Snap o' the day: Rotunda under siege

snap-rotunda1National news media get primo parking in front of UVA's primo landmark.

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Seriously? They've got permission to pull up and park their satellite trucks there?

Someone call Colliers, they will tow anything!

Is Lethal still around?

i want to know why this is important?
where i am from people would be more involved with trying to figure out what happened to make that boy want to beat that girl to death not "OMG LOOK AT THE TRUCKS AND VANS HERE FOR MORE POOR NEWS COVERAGE OF OUR CITY"

Oh, Lethal is very much around, but they call themselves "Cavalier" now.

I guess you are not from any town in the US.


next time i go to the corner, this is where i will park. i BETTER NOT get towed. :D