Trucker missing... and then found

news-dooleyBobby Don Dooley, 42, of Sanger, Texas, pulled his big rig off I-64 at Zion Crossroads April 29, and texted his trucking company to say he quit and that he'd make his way back to Texas. Dooley hasn't been seen since and his family has not been able to reach him on his two cell phones. Police say there was no evidence of foul play inside the tractor trailer. Dooley is 5'11", weighs approximately 239 pounds, has a tattoo of a panther on his right shoulder blade and a diagonal scar on his left bicep. Anyone with information about Dooley is asked to contact the Virginia State Police at 434-352-7128.

Update: He was found safe on Saturday, May 8, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Dooley walked out of the woods where he'd been camping in a make-shift tent and into a Zion Crossroads truck stop for a cup of coffee. There heĀ  was recognized because of media reports, says the Times-Dispatch. A trooper gave Dooley a ride to the bus station in Charlottesville to catch a bus home.

–story updated 3:19pm, Saturday, May 8. Original headline: "Trucker missing"

–story updated May 10.

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I hope that he texted, "Take this job and shove it."

"Take this truck and shove it!"

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That boy ain't right. I tell ya what.

I'm gone.

Maybe he made some new "friends" over the internet and decided to take a break from TX??

He is on his way back to Texas. He said he would make his way back. They need to be patient. He will come back when the summer ends.

sounds like a man with a plan.

Are you sure, because "Take this truck and shove it" is pretty funny.


Bobby, I miss you. Come home. We'll go play catch. And dear Champ misses you, too... very much so. I love you.


I am sure he is okay and will make sure to STAY SAFE! He has a great boyfriend-free girl to come home to I am sure. Come home, dude!

Stay Safe,

This dude is probably already home, and nobody thought to call the cop shoppes and update the missing persons report.

May 8, 2010

Virginia State Police say they have located a Texas trucker that has been missing since late April.

Authorities say 42-year-old Bobby Don Dooley of Sanger, Texas, was found safe on Saturday morning at a truck stop along Interstate 64 in Louisa County.

He hadn't been heard from since he left his tractor-trailer the truck stop on April 29 or 30. He had sent a text message of his company saying he was quitting his job.

Police say Dooley was found after walking out of the woods behind the truck stop and into the restaurant for a cup of coffee.

They say he had been sleeping in a makeshift tent in the woods for the past week.

A trooper gave Dooley a ride to a bus station in Charlottesville for a ride home to Texas.

Why couldnt they just let the man live in the woods? He was just embracing his roots

just goes to show you this country really isn't free.... we are prisoners of the american dream. face it folks

An "existential crisis"; what fun. Sort of reminds me of the movie: "Falling Down".

Wow...hard to know what to make of this one. There are only endless possibilities and non of them sound great at the moment. For his and his families sake I hope he's found okay.

His family probably wouldn't catch the humor in some of post here. With our great tradition of safety in the Chville area I'm sure they are somewhat worried.