had posted that perhaps her laptop conatins info that will lead to his involvemen in Morgan's death and that is why he killed her and took her laptop, Somehow it was lost in cuberspace. However. I hope Justice will finally prevail for all the victims around c'ville . Alot of unanswered questions right now. Time will tell if he and maybe some of his buddies partied at anchorage farm and might be responsible for some of the other unsolved rapes /crimes/murders.We can only hope this will make people come forward with what they saw or heard. Time for these perps to be held accounatable and put an end to the code of silence ect. IMO

Courteney's piece is pretty reasonable, although the lacrosse players finding the purse is a bit of a stretch as a connection. It's nothing compared to the absurd conspirary theories that get published on sites such as blinkoncrime or findmorgan.com, where the fact that the perpetrator here and some of the men's basketball players who saw Harrington had the same gut anthro major is considered to be of incredible importance.

Travel Lite:

Lucy Stone: in her lifetime, she achieved a number of important "firsts" for which we can remember her. She was the first woman in Massachusetts to earn a college degree. She even achieved a "first" at death, by being the first person in New England to be cremated. She's remembered most for one first: being the first woman in the United States to keep her own name after marriage.

Considered on the radical edge of women's rights at the beginning of her speaking and writing career, she's usually considered a leader of the conservative wing of the suffrage movement in her later years. The woman whose speech in 1850 converted Susan B. Anthony to the suffrage cause, later split with Anthony over strategy and tactics, splitting the suffrage movement into two major branches after the Civil War.

Happy Now?

I am shocked UVA has made little or no effort in dealing with campus drinking, violence. Why is this? Why haven't they addressed these issues particularly in light of Morgan Harrington's abduction/murder. Also, why are all these college athletes continually given a free pass when it comes to alcohol/drug abuse? I have a lot more concern for the safety of my campus than whether or not my team is going to pull of a winning game.

Snore- and why exactly do you find this to not be adequate journalism?? Just curious- seems fine to me.

Kat is dumb as a sack of hammers.

This article reads worse than some of the sleaziest tabloid gossip rags. A complete embarrassment to The Hook and it's readers.

Everyone grow-up. The world needs responsible journalism - and message board postings - not childish nonsense.

This is pretty shabby journalism. The Hook readers and both girls deserve better

It is sad that so much attention has to be given to such negative news. We should not have stories like this to cover. If Love was getting death threats that other people knew about something should have been done to prevent this, or atleast an effort made. Morgan was here and I know her parents are going though alot, but you can not just label the area bad because a bad thing happened- which is what it feels like they are doing. Linking every bad thing together will not solve it- just create more paranoia and possibly false feelings of security if things can't be linked to these cases...

Dictionary - a false or malicious, ststement injurious to a person's reputation

believe me, with some of the theories i’ve seen on this case, (bible codes, ââ?¬Ë?remote viewing’ etc)
my thoughts look sane. lol

I agree with this. Here's the hierarchy of craziness from most absurd to less so:

1. Psychics (most of these are outright frauds)
2. Subliminal Distraction dude (where is our friend Tuck these days?)
3. The amateur sleuths who populate blinkoncrime and findmorgan.com and can't understand why police don't release the particular information that they want to know (these are the most self-righteous because they believe that their uninformed speculation is of vital importance)

"May I suggest either an eBay auction or a silent auction on Morgan’s day in Roanoke."

I find it deeply disturbing that so many people have fetishized this poor girl and her family.

Huh? What is that mess?
Reads like the ravings of a lunatic.

Based on my opinion and beliefs of course backed up by 24/7 digital capturing with the help of some wonderful friends AND FACTS . I make the following statements .

Courtney Stuart , I have two events in the past week and a half that ties a little too closely with Shannon/blink from blinkoncrime.com and Courtney Stuart from the HOOK .Courtney don't get tied up in that mess Courtney . blinkoncrime or blink is not going to do you any favors . Even if blink did get you to call me LMAO but I will keep my mouth shut until I am ready to tell my story !

As it stands haters ,Courtney passes my test of integrity and trust me I have been digging deep . Even if Courtney did get influenced from the Blinkoncrime leader or in my opinion misleader !

But I will add this clip from blinkoncrime.com as blink/Shannon makes a very odd statement . Odd blink admits to what she does, not odd that its the truth . For those who can't figure out how blinkoncrime.com works its ok neither does anyone else . But Blink usually puts her two cents in BOLD to show its ""her"" writing sighed with a bold 'B" what she is personally saying as in the snip that follows after my rant :) .

To the good hearted well meaning blinksters I offer this advice . Please step back , regroup and take your talent to findmorgan.com where Morgans case is in the best hands ! In the hands of Morgans dad ,

Courtney Stuart ....nice try gurl but I hope you don't think for a min I thought you were interested in my view of Morgan's story when you called he he he but you built street cred with me by trying .

As it stands I think the HOOK ROCKS . I am a hard man to convince and because of recent events in my life including two death threats stemming form online activity and peoples reckless behavior I put Courtney to the test and she passes my standards of integrity and she is one hell of a investigative reporter !

Once things settle down I will tell my story . The boss of this house is sleeping with an browning auto 5 and a box of buckshot on the nightstand . I have to call first if my flight brings me in late because I don't dare walk in the house with a women with a shotgun unannounced in the middle of the night after this fiasco . I don't care if your an editor of a newspaper or LT Rader from the VSP or better yet a forum administrator entrusted with a site who is polishing Lt Raders shoes for the popularity contest . When it gets to the point online reckless behavior scares my Women and disrupts her life . I go for the throat ! I don't care who you are and what title you hold . I am still waiting for the VSP to tear down the door with a warrant because blink covered up a posters comments taking up for me as a person announcing she had turned all info on "that poster" she was referring to me DAKOTA lol to the VSP . See blink allows anything through that serves her personal purpose but didn't allow someone to come to my defense . I am waiting for the VSP to tear down the door before I say much more ..... That way Lt Rader will be polishing my shoes if he falls for the ignorance of some websites and when those website associate my good name with a murder of a young girl or should we say put the "cheese" on my front porch to allow the crazies to run amuck and scare my family , I got a few words for Lt.Rader .BRING IT ON BIGBOY and I will show you what you may or may not be allowing yourself to get sucked into in the internet world ....Lt Rader and Corinne Geller who blink gives impression to her cult followers to have on speed dial . May I suggest you get back on Morgans team and get as far away from the gossip mongers as fast as you can . The integrity of the VA STATE POLICE are counting on you !

In my 20 years online I have never seen anything like what I have seen in the past two weeks . But in time I will tell my story and I will try to get at least one person to understand we are no longer in YAHOO CHAT like back in the 90's we are quickly becoming online neighbors and I will preach it until somebody listens ! I have been preaching it for years online . I have now lived the dangerous ramifications of some peoples actions online and they will clearly learn where I am coming from .

Oh and Lt Rader if you use the info blink from blinkoncrime sent the VSP to get a judge to sign a warrant please bring that judge with you, my grass needs mowed ! I will upload the judge mowing the grass to youtube :) . See my modest abode though nothing like say JPJA and certainly not even a fraction of the 162 million it cost actually has a CCTV system that not only works but when activated transfers the data by 3G to an undisclosed location that the dirtiest off cops wont be able to make disappear as with PC back ups that backup to where your warrant will never touch as they hold the forensic digital truth that is admissible in court . We have nothing to hide in our household and neither will anyone else . Everybody hates the truth becasue it always trumpss lies no matter how far to the top of the food chain those lies have been running latley .

Courtney take it on the chin ......you passed a tuff test on the underground , and the Hook is a good hometown brick and mortar business that I also am thankful when people support .

I did not write this to bring the Hook haters out ( leave it alone please ! Because the two weeks I have had I will gladly dig into your past . Even a 5th grader wouldn't read somewhere that they thought was so bad . IF ITS THAT BAD QUIT READING or better yet use your talent to wine and moan about the smallest of things in a positive manner and look for small details to help solve some crime in Charlottesville It seems blinkoncrime has again clogged the crime solving staff of the VSP with her shameful ways !

Dakota --------------------> that is attached to a real person and family as it has been for years online and off .

This is the snip where blink gives the impression she new all along about the pocketbook find ( yea right) and also looks like she threw a jab at Courtney but hangs herself with her own statement if you ask me .

Liam says:
May 4, 2010 at 6:49 pm

there was a lacrosse connection (as a group of OVA men’s lacrosse players reportedly discovered Morgan’s purse on their way to practice the morning following her disappearance.

I so did not think that would come out.

I will hand it to Courtney, even I would not have published that without a source.

Vaughn b then my job is done here and came across exactly the way you or anyone wants to interpret :) lol .Remember it takes a few of us leunitics to try and protect the fredoms of those scared to speak up and never think the bad things will happen to them . Cheers

But here is another interesting jab at Courtney fresh of fthe press at findmorgan.com

By the way Courtney did a fine job on Nancy Grace . I must admit I am not a Grace fan but had to catch it .

Blink Blink is online now
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Originally Posted by questioner View Post
It is apparently a fact, the Hook article has the same thing in it.

there were crushing injuries in both cases,
• Morgan’s shirt was found at the corner of 15th Street and Grady Avenue, about three blocks from Love’s apartment, and
• there was a lacrosse connection (as a group of UVA men’s lacrosse players reportedly discovered Morgan’s purse on their way to practice the morning following her disappearance.

I posted on another thread, not a fact. They were at an exhibition game at Navy.

If Court is stating that as a fact, LE is not backing it.

I am cool with her saying it was from a source, but it does not even reflect one.


I haven't seen you around for some time . I must agree Andrew W brings up a good argument but I must disagree that Morgan was not murdered .

Andrew , I ask if you could link the readers to a confirmed fact Morgan's remain were not hidden ( say wrapped in a tarp at ONE time and partially buried , may not at time of discovery but I challenge anyone to show me FACTS there was not an attempt to conceal the body .

Now what I will also agree with is Morgan's case is about to take a turn for the worse . We have reached both the time frame and point where people will start attacking Morgan's family . Why do I feel this will happen . LACK of follow up and lack of engaging the public by law enforcement . I have said from the beginning the failure to engage the public is the most detrimental factor Morgan's murderer is walking free . You cannot ask the public for answers while keeping them in the dark . The answers were walking around JPJA that evening having a good time enjoying their evening , to spark memory there needed to be something to recall on . To jog memories of people that came to c-ville from far away places to see Metallica needed to be engaged quickly, Very quickly and this was NOT done for reason no one can seem to explain .

I am afraid the answers to Morgan's MURDER most likely left for spring break.

We are at the point the Harrington's need to bear their armor as they will be next to be attacked . I am surprised its stayed calm thus far . Morgan was first attacked by those entrusted to protect her , then the public . The Harrington's are next . I take comfort Morgan's parents can battle the storm , time will tell but I still stand behind my statement from months ago . When Gil breaks loose Dan will follow and they will fight back with integrity .

For those who haven't seen the new family pics please visit findmorgan.com . New pictures are posted and are very inspiring to stay focused as any of us may be building a website for one of our loved ones if we don't keep focused and make positive change to our community .


Gil's Blog from the 7 Month Anniversary of Morgan's Disappearance

It has been seven months since Morgan was abducted, raped, and murdered. Still no resolution! We find some comfort in having recovered her body; knowing is better than not knowing and trying to ââ?¬Å?fill in the blanks”.

We are getting more frantic. Not for answers, we have our answer ââ?¬â?? Morgan is dead. The incidentals of how he did it, or why he did it, don’t really matter. What DOES matter is that he is still out there. This wasn’t his first assault against a woman. He worked up to the crime of murder- but he is there now! Somewhere in the back of his mind he is figuring out another dump site ââ?¬â?? like Anchorage farm ââ?¬â?? just in case. So when the next opportunity presents itself, he is ready.

I feel him, he is smug, he got away with it ââ?¬â?? again. Secrets don’t keep forever. So far the only breaks we have gotten are Morgan’s bones - but the truth will out, in its own time, and our time is coming, it just has to be. If he is lucky, he will only be doing time.

Charlottesville, cough up this predator, those that know need to speak before he acts again.

2 4 1


OMG, thanks for the laffs. What a crackpot:

JUSTICE FOR MORGAN May 5th, 2010 | 2:13 pm
I had posted that perhaps her laptop conatins info that will lead to his involvemen in Morgan’s death and that is why he killed her and took her laptop, Somehow it was lost in cuberspace. However. I hope Justice will finally prevail for all the victims around c’ville . Alot of unanswered questions right now. Time will tell if he and maybe some of his buddies partied at anchorage farm and might be responsible for some of the other unsolved rapes /crimes/murders.We can only hope this will make people come forward with what they saw or heard. Time for these perps to be held accounatable and put an end to the code of silence ect. IMO

Let, that is a good question.

Maybe Morgan bought another shirt at the concert, I understand that this happens often at rock concerts and maybe would explain why so few responding witnesses to her original description.

Perhaps she then sold, or traded, or maybe in her state of mind simply dropped her original Pantera shirt while she was walking around outside the stadium. Witnesses claim she was wobbly and dropped her purse multiple times, so IMO this is likely. Then later her shirt was simply found and placed to be easily seen on the bushes probably by an innocent student thinking the shirt's owner may then see it to reclaim it.

I know this is not as exciting as thinking some "murderer" is trying to taunt the police, but to me it makes much more sense.

We only know through news reports that Mr. Bass indicated there was clothing at the scene of her remains, but for whatever reasons exactly what clothing was or was not there has not been officially verified.

I would be curious if her remains were indeed wearing another shirt (I believe this is so), this would explain why law enforcement was so hushed in November when her Pantera shirt was originally found.

I cannot think of any other scenario to explain law enforcement's behavior regarding the shirt, but who knows.

Kat really should shaddup, for every time Kat opens its mouth, inane nonsense oozes out. Darling, you really are making a ding-dong of yourself in a very public forum. Run along and let the grownups talk.

With regard to Morgan's car being driven to the concert, I believe LE said from the beginning that her car was at the arena, Dr. Harrington thought it remained in Harrisonburg. From what I've read, it seems that he thought her car was only being driven to JMU. Either a misunderstanding on his part, or plans changed once Amy and Morgan reached Harrisonburg.

strange my post are being held , I will take it to Cragslist for the world to see .

Boy I tell ya either UVA has more power than OBAMA or the truth is scarey to alot of people !

off to Craigslist !

Makings for a good Grisham novel.

Before publishing this story, did The Hook contact the lacrosse team to determine when they left for Annapolis MD? There were 2 exhibition games(or are they called matches in lacrosse) scheduled for 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on October 18th at the Naval Academy? I'm not disputing the rumor reported here that members of the lacrosse team discovered the purse, I have no way of knowing. If the rumor is true, were there multiple witnesses to the discovery or did one teammate call over others saying, hey dudes look what I found?

Also, I want to correct a comment made up thread. The correction in no way lessens the horror of Ms. Love's violent death. She was not killed on grounds. She lived off grounds, in an apartment on 14th Street. I have seen nothing to indicate she was killed some place other than her own bedroom. A place that should have been her safe haven and place of peace as she prepared for final exams and graduation. When posting, I think reporters and commenters should all strive to be accurate in their characterizations of events.

Yeah, Kat. What Frank and Goodgrief said, you detective, you. :)

Q: What is libelous in this article?

A: Nothing.

Shameless pandering to the blinkoncrime crazies. Pathetic.

It seems as if every crime happening in the area is being linked one way or another to Morgan Harrington's murder. I know the community wants her killer or killers found, but to make the leap as this article has done to imply there's a connection despite even the Harrington's saying they don't see one is quite a stretch.

Ms. Stuart's article is more than pertinent, it declares and enunciates what has almost gone unsaid by a "community" still attempting to fool itself with it's white racism, segregation, and belief that white affluence is an indicator of morality,...
this community is a monstrous construct, and the signs of that abound in a tiny geographic spaces,- in our White Western H.S., on the downtown mall, in that tiny space of playhouses for brats.
Those women are dead, many more have been raped, and that old courthouse has become a centerpiece of a fraudulent justice system.
Good article.

Is it uncomfortable for people to keep reading Morgan's name in the news? How tragic that another life is lost. Courtney is nudging you folks to understand that Charlottesville, a beautiful city, also has a dark side. Violence occurs everywhere, in town and on campus. Instead of turning a blind eye, it’s time you started addressing it.

As for UVA, it is well documented that the university sweeps incidents of violence against women "under the rug". President Casteen has never spoken with victims, made changes to policy that would assist women to come forward and report their assaults, and does not support sanction or expulsion of students found guilty of committing sexual assault by the school’s Sexual Assault board. This culture has caused dedicated professors & staff to leave the university and seek employment elsewhere, and young women to drop out and graduate from other institutions.

What happened to Ms Love is quite tragic, but not surprising to anyone who has been a victim of violence on that campus. She did not deserve to be beaten. She did not have to die. My heart goes out to her family.

Dakota's posts are one hot mess. Poor Mrs Dakota. Can't imagine what it must be like having to live under the same roof with the conspiracies, overly earnest ranting, and exclamation points.

In the past half year, 2 female students with promising futures have been 1. missing on grounds and found slaughtered and 2. slaughtered on grounds in her own locked bedroom. Shocking, and a grave cause of concern - one murderer not yet found and the other a fellow athlete student. It is completely outrageous and needs to be investigated by the community until the last stone is overturned. It concerns us all, and cannot be talked about enough. The cases are probably not directly related but the underlying culture in which these unspeakable transgressions did take place needs to be intensely scrutinized. Don't let UVA spin the stories, take them on, and expose the traditional UVA frat culture for what it is: a permissive, condoned, entitled male rite of passage where a lot of women get brutalized, and only few will even publicly speak out about it. Yes, this is one of the dark sides of our world class city and let's take this opportunity to ask ourselves and UVA, the biggest power player in town, some difficult questions. Who else than the larger community can be more vigilant to demand change in an environment that is apparently killing young women? Courteney Stuart has always been an excellent and solid reporter who isn't afraid to let the facts speak for themselves, regardless of special interests.

I also would like to hear from the newspaper lady and if this guy was among those she saw on the lawn the night Morgan went missing. Let there be JUstice for all.

wow! Love's 'alleged' killer participated not too long ago in an interview about the Duke Lacrosse players. Which like it or not, those guys did some shady things that night (Duke Lacrosse) and yes, the girls did as well!

Now for the first time today I'm reading that Lacrosse players found Morgan's purse? why are we just now hearing this???
that Love lived 3 blocks away from where Morgan's shirt was found. i'm not one for conspiracy theories and I dont really believe this same guy killed Morgan, but it would be crazy not to at least look the ties in both these cases!

Good work Courtney! thank you for not forgetting Morgan!!
maybe you can find out
1)where Morgans car was parked at the concert.
2) if the driver actually attended the concert or drove around
3) why LE did not do forensics on Morgans car!
i realize the car was contaminated after Morgan's friends were in it after the concert- but stilllll you would think LE would do forensics on the car! what if Morgan was murdered in that car?
with the little information out there- it's possible.

Dakota -- strange my post are being held , I will take it to Cragslist for the world to see .

Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to warn them but I fear I may be too late.

Goodgrief - Yeah I read the article in its entirety and it must be poorly written. I did not understand it was just an interview. I did wonder. Thank you for clarifying. I use words like "possibly", and "may have" because I don't know for sure what happened. Also, I did not say at anytime that Huguely's case was connected to Harrington's case. Huguely's crime seems to be a crime of passion. It does not seem to fit the profile of Morgan's case. Again, thank you for having enough class and intelligence to speak to me in a non-arrogant way rather than calling me names. I know how it works though, you disagree with someone and suddenly find yourself in a crossfire. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. I am not a poster on "Blink" either.




write a story on her please!!!!

My bad Wild Times in Palm Beach your not smoking crack...you are inhaling aerosol. That's much cheaper isn't it. I will speak where ever I wish to speak, and a little meth head like you isn't going to stop me. I've been praying for Morgan and several others whose lives have ended in tragedy. I'll pray for you to sweetie pie. Instead of posting on here and bothering others I choose to offer insight. Unlike you, who would rather act like a jerk and be as useless as a dirty mop.

In April 2006, Huguely was obviously involved in the rape of a black woman, but not charged. Read it for yourself.


Kat is dumb as a sack of hammers.

to 'Shaking Head':

i really cant respond well to your comment because you dont point out
anything that has been addressed multiple times.

the only thing i've seen addressed by law enforcement multiple
times is the basic time line of that night and that a call was made between Morgan and her friends saying she would try to find her own ride home. If you would be so kind as to tell me what on my list has been addressed by LE, i will do a happy dance and admit i'm wrong.

I feel i'm fairly well versed on Morgan's case and cant think of anything more I could possible read to be more enlightened.

I'm guessing the thing you might find 'way out there'
has to do with my stand on Morgan's car not having forensics done on it.
we will never know if it's far out there or not because the forensics were not done. It makes sense to me that Morgan went to her car when she was locked out of the concert. More so than she decided to go hitch hiking.

believe me, with some of the theories i've seen on this case, (bible codes, 'remote viewing' etc)
my thoughts look sane. lol


This guy was in high school in 2006. He was not at Duke. The Duke players sure seem to have been pretty crass and perhaps racist but they were exonerated of rape. the female accuser did have a criminal history and was found to have made up the rape story. George certainly has a bad history himself for a female cop to have to taser him and to handcuff him, but he did not rape anyone at Duke. Wht he has done here is bad enough. 2 4 1

How does the appearance of the t-shirt in another location weeks later fit into the non-murder hypothesis?

Thanks to the Hook for "going there". Good article.

This is a very relevant article. I'm a native of C'ville and I agree that the town has traditionally kept quiet about acts of violence against women. To have two young women murdered in seven months is outrageous. Something has to change, and although I pray for both the Harrington's and the Love's, there must also be justice for these girls and prevention moving forward.

wow....ok...Dakota=obvious wackjob that I'm not surprised is hooked on blinkoncrime
mom_of_Kelli-it sounds like your heart is in the right place but wow..you're reaching WAY out there with some of your comments and I think need to read and learn a little before posting any more, many of the things you bring up have already been addressed multiple times...

HollowBoy makes an excellent point. A young woman would be far safer walking alone on the Corner at 3 a.m. than she would be at a frat party at 3 a.m.

Kat -- did you even read anything of this? The article you're quoting refers to the Duke Lacrosse incident and where Huguely was asked questions about his former classmates (upperclassmen to him). He wasn't at Duke then -- he was still at Landon.

I have been to blinkoncrime and if you guys think the comments here are crazy -- they're even crazier over there. There is no hesitation to label anyone as a known suspect in the Harrington case even if made no sense. (They even tried to pin it on the Greene Co. sheriff who had killed himself b/c of his health problems.) It's a vigilante group over there as you can guess.

God, some of you all just plain freaking dumb as dirt and/or playing amateur detectives.

Unverified information has been one of the colossal obstacles/impedimenst in the Harrington case.
Really, how so? False leads just waste police time, but people have usually complained because the information that they want to know has not been forthcoming or verified.

Why does UVa quietly let these things - rape, assaults, arrests, etc. fall into File 13? Because "boys will be boys" and because the "good 'ole boy" system thrives there. Frankly, I was surprised to read that Huguely withdrew from The University because I thought he was following the Honor Code when he 'fessed up to the cops. After all, he did not lie (much), cheat, or steal (much). The Honor Code does not say anything about being a Southern Gentleman; perhaps it should because the "good 'ole boys" that commit these crimes are still a protected member of that club.

just another mom-

please tell us what "strange looking people" are to you. The corner area is a public area. Goth kids? Hobos?

or we are at the point we should all realize there is no murder, at best a homicide, but unfortunately due to lack of evidence, that cannot even be proven.

Hmmm, why do so many of "you" think it is a far-fetched possibilty? Is it because you go to school there??? Obiviously the guy has a horrible temper. So who knows maybe he was there that night, so hope LE checks into it. Hope he gets life!

TC May 4th, 2010 | 9:05 pm -- That map needs to include the location of the bicyclist that was hit and killed by the city truck. I’m sure somehow we can work that angle into the story too.

If that were a murder and not an accident then that may have been a good idea.

10) LE didnt find Morgan. She was only found due to Mr. Bass.
(i cant really fault them too much for that- but it’s still a fail)

Again, what does this have to do with U.Va.?

For the most part, you're upset because other law enforcement agencies, particularly the Virginia State Police, haven't publicly provided the information that you feel privileged to so you can play overinvolved amateur internet sleuth and feel important.

The misinformed and seemingly willful ignorance manifest on these boards by the same old familiar names is absolutely breathtaking. It is more time than it's worth to separate a signal from noise on these comment boards. So long, Hook. The lunatics are running the asylum.

I saw Huguelys stepdad on the teevee smiling for the cameras. It was creepy.

1) on national TV LE said Morgan was wearing a Panera shirt (as in the bread)
vs the Pantera shirt (as in the band) she actually was wearing.

Was that U.Va. or Virginia state police?

2) did not do forensics on Morgans car. unreal!

The car was driven by friends back to Harrisonburg, so it would not have been processed by U.Va. cops.

3) did not explain the different versions of whose car was driven to the concert. LE said it was Morgan’s car, Dr. Harrington said it was not. how in the world did two versions happen?? We now know (thanks to the Hook) that is was Morgan’s car.

Again, was this U.Va. or VSP? And according to you, law enforcement was correct.

Is there a decent source for the statement that the Lacrosse players found Morgan's purse? I originally heard a female jogger found it. What's your source Hook?


Did YOU read the article? OBVIOUSLY not. Try this: Google the person de jour, READ for COMPREHENSION, THEN maybe post somewhere


I did read the entire article. I also read the one above. What are you seeing that I don't? Looks like to me he may have been involved in a rape case when he played at Landon along with his fellow white players. Please, tell me how I'm wrong. I don't mind being wrong about something as long as the person who is telling me I'm wrong can back up their accusations. Maybe you have had too many wild time in Palm Beach to elaborate, and you should just go back to smoking your crack.

Kat, freedom of speech is alive and well on this forum. As you may know, the freedom of speech you and others here enjoy derives from the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which I'll quote for you:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Please note that there is nothing in that Amendment that guarantees citizens freedom from having poorly informed, badly reasoned, and simply ludicrous statements ridiculed by other citizens.

Calling someone a "meth head" is in poor form when attempting to craft an argument since it fails to address the point and instead attacks the person who makes it. Such unsubstantiated and potentially damaging accusations are not protected speech either.

You are entirely without credibility at this point.

Well, I think that is more improbable. Among other things, the shirt would have to have been found and placed on a bush in that area by someone who apparently is completely unaware of all local media, given the widespread coverage of the case, including the discovery of the shirt and its identification with Harrington.

mom_of_Kelli -

I asked how U.Va. had mishandled the investigated and you provided a list of items, many of them insignifant, most of which had little or nothing to do with U.Va.

"...as a group of UVA men’s lacrosse players reportedly discovered Morgan’s purse on their way to practice the morning following her disappearance"

"Reportedly" is the key word in this statement, who was this reported to and is the source of this information verifiable? Printing hearsay will NOT benefit Morgan's cause, actually, the net result is harmful. Unverified information has been one of the colossal obstacles/impedimenst in the Harrington case.

Jake May 7th, 2010 | 1:28 pm

The better question is why are you so interested in charging people with murder who had no hand in the actual slaying? You don’t think that for EVERY murder there is someone out there that isn’t thinking ââ?¬Å?What more could I have done? I should’ve seen it coming. I should’ve said something.”

Should these people spend the rest of their lives in prison at our expense?

I find it amusing all the thoughts and ideas anyone here can have regarding the situation from what they hear, read, and see in the different media outlets. It means nothing..period..the media like to get you worked up and play on your emotions.
95% of the people(especially on this site) have not ever looked up any previous court cases, do not know how to check public records etc, yet they're experts on the case at hand.

Same people that will also insist he killed Harrington, etc

should those that knew then be charged as well? Accessory to murder perhaps? That would make them an"enabler" after all...hmmmmmm

@Shaking head:

No. I shouldn't even have to explain why, but unless they KNEW he was going to KILL her, why should they be charged as an ACCESSORY?

It has held up in court before, if they were aware of his behavior and did nothing to stop it..they can be charged....
so please, since you are in the know...explain it

I'm clearly not in that "95%" you speak of since I just gave you the applicable legal standard for accessory to murder. Would you like the entire citation? It's 279 Va. 131 (2010)

It's not crazy at all. The state doesn't have any interest in incapacitating people for not being citizen's police. This is about personal responsibility, not spreading it out amongst as many people as we can.

Andrew W

Well said and no I was not suggesting you were attacking the Harrington's , just making a statement it's coming !

What I will stand by ,be it anyone has seen it as fact or not their WAS an attempt to conceal the body .

I also stand by my statement Morgan was not unless drugged without knowledge disoriented or acting out of the way of normal behavior while attending a concert that I have seen on the video from Morgan kissing her friend and walking off camera . Morgan appeared to be happy , healthy and certainly not even close to acting under the influence of any substance in my opinion . What happens from the time she left the field of view of the camera I don't know . I still say Morgan has never been close to a hard drug . Alcohol or Marijuana , maybe recreationally but I can't as it stands accept Morgan frequented any hard drug . For the record a few beers and pot are of absolutely no concern to me nor do I consider marijuana a drug . We don't call tomatoes a drug and they grow on a plant but that's another rant .

I have a challenge for David Bass. If Mr. Bass would allow me 10 min to prove a point I would be very happy to put and small 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive car such as a Honda civic , Toyota corolla or Nissan sentra on location of the recovery site and will gladly do so and video from both inside the car and a chase camera . I have people whom have ask and have been denied . We have the equipment but for some reason people don;t want to know the truth . Accusable by tractor or 4 wheel drive ONLY is an absolute crock of dog squeeze !

From the front main gate to location , under 5 min in a grocery getter !

That's my challenge .


Could George Huguely possibly have physically attacked and humiliated male teammates, knowing he would not be reported? Could he have driven someone to suicide or staged a scene to appear as suicide?

Let: I hear you but I also believe in the area where her shirt was found is a very socially and economically diverse population, including but not limited to young people who may not have cared or known enough about the case to know who Morgan was much less that this shirt would be part of an investigation.

Given two possibilities, on one hand she simply bought a new shirt at the concert and misplaced the old one in her altered state of mind, or on the other hand there is a conspiracy to cover up a murder by a brazen psychopath(s) who after the fact planted artifacts all over town to taunt police and to this day seems to be able to move around without being caught on camera or be seen by witnesses, and given the absence of facts or statements from law enforcent and based on their behavior (no warnings about a murderer on the loose), for now I will stick to the simpler explanation.

Dakota: Several points. Maybe to infer the remote location of the body was an attempt to conceal, if there was a killer involved, then perhaps that is correct to your point. But to go to the trouble to travel all the way up to that field, and with the wooded areas right nearby or even to dig a small grave, instead to just lay the body on the ground in the open and then just leave, seems odd to me.

Regarding the video, I have only heard rumors of any video but that it was denied by law enforcement and the Harrington family there was any video or pictures of Morgan at JPJ. If there is video I should say it needs to be front and center.

Regarding the alleged drug use, I am not sure what needs to be said about this.

On one hand to maintain the secrecy from day one of what all happened that afternoon and early evening before the show to protect reputations I can understand, but on the other hand to completely remove from suspicion and investigation an entire cast of characters revolving around substance abuse that may have had a hand in Morgan's death, I should wonder how badly those close to Morgan really want to know the answers to some of these questions.

Google "unicorns" for this case if interested since I will not say more about it at this time.

In November I was interestd in this case approaching from several angles, and when I learned from some JMU students based on what they knew about the people Morgan ran around with that evening, that in there opinion she would not be found alive and she met her fate as a result of her dangerous involvment with certain individuals involved in drug dealing.

Understand this was in early November when so much local speculation was she was merely missing or a run away on her own will, this from the talk that her parents were too closely monitored her from the time of her high school issues and she was looking for an escape. From this line of thinking sadly valuable time was lost, but there was so much hidden or not wanting to discuss I'm not sure it's a moot point now.

So my early attempts to learn more about the drug angle, among other angles such as the occult connections due to the Lamb of God crowd, were met with fierce resistance at certain Morgan websites with threads deleted and accusation that I was trying to smear repuations, and shortly afterwards Morgan's friends from that night have hired lawyers and are to this time completely silent on the case, this occured well before her body was even found while she was still a missing person which I find odd.

And even today it is rare to speak to someone else who even knows what kind of car, or even the color, that Morgan was in that night (this is speaking of her own car of course), much less where the group was parked, and it was several weeks after she disappeared before there was agreement on who all was there with her (also the male designated driver at first kept quiet about) or even an accurate description for what clothes she was wearing. All of this is also odd.

Any investigation into what happened leading up to the time Morgan being expelled from the arena is for some reason off limits, which I also find odd.

And for your challenge, I am interested to see if something comes from it, but I'm sure Mr. Bass is not looking for more negative publicity much less to have any potential liability than already exposed to, but regardless I am hoping something comes from your challenge. I know myself I have taken a small front wheel drive vehicle to places I technically should not have been able to go so I hear what you are saying.

With wind and rain and temperatures in low 40s easy to see hypothermia resulting, much less with alcohol or maybe harder substances so who knows at this point.

Law enforcement says "homicide" and nothing about a murderer to look out for, yet "family statements" to media outlets stating sexual assault and murder. So going on the facts what are we to believe.

Andrew you make some great points . Pushed by my employer today to actually earn my living so a quick response .

Please read Gil's words and asses with me if you will . I will respond more later but pay close attention to Gills wording .

I am not qualified to break down her words but have a gut feeling .

and our time is coming

I have my thoughts on what "our" time means .


Why even write an article that says "These things could be related,...but aren't." Is this seriously what you spent your time on, Courtney Stuart? These other stories could have been connected without the Harrington reference. Is this the best you could write to keep Morgan in the news? F-.

This is irresponsible journalism. Sometimes being respectful to both the family and friends of a victim and to her memory goes further than just not printing gossip, lies or slander. This article is none of those, and yet it feels very wrong to read. There is a large amount of information that has been confirmed by police that has been ignored here in order to create a new angle on the story that wouldn't hold ground otherwise. Furthermore, the connections made between different events are tenuous and probably do more harm than good when read by the uninformed. Taking advantage of an event like this to write a "cute" piece of journalism may not be wrong, but it is certainly irresponsible.

Whether the crimes are related or not is a matter for the police to sort out. However, I have been deeply concerned by several things:

1. How dark the university is at night. I think a better lighting system -- bright orange lights -- inside and around campus would help.

2. Lack of police patrolling the campus and surrounding areas. I have never seen a single vehicle the times I've visited. I think an increased police presence would be helpful.

3. The corner area, an area so popular with students, is ALWAYS inhabited by strange looking people just sitting around. Why do these people hang around there? They are not students. They are just there watching. I think that they should be encouraged to find other places to lounge far from the university.

4. UVA is the only Virginia school where I have not seen the police department offer a RAD Program (Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women). Why is this so? Such a program should be part of the curriculum considering that women ARE ALWAYS the victims of crime.

I always read the Hook, and the comments on many articles, but have never written. I write this comment today with the hope that someone at UVA, who is in a position to do something about all these concerns, take some action. I know the budget is tight, but safety should be a priority. UVA is a great school in a beautiful town, lets keep it safe. (Thanks for the opportunity to post comment)

What UVA students have been out to Mr. Bass's farm?

What UVA students does Mr. Bass know?

Has LE asked him?

Gil’s Blog from May 5th, 2010

My reserves are further stressed this week by closing out Morgan’s apartment in Blacksburg. Mine to do, I know. Both an honor and a most taxing obligation. I really liked the chance to have my hands in the mix of her life one last time. To read all Morgan’s scrawled lists and post- its everywhere. She was so busy, so many plans to do and accomplish. Smell her t-shirts. Shake my head over impossibly high-heeled shoes and tattered, ratty sneakers.

We had moved her into that apartment such a short time ago, with such hopes and plans for her future. Morgan had such a wonderful, rich, together life. Just devastating that someone could end it all, end her very life with his hate and depravity.

As I sift and sort Morgan’s things, some of my inner dialogue is ridiculous, even to me. I’m trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard. All feels precious because it has an association to Morgan, but it is overwhelming and not practical to keep it all. So I find myself asking, how many shirts does a dead girl need in her closet? What’s the rule of thumb/protocol for this aberrant reality we live in?

I realize there’s no rule. The gauge is me. How much is enough so that when I open her closet or drawer I can get a sense of her, but not so many empty things and NO Morgan that I am undone. It’s a delicate compromise to find just where the zone of comfort is for us. Where memory cues remind us of our precious daughter, but not so intensely that we are engulfed and drown in the loss once more.


Gil Harrington intrigues me so , her strength is amazing !

I would only offer one suggestion to the Harrington's as I read Gil's crushing decisions to make with Morgan's possession . I would suggest as Morgan has captivated the WORLD and her spirit is held high through the love and determination of her family .

I would not discard a single thing , not the slightest of item . Gil and Dan please consider auctioning every little item your beautiful daughter possessed that you will not carry with you to benefit your work in pursuit of justice for Morgan . Morgan has captivated hearts and awoke a sleepy town , many people would love the opportunity to own a small piece of Morgan's spirit.

I am firmly in the belief though your terrible loss many great things will grow from it . Morgan is not with us in body , her spirit has lifted the valley like nothing this old timer has ever seen . Positive change is coming .

May I suggest either an eBay auction or a silent auction on Morgan's day in Roanoke . Be it ratty sneakers or a small not written by Morgan . Many many people who are both following and trying to help in small ways would be honored to not only posses a little memory of Morgan but be proud to support her family .

Please consider


Also folks Gil Harrington will be speaking on the colpey bridge today at 1:00 . Please stop by and show your support ! She will also be speaking on the recent loss of yet another shiny young lady.

Dakota, are you sniffing glue?

Dakota is getting way too much of a contact high from hanging around (virtually or not) the Harringtons and their grief.

Thank you for your positive input . Any ideas to share to further the cause or help bring awareness to the recent influx of tragedy in the c'ville area is always greatly appreciated .

Drunk , sniffing ,glue hummmm no . My Grandfather once said he was happy I didn't drink or do drugs as I was crazy enough as it was .


to 'OK'

you asked a question and i answered it.
I didnt feel a need to attack you personally. yet you did me.
I have no idea how Morgans killer being found and knowing that LE did all they could have.... would make me feel important.

I didnt specify which department of Law Enforcement because there are several agencies involved. so they've all share the responsibility for the items listed above. In fact, that makes it worse so many agencies were involved!

somehow you've imagined i was putting down "particularly the Virginia State Police" huh? i never once said pointed directly to them. I'm a realist and understand LE isn't perfect and i refuse to sugar coat when they mess up. especially when a killer is out walking around.

this has nothing to do with me or ME having information on this case. I could care less what LE tells the public- as long as it's not important information that people there that night, could have used to have helped find Morgan and now find her killer.
I'm far from an "overinvolved amateur internet sleuth"

i'm just a mom that lost her daughter, so yes i feel for the Harringtons and- I want Morgan's killer off the street. period.

The car: even though Morgan's friends were in it- it would be easy to rule out their DNA had forensics been done on the car.
We will never know what was in that car now. blood? GHB?
what if Morgan had gotten inside her car during the concert?
what if her killer did and it was not one of her friends who went that night? there would be foreign DNA in the car then.
again, it doesnt matter which agency botched that up because they are all working together on this case and have said so many times.

to a couple of other people that posted:
if you do a google (or even a search on The Hook) you will find it's much more than just two young women who have been murdered from around this area.

Oh geez, just what we need, ghouls and freaks bidding on a dead girl's personal effects.


"Clery Act
Long title: The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act
Introduced by: Edolphus Towns (D-New York)
Date passed: September 6, 1989 (House)
November 19, 1989 (Senate)
Date enacted: November 8, 1990
Amendments: Pub.L. 102-26
Pub.L. 102-325
Pub.L. 105-244
Pub.L. 106-386
US Code: 20 U.S.C. § 1092(f)
US CFR: 34 CFR 668.46
Related legislation: Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act
Drug-Free School and Campuses Act

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or Clery Act is a federal statute codified at 20 U.S.C. § 1092(f), with implementing regulations in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations at 34 C.F.R. 668.46.

The Clery Act requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs to keep and disclose information about crime on and near their respective campuses. Compliance is monitored by the United States Department of Education, which can impose civil penalties, up to $27,500 per violation, against institutions for each infraction and can suspend institutions from participating in federal student financial aid programs.

The law is named for Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old Lehigh University freshman who was raped and murdered in her campus residence hall in 1986. The Clery Act, signed in 1990, was originally known as the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act."

Information about the nature and number of crimes committed on or near college campuses must be disclosed to current and prospective students, and is posted on most college web sites. The prospect of a kidnapping or murder being reported publicly to prospective students and parents is something that no school wants to face. Not saying this is necessarily so with MH's case, but would be plenty of incentive to disassociate to the extent possible. In the YL case, there is no getting around it.

so what does that mean Jack?
They knew, I read it on blinkoncrime.com this morning

If you want the legal standard, here it is: "A principal in the second degree, or an aider or abettor as he is sometimes termed, is one who is present, actually or constructively, assisting the perpetrator in the commission of the crime. In order to make a person a principal in the second degree actual participation in the commission of the crime is not necessary. The test is whether or not he was encouraging, inciting, or in some manner offering aid in the commission of the crime. If he was present lending countenance, or otherwise aiding while another did the act, he is an aider and abettor or principal in the second degree." Thomas v. Commonwealth, Virginia Supreme Court

Name one case where it was held up in court that because someone knew someone was violent they were also charged as an accessory to murder with no knowledge of any intent or scheme to commit murder. Accessors must have KNOWLEDGE, which is a specific intent. There's absolutely no evidence of that in this case, and no possible way a prosecutor could even bring an indictment for it much less succeed on it.

It doesn't matter if they knew he was going over there. They had to know he was going over there with the intent to kill her, and then also needed to ENCOURAGE him.

There is absolutely no report anywhere that they knew what he was going over there to do.

The better question is why are you so interested in charging people with murder who had no hand in the actual slaying? You don't think that for EVERY murder there is someone out there that isn't thinking "What more could I have done? I should've seen it coming. I should've said something."

Should these people spend the rest of their lives in prison at our expense?

they had to sit on the edge of the bed with pom-poms?
I guess I need to take a few more classes after all...crazy it is

As of right now the Morgan Harrington case is NOT a murder case.

The facts are that she was witnessed acting drunk or stoned out of her mind and wandered off away from her friends and her vehicle, and was found several months later dead in a field. Her body was not buried, it was not even hidden.

Law enforcement has not declared her a murder victim, nor have they given the public any hint that they may believe there is a murderer loose in the local area. Their actions, and especially their lack of action, speak louder than words on the internet as far as what they believe this case is about.

Based only on the official facts, it appears Morgan Harrington's demise may have more in common with Janelle Hornickel or Ashley Quarterman, than Yeardley Love.

Misinformation, rumors, and contradictions have poluted Morgan's case to a point almost beyond belief. And sadly I think the Harrington family have contributed to much of this misinformation and out of respect for them I believe both law enforcement and the media have been complicent in letting these rumors and contridictions go unchecked, not wanting to offend a grieving family.

From the beginning there was contradiction between law enforcement statements and "family statements" concerning Morgan's car, and almost immediately "family statements" deflected any possible investigation away from Morgan's "friends", or the conduct of JPJ security that night, or Morgan's apparent substance abuse that evening.

If this was politics it would be called "damage control". Obviously this should have no place in an investigation for a missing person, especially after the woman's body was found.

And even now I suspect all the rumors of "murder" and "sexual assault" are also coming from "family statements" released through both sensationlistic media stories, algthough perhaps also some online forums.

However I have yet to hear a single allegation of either "sexual assault" or "murder" from any official statement from law enforcement.

Folks throw around the word "murder" left and right, hoping if they repeat it enough times it will become a fact. Unfortunately all it's doing is clouding the issue and turning Morgan Harrington into a caricature for tabloid fodder.

I know the Harrington's are acting out of desperation and blinded by grief, but it doesn't do anyone any good to let an objective investigation of the facts get washed away in a tidal wave of emotion.

I certainly understand not wanting to offend a grieving family, but what is more important, not offending or pursuing the truth?

From the beginning the public should have been presented with objective and basic facts, then perhaps by now the case would be solved.

Instead now we have distractions like the "worriers" stacking rocks at the Copeley Street bridge, or talk about auctions for Morgan's clothes and shoes, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before there's a serious movement to rename either the bridge or even the JPJ stadium after Morgan.

These kind of distractions are not going to lead to the truth. Nor will they find a killer, if one assumes there is a killer to begin with.

@Andrew: Absolutely false. "We are treating this as a homicide investigation"



Exactly what I am saying, if someone provided Morgan with alcohol or drugs and she wandered off and died from an overdose or exposure, the person providing her with drugs could be charged with homicide. This scenario is unfortunately quite common.

But to clarify my point even further, Homicide is different from Murder, and law enforcement is definitely treating the MH case like a homicide case, not a murder case.

How do you explain the shattered bones and signs of physical trauma beyond what would be expected from death due to overdose or trauma?

exposure, instead of trauma.

The farmer on his tractor, a hunter on a 4 wheeler, an animal feeding...all could cause this...nobody professional has stated that there were bones broken due to trauma during the commission of a murder....period

you're grasping at straws here..

RE CC: "Kat, freedom of speech is alive and well on this forum. As you may know, the freedom of speech you and others here enjoy derives from the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which I’ll quote for you:"

Freedom of speech is not really alive and well on this forum, it is allowed to be posted at the whim of the moderator and Bigfoot(scroll to bottom and read the little yellow box). You are posting on a corporate website and no one has any right to post anything other than what the owner whats to allow. Period. Even this is an off topic digression that can be deleted according to the little yellow box's verbiage. But since your off topic digression remains, I'll take my chances.

could have been covered my leaves, snow, etc, entirely possible, as is the chance of it being a bear, coyote, mtn lion, etc, all large enough to break bones as well, I know when I'm checking fencelines, or creekbeds and such, I'm certainly not always looking down, the same with when hunting, if what I was looking for was on the ground in front of me..I'd consider myself a little late...

4) why doesnt LE want anyone to know about Morgan's credit card being used or not that night? are we not long past keeping information 'close to the vest'?? it's past time to find who killed Morgan Harrington!

i dont know how some of you think this article is 'gossip' or 'cute' when there is a broken hearted family and a murderer still walking the streets just waiting to attack the next victim.
While most other forms of media no longer care about Morgan,
The Hook does!

wow! Love’s ââ?¬Ë?alleged’ killer participated not too long ago in an interview about the Duke Lacrosse players. Which like it or not, those guys did some shady things that night (Duke Lacrosse) and yes, the girls did as well!
He was quoted in a Washington Post story when he was a high school senior because he attended the same prep school that some of the Duke players had attended.

What is your point?

I applaud this article for drawing attention to the long history this area and the university seems to have with ignoring violence against women for what it is--a COMMUNITY issue. These are not isolated incidences but a part of a larger culture of violence against women in this very area and I think it is laudable that this article makes this point.

And it is good for Morgan Harrington's case as well that it is back in the news and in the public's eye instead of getting cold in a file drawer. Even if the "connections" are weak in the actual cases they were both egregious crimes against young females in the Charlottesville area.

This is slander

What is slander?

Or, more accurately, what is libel?

uva's reputation

though it is one of the best schools in the nation?????

sometimes above princeton and harvard

smart hey

What are you talking about, Travel lite?

How smart they are at UVA...

Or maybe Courteney is simply doing her job and reporting a story and not launching a crusade ....

And can someone identify how U.Va. mishandled the Harrington investigation? It seems to me that they publicized the case as a missing persons case although they feared it was a murder case, which turned out to be true.

Rog - I am not involved (but for the fact that I am alive after a savage and violent sexual attack and these women are not) and I spoke at a forum for violence against women about 3 weeks ago with Dan Harrington.

Courtney is right. I think Charlottesville is an amazing place, but it is also a place that has many faces - a liberal institution in the South, but affected by the issues that face the South and the Nation. I don't think this piece is irresponsible in any way. The author mentions points that make it clear that there is both a culture that permits domestic violence in Charlottesville, and people that get away with it when it is "too late." That the student came from the same high school as a/some Duke players on the infamous lacrosse squad (though later found innocent) says something, either about men and sports and culture, or about the environment that reinforced all the worst habits (might is right, girls are objects). It sounds like the upbringing also played some kind of influence, at home as well as at school and beyond. I cant speak much about the school, other than to wonder whether they too saw something in this guy they did not like. In that case, I have to wonder whether he is a sociopath who may remember everything he did but does not think twice about it, or if he were abused himself.

Maybe it's the sports environment and that's how guys deal with each other, like a gang.

I hear new things about Harrington everyday.

The Love girl just seems to be a crime of pasion

Does anybody here know who Lucy Stone is???

If you want to get Carol Wood's attention, file a Freedom of Information Act request.

That map needs to include the location of the bicyclist that was hit and killed by the city truck. I'm sure somehow we can work that angle into the story too.

I am sad for the occasion, but glad that the issues are being raised by the Hook and kept important in Charlottesville. My mom was attacked in Charlottesville in the 1970s and escaped her assailant, who she did not know and who she hit with her purse (which was huge). It is frightening to know of what happens now at UVa, and the source. I hope that groups continue to speak to students, and I don't think it is too much to ask that speaking out against domestic violence should happen on the first day at UVa for all incoming classes, and at graduations.

Please LUCY STonE

there should be a freakin holiday for her and nobody knows who she is

She is more important to women then Martin Luther King is to black folk and nobody knows who she is \\

I think tha needs to change

Courtney, do you still have contact with Norma Parsons, the newspaper lady -- can you ask her if this young man was one of the three boys on the lawn with the young woman she believes was Morgan ?

In conversations with friends, after the Harringtons' release and description of Morgan's "shattered bones," we've felt Morgan's death was the result of a man coming on to her and her rebuking him which caused him to explode in a rage and basically leave her dead body without calling for help and trying to cover up his crime.

In that scenario, Morgan's murder is much like Yeardly's; another bright, caring, beautiful young woman whose life was ended before it began.

God's peace to their souls and to the families and loved ones of all.

"Harrington isn’t the only person speaking out against what she sees as a culture that somehow condones violence in and around the University of Virginia."

Courtney Stuart's paraphrase of Gil Harrington I find very relevant. This years tragedies were not the first acts of violence against women at UVA by any means.

Admittedly, UVA is not alone in having "issues" with violence against women. Our culture is pretty misogynist. But we live here in or around Charlottesville, so we need to act locally.

I have a daughter who is considering UVA at this time. I certainly will be looking to see how far UVA's response goes to addressing the underlieing issues of violence against women in it's response to the murder of a UVA student.

I agree with va, I love Charlottesville. I think you'd agree this issue is too big to ignore: domestic violence, murder, assault and University of Virginia students, and the greater Charlottesville area. Certain cultures or ways of doing things give cover for potential assailants...they take advantage of those circumstances.

Cavalierdaily just posted the affidavit

When I was in graduate school at UVA, I took a course in which we learned about crime hotspots. There is such a thing in Charlottesville, too: an area of the city which by nature of the population, the geography, and the use of the space, more crimes happen there than in other areas. Perhaps the area pinpointed on this map is one of a few hotspots in Charlottesville. The course was in Community Psychology. At the time I was there in the 90s, I recall an area around the hospital being seen as a hotspot. However, I am sure there are many others given the underreporting of sexual assault, etc.

I understand that Morgan Harrington's body was found on a remote farm that belonged to the Yeardley Love's killer's family and that the purse that was found was found by Yeardley Love's killer among others. Where was Yeardley Love's killer the night of the concert where Morgan Harrington disappeared from? The manner of death was similar in both cases. Two murders versus one = death penalty case.

Any other place or school in the country, and a student dropping dead 5 weeks ago in a frat house at the age of 21 would not only be news ââ?¬â?? everyone would know why he died.

Not here!

Any other place or school in the country, and every possible detail and evidence in the case of a missing young woman in danger would have been covered quickly and thoroughly ââ?¬â?? even if she was from that ââ?¬Å?other” school.

Not here!

Any other place or school in the country, and assaults on police officers by students would be news, and the community warned that such behavior is not tolerable.

Not here!

Any other place or school in the country, and the dozens of arrests at a horse race for DIP and drugs would include the names of those adults arrested.

Not here!

Any other place or school in the country, and the BAC and/or drugs in a suspected murderers blood the night he killed a fellow student would be knowledge that would be of great interest to the student body, and news of it would come quick and thorough.

Not here!

@Jack Wimsatt

The manner of death was similar in both cases. Two murders versus one = death penalty case.

Except for the fact that we"the public" do not know the manner of death for MH, the police are not even calling this a "murder"