The Darden school rocks...

news-dardendancingShepro got his profs moving for an annual show called Darden Follies, but now the world can watch.

Taking a cue from one of the most popular viral videos of all-time. the globe-trotting "Where the Hell is Matt?" a graduating Darden business school student named David Shepro made a viral video of his own–- "a loving and whimsical tribute to the spirit of Darden," according to a woman one year behind him. Says the woman of Darden: "It’s a place that makes us crazy and pushes us to our limits. But it’s also the kind of place where tenured professors will boogie with a student on camera– and not find the request all that odd."

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I think mr moderator is actually mr anti first ammendment or just a lib

because they are dancing to an obama poster?

why was it deleted?

I think Mr. batman is Mr. Uneducated who isn't actually familiar about what the first amendment even says. Mr. Hawes owns Mr. The Hook and what Mr. Hawes wants to allow in posts is up to Mr. Hawes and/or his designees, not Mr. batman. Mr. First Amendment doesn't come into play unless Mr. Government Man ties to come along and interfere with Mr. Hawes's right to publish as he pleases.

"Libs" and "lib" organizations like the ACLU, have historically gone to great lengths to make sure the government doesn't infringe on the rights the First Amendment guarantees. Mr. History Book, is perhaps someone Mr. batman should seek to befriend.

all of that said, that does not change the hypocracy of deleting things you simply do not agree with. I have seen posts that were later deleted and at least some of them were obviusly deleted for political expression.

It is ok. The competition will simply allow more diseention and gain more customers. YTHe free market will prevail in the end.

Mr. coukiejar, I have turned my back to you, raised my head proudly, thrown my cape over my right shoulder, and am now walking away from the hook troll forever more.
Remember "Truth is of the truthful"
Thank you
thank you very much.

I thought it was a nice video