Dangerous rage? What compelled Huguely to attack?

cover-laxmurd-huguely-insetGeorge Huguely on the field and behind bars. What compelled his rage?

Papa loved mama
Mama loved men
Mama's in the graveyard
Papa's in the pen

Carl Sandburg

Why would a college athlete, a young man from a prominent family with everything going for him, attack and possibly–- as police allege– brutally murder his former girlfriend? As shock gives way to grief, questions about drugs and sanity invariably arise over UVA student George Wesley Huguely V’s fatal altercation with 22-year-old Yeardley Love . Although Huguely has several alcohol-fueled incidents in his past, two doctors say in recent interviews that it’s unlikely that intoxicants alone could drive someone to kill.

“If intoxicated, the risk will increase,” says Dr. Bankole Johnson, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Medical School, who also happens to be a forensic psychiatrist, “but in general it is unusual for people to go from nothing to all. Usually there are gradations toward this kind of violence, and there will be clues, even when the person is not under the influence. There’s usually a pattern.”

Some of Huguely's detractors say the pattern exists, with a Washington Post-reported attack on a sleeping teammate who allegedly showed affection for Love and a now well-known 2008 drunken altercation with a police officer in Lexington.

Johnson says there are rare occasions when brain abnormalities can cause violence such as temporal lobe seizures which occur in the part of the brain that processes emotions, fight-or-flight reactions, and short-term memory. Recent advances in neuroscience have, Johnson says, allowed a new kind of forensic evidence into mediation proceedings but not as much in murder trials. But that could change.

“Perfect defenses are things like sleep-walking or epileptic seizures if you can prove it,” says Johnson. “This new science is an enlargement of this concept.”

“Drugs and alcohol certainly can compel this,” says Dr. Matthew Lee, a Richmond-based pharmacological researcher, pointing out that drugs at colleges, like alcohol and Xanax, particularly when used together, can lower inhibitions. And while the use of the two drugs causes drowsiness, cocaine–- another popular college drug–- can offset the effect. “Mixing cocaine with alcohol and Xanax prolongs the high,” Johnson adds.

Like Johnson, Lee points out that while drugs can certainly contribute to violent behavior, there has to be some predisposition.

“Typically, we see a pattern of behavior over time, especial with domestic violence,” says Lee. “I would be shocked if there was no pattern, and no substance involved.”

Johnson names another possible drug that concerns him: Methamphetamine. Known on the street as "meth" or "crystal meth," it can cause compulsive sexual behavior and increased aggression. Indeed, the drug was widely used during World War II, perhaps the most violent period in human history ( when 60 million people lost their lives), and was even distributed by the German army under the name Pervitin.

“Methamphetamine causes the most aggression,” says Johnson.

And Lee adds one more: steroids.

“Steroids already make you aggressive,” says Lee, “but combining this with Xanax, alcohol, and cocaine could be explosive.”

There has been talk that lacrosse players, like many professional athletes, have turned to steroids, with a recent statement by former NLL Ted Jenner saying that there "was no room for steriods" in lacrosse prompting some sports fans to call that "na¯ve or blindly optimistic"; and, as was first uncovered on crime blog blinkoncrime.com, one of Hugueley's teammates was arrested five years ago while he was still a high school student, accused of smuggling steroids into America. UVA athletes are subject to occasional, random drug tests, which, according to Athletics Director Craig Littlepage, can cause their suspension from the team for an undefined period of time.

Yet there are products to help athletes deposit another’s urine, even under the watchful eyes of a clinician. Although its seller was just sentenced to six months in prison, the Whizzinator, a fake penis and bladder kit, still appears offered online for $279.

However, as Lee and other experts suggests, what may have motivated Huguely to attack his ex-girl friend may have been something more potent than any drug: male sexual jealousy.

“If Love threatened his manhood in some way,” says Lee, either by losing interest in him or showing interest in another man, “that plus a past history of aggression and alcohol and drug use”Š that’s a time bomb.”

“Jealously is not only inbred in human nature, but it is the most basic, all-pervasive emotion which touches man in all aspects of every human relationship,” ––Boris Sokoloff, 1947, Jealous: A Psychological Study.

“In my studies of homicidal fantasies, we found that it was not at all uncommon for men who get dumped by their mates to have homicidal thoughts,” says David Buss, professor of psychology at The University of Texas at Austin, and author of The Murderer Next Door: Why the Mind is Designed to Kill.

“The vast majority of men, of course, do not act on their homicidal fantasies," says Buss. But according to his research, more than half of the adult murdered women were slain by their mates or ex-mates.

“The rage that men feel toward an ex who has spurned them seems to get exacerbated under two conditions, says Buss: when the woman gets romantically or sexually involved with another man or when he realizes that the breakup is permanent and she's not coming back.

cover-lax-mugshot-2008-huguelyHuguely appears to have a history of alcohol abuse and aggression, one that has only recently come to light from media reports.

Of the 429,729 homicide FBI files that Buss studied, 13,670 were cases in which a husband killed his wife, with the husband discovering his wife was having an affair the leading cause. Break-ups come in second. Buss says that 88 percent of the women were stalked before being killed, and that most slayings occurred after the first few months of the break-up, when the men were convinced the woman wasn’t coming back.

“I don't know if either of these conditions were the case in this case, but that would be important to find out,” says Buss. “Among other things, men are very concerned about their status and reputation, and these tend to suffer as a consequence of getting rejected.”

However, according to Buss, given that most men do not murder their ex-mates, it's extremely difficult to predict which men will or won't. More perplexing, Buss learned, is that most murders are not committed by hardened criminals or pathological misfits, but by people previously perceived as perfectly normal.

According to Buss’s research, 91 percent of men and 84 percent of women have had at least one intense, vivid fantasy about murdering someone and that while most people reason away such notions, over half of men and women have entertained the idea of killing a domestic partner.

The big difference says Buss, is that men are more likely to act on these feelings, whereas women typically won't commit murder unless they've been repeatedly abused or threatened.

But why kill the one you profess to love?

Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, explains that male sexual jealousy evolved as a powerfully adaptive way to preserve status and reputation and to keep a male's lineage pure. In milder forms, it can keep women from straying by compelling men to be attentive to a woman’s needs, but it can also have a darker, more violent side.

In Buss's book The Dangerous Passion, which explores the nature of jealousy, he cites a confession made by a 31-year old man to police after stabbing his 21-year old wife to death. They had been reunited after a six month separation, and the wife confessed that she had sex with another man repeatedly since she had returned.

“I was really mad. I went into the kitchen and got a knife," the man told police. " I went back to our room and asked: were you serious when you told me that. She said yes. We fought on the bed, I was stabbing her. Her grandfather came up and tried to take the knife out of my hand. I told him to go and call the cops for me. I don’t know why I killed the woman, I loved her.”

Pharmacology expert Lee says he finds Huguely’s 2008 arrest in Lexington telling, as it involved threatening a female arresting officer by shouting “I’ll kill all you b*tches.” The officer had to Taser an allegedly enraged Huguely to subdue him. At his court hearing, the officer learned that Huguely was so intoxicated that he didn’t remember a female officer had arrested him, or that he’d been Tasered.

“The fact that he behaved that way to a police officer,” says Lee, “should have been a sure sign he had a drinking problem.”

In addition, Lee says, the fact that the officer was female suggests he may have had issues with women in positions of authority. He wonders if Huguely would have acted the same way if the officers were male. And as for forgetting being Tasered?

“He might be someone who functions in society, but when he drinks he goes crazy and loses all inhibition,” says Lee, which leads him to believe that Huguely might have had an existing psychological problem as well.

Echoing Johnson and Lee, Buss says that his study showed that drugs and alcohol “increased the likelihood of men acting on their homicidal impulses.”

Indeed, Buss’s studies showed that alcohol abuse can actually enhance feelings of jealously, as the lowering of inhibitions opens the door to expressing underlying suspicions, even imaginary ones. To make matters worse, alcohol abuse can lead to impotency and poor sexual performance, driving a desired mate away and causing further sexual insecurities.

As Huguely’s case moves forward, his psychological state will likely take center stage. Two local forensic psychologists declined to he interviewed by the Hook because they have already been retained by either the defense or prosecution. Was this a long-standing pattern of behavior of Huguely’s that finally boiled over?

Or, as Buss’s research suggests, were the intense feelings of jealousy and rejection, powerful emotions we have likely all felt, perhaps handed down to us through thousands of years of evolution, just too much for Huguely to handle?


common people, tis easy to be judge and jury in hindsight when you hhave the 'list' of bad behaviors together. Both genders of that age 'flip' on a buddy or a team mate if they are caught 'going after' someones significant other. That in itself is not a crime and would not have gotten anyone suspended, kicked of a team, or sent for assesment. They went to the coach, he dealt with it, probably by discussion and difusing the situation. Remember the coach was unaware of GH's other altercations. ...and who would predict, Gh did 'this' so soon he will murder someone. Are we supposed to assume that after every drunken jealous fight the next step is murder. Get off the coaches case as the answer is not that simple.
Most people who are physcologically sound, even if intoxicated, do not take the next step of murder.

Here's an article that really got me, written by Sports Illustrated. The Hook has done phenomenal reporting. This report from SI is one of the the few that brings a real sense of Ms. Love and the feelings on grounds. Hope you get to see it.


I agree with the words above. This unfortunate young man is now lost to us and post mortem analysis-- like hindsight-- is 20/20 for him. What we need to do is work on methods of prevention. Dr. Phil spoke to this on Good Morning America. Young men and women need classes in high school, when this phenomenon emerges, on how to manage the rage for men and escape an obsessive lover for women.

because the dude has a screw loose that's why! This guy needs to be incarcerated beyond judgment day

frank...easy to blame booze as a catalyst for murder..good ole George was not that drunk or crazy that he did not remember the emails he sent to Yeardley..took the damn computer going out the door. Then you have his lawyers saying it was an "accident"..never called 911..but doggone he remembered the computer, while Yeardley was dead or near death after he beat the crap out of her more than just banging her head against the wall..an eye swollen shut, bruises all over her face, chin..and a closed casket. How horrible. just sickens me. Lord knows what will come out with those emails he sent her and text messages when he was not drunk or even drunk. There will be many. I think those emails/text messages will be terribly revealing about George. My own feeling..obsession..graduation a few weeks away. it was over..drunk or not he could not accept the end of a relationship. I have seen this before..only difference the twenty something guy killed himself too after he killed the girl..same situation..a different George could not accept the end of a relationship. sadly..history does repeat itself.. both from real nice families who knew one another..

Sadly, there are those among us that no matter how much help they are offered, it fails to change their behavior. The first line of defense is to teach your daughters and sons to recognize these individuals, and steer clear.

Nancy Drew.. hugs not drugs would have prevenbted this huh?

Nope. There are two kinds of tough guys out there. The guys who are animals like this one and guys who are willing to stand up to guys like this before they do someone else harm.

The problem we have is that society has lumped them both together and implied that any kind of aggression is bad.

Until we go back to revering one over the other tragedies like this will occur over asnd over.

Shawn Colvin sang "where have all the cowboys gone?"

Sadly to brokeback mountain I guess...

i can't imagine what he is feeling right now. he is done with his temper tantrum and is facing a stark reality that he probably still does not grasp. I feel immensely sorry for his family.

KIKI..this guy could not accept the relationship was over. Graduation was coming and this was it..Over. In his mindset, could anything or anyone stop him? we read about this crap all the time..young old rich poor black, white. Years ago, I knew a couple just like this one.. young in their 20's..he killed her at her parents home but he also killed himself..he could not accept the end of a relationship. I don't know if George is a sociopath or not, but you have to figure all he thought about was himself after he beat the crap out of Yeardley. He took that computer and got the hell out..guess that was more important than calling 911 about the so-called accident. Gotta feeling those emails and text messages on the phone are going to bring him and the ole legal team plenty of problems. I think those emails will be chilling..

what does that quote at the beginning have to do with anything?

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Harry D-Serious question: Why are you so fixated on the fact that GH had a nanny when he was a child? So far nothing she has said has been of any significance. Also, real life prisons aren't quite like an episode of OZ. Most likely, he'll continued to be segregated for his own protection. In any event, it's likely he'll be released one day and I don't see how years of abuse by other inmates will help his anger issues.

In any event, I am bit taken aback by those who imply that nothing could have prevented this murder and somehow the murder of Love was unavoidable. I'm of the opinion this could have been prevented. Had he been expelled or even disciplined, maybe he would not have thought he could just break into Love's apartment and knock her door down like he was king. Perhaps he would have finally be in a drying out facility. Who knows. I do believe, though, that this didn't HAVE to happen.

Your Carl Sandburg quote is ridiculous and rude-- you are suggesting that Yeardley was promiscuous. Please do us and her family a favor and remove it.

pretty apparent to me what went through this guy's mind: if George could not have her no one else would period. Forget booze, drugs as catalysts. The guy was obsessed with Yeardley. Just wait till the emails, texting come out..he wasn't drunk all the time..there was a reason he took her computer. He wasn't that drunk. He knew what was in that computer.

Calling it an "altercation", i.e. heated dispute, is charitable. Unwarranted attack is more accurate. As for "threatening" his manhood, that SOB Huguely better get used to it at Greenville, or whatever hole he winds up spending most or all of the rest of his life at. It won't be 22 year old women like Ms Love threatening it either. If anything, Huguely will be way over-matched, much to his discomfort.

Angela says" The bottom line is, we are not sophisticated enough in our understanding of human behavior to know why this happened."

I say, BS. The reason this happened is because this kid was not straightened out when he threw his first temper tantrum. The only ones that are not preventable are the ones where NODODY saw any warning signs. This loser was a walking billboard.

I am sure his therapist and mommy all asked him why he was "so mad" instead of slapping the crap out of him for acting like a two year old when he was twelve.

Men need to man up and take down thses guys when they start to bully people. This guys "buddies" should have nailed him hard for starting fights. They should have let him know in no uncertain terms that violence against a woman is off the table. Period. End of story. The facts are tha men are usually physically stronger than women by nature and more aggressive. All the laws of man cannot overule that law of nature. Get over it and accept and respect men who will stand up to guys like this. If it takes two or three because he is big then get help. Bullies generally back down once they are defeated because inside they are really just losers who are using their only tool. So take that tool away and let them learn to use their mind to solve problems.

People who behave like this guy did need to be ostracized until they can learn to be civil. It is too late for him but I am sure there are a few other candidates that come to mind that are still on the team or peripherary.

ââ?¬Å?If Love threatened his manhood in some way,”

This ticked me off more than anything else in that entire piece. Love didn't threaten anything. The onus is completely on Huguely.

This wasn't rage born out of love. Huguely likely saw her as a possession.

I can only imagine how differently this article would be if the perpetrator wasn't white and privileged. All of the talk and hinting around at some sort of temporal lobe anomaly would be out. It's amazing how the public and media wants to find any and all excuses for abhorrent behavior amongst the elite.

I, for one, am so tired of all the excuses and hypothesizing rationale behind crimes of murder, particularly against women and children. Cowardly males attacking women and children. I want to see our laws change so that murder is treated equally by all states. Unless it can be proven that a death was caused by accident, every murderer should be immediately put to death after conviction by two separate panels. No need to stall the system with appeals and delays, judge them by two separate courts and if convicted, take the murderer(regardless of sex) out back and execute publicly. We worry about budget, economy, what politician is sleeping with who, yet we look at murder as just another one.

I totally agree with "e", "Kelly" and "SameOldExcuse".

A restraining order is not enough for someone like this... he should have already been in jail for his "pattern."

kiki..my point is that just because someone complains about violent behavior does not mean the next day or next week the kid is thrown out of school. Schools take their time in investigating incidents, but if parents don't pay the tuition..my oh my do schools contact parents or responsible parties. Would the school, coaches contacted his parents if another kid reported him??? My other point is that even throwing George out of school may not have been enough. Obsessive guys will follow the girls and then say you ruined my life and kill them anyway. Heck the guys at UNC stopped things with George and Yeardley yet it was not enough to change George. It is so sad but I see no easy answers to preventing a serious assault. Complaints, restraining orders, throwing kids out of school may not prevent violent crimes, but they sure are worth pursuing. I am not saying you should not report stuff..but gee I look at VA Tech and Cho was reported..I don't think much has changed at colleges since that incident. People just don't think that murder(s) will be the end result when they look another's student bad/odd/unusual behavior. my own feeling is that George felt if he could not have her no one else could..a few weeks from graduating..it was over and he could not accept it.

so here we have someone who twice attacks someone in their sleep, once his teammate and the other his ex girlfrield.

I can hear it now. Like its predecessor "The Twinkie Defense", his attorney will plow new ground and argue "The Red Bull" defense. You see, he was so jacked up on Red Bulls that he saw red and went berserk.

Both Whitey Reid in the Progress this morning and David here call what occurred in Love's room, after Huguely put a hole through what we assumed was her door locked to keep him out, an "altercation." Is sick aggression and her meager attempts to defend herself really akin to an "altercation??" Let's call it what it is: an attack by an abuser. A controller, obsessed with controlling her and contacting her and manic to "get her back" after she had told him to stay away.

With graduation weeks away, and Love's ability to avoid this thug once and forever approaching, it's obvious why this abusive stalker ended her life: so he could control her forever.

This isn't about lacrosse or steriods or alcohol or drugs or male athletes and unchecked aggression or even about social status or money that may briefly insulate individuals from the consequences of their actions. It's a story of abuse and control, which women combat every day. Let's make no excuses for what this is and what George Huguely was. The good thing is that he may never have access to another woman for the rest of his life.

Camdoo....you got it right!

@ Duh wrote: "I’ve been around lacrosse for a long time and that’s the first talk I’ve heard of players turning to steroids. I guess you needed someway to slip in the arrest of a high school kid who made a mistake. I am losing respect for the Hook by the day."

A mistake is when you wear one brown shoe and one black shoe to work. Or you order a Coke at Micky D's and the counter person pours you a Dr. Pepper instead--that's a mistake.

Smuggling steroids into America is a willful disregard of the law. There is a huge difference.

The real question is why was Huguely allowed to stay at UVa given his violent behavior?

So why are we going to debate WHY he attacked? or even give it a second notion? So we can walk amongst society and say that there aren't that many phsycopaths in the world? So we can feel safe? So we can all go through the "bargining" stage of grief? Sorry, I did not even know this girl and I am still in the "anger" stage and hope to stay that way. My "acceptance" will only come when I know this guy is in prison for a very long time for his crimes REGARDLESS of his "hailing from a wealthy family" or his status as as an athelete or whatever.

I've been around lacrosse for a long time and that's the first talk I've heard of players turning to steroids. I guess you needed someway to slip in the arrest of a high school kid who made a mistake. I am losing respect for the Hook by the day.

Excuses, excuses! Are we supposed to feel bad for him and his possible psychological problems?...or waste time asking what drove him to do it. There are no right or logical excuses for his behavior. The real story here is the suffering that his actions have caused for the Love family and the U.Va. community. Why don't you guys shift the focus to them or write an expose on all of the other female students who's lives are in danger. Hugely is not the only demented student at U.Va. with blatant aggression issues.

Indeed, Buss’s studies showed that alcohol abuse can actually enhance feelings of jealously, as the lowering of inhibitions opens the door to expressing underlying suspicions, even imaginary ones. To make matters worse, alcohol abuse can lead to impotency and poor sexual performance, driving a desired mate away and causing further sexual insecurities.
I hope he was impotent...the big loser...wait til the boys in the next cell get him...


My posts all along.

The question is why did no one stop his actions? Because no one had the BALLS to do so- not his parents, his "friends", his coaches, the school, the judges, the lawyers, yadda, yadda, yadda......they all knew that this punk was a friggin' disaster. The schools gets rid of you for poor grades and educational standards, but not for poor life standards.

Wake up everyone- it was his fault, and he knows it Boy George- BOHICA!!!!

I agree with you Harry D..why didn't anyone stop him. But tell me How??? The UNC Lax guys stopped George at a party if what we have read is valid. Did that change George's behavior? Don't think so. Do restraining orders really work? Don't think so. Would throwing him out of school work? Cutting him from the team. I don't think so. guys follow women to other states and kill them. guys wait after work to kill women. I don't think it is as you may think to change/stop someone who is obsessive/jealous and cannot accept that a relationship is over..graduating in a few weeks..it was over.

Men who abuse women have a history of violent behavior, anger, agression toward women. Whether it stems from their childhood and they had an authoritative or abusive mother, or the behavior was modeled for them by the male caregiver in his life toward the child's mother....there is a history and pattern. Drugs and alcohol intensify the behavior with someone like Huguely but do not cause it. There are people who are alcoholics but do not exhibit violent behavior but instead laughter or humor. The focus needs to be on our young women, educate them, help them learn self defense, and especially, that it is okay to tell someone and ask for help. Men like Huguely see women as property and not a companion. Women need to know that the psychological abuse (brainwashing) happens first, then the emotional and physical. The pattern of domestic violence is like the spider who spins its web around its prey in order to trap it.

@Jan-Perhaps if he had been thrown out school he still would have done this, but maybe his parents would have sent him somewhere to dry out or he would have left the area, and Love would be alive today. Regardless, he was attending UVa a place with certain rules of behaviour. He didn't deserve to be there if he was a threat to others or attacking other students. The fact that he wasn't punished may very well have reinforced his belief that somehow the basic rules of life did not apply to him and he could do whatever he liked with minimal to no consequences.


Two things that keep coming up: The question as to why the players didn't do something and the belief that suspending GH or expelling wouldn't have prevented this senseless murder like it was somehow pre-determined. Yeah, the players should have said something to someone in a position of authority, but they were kids ranging in age from 18-22. The adult coach who at least knew of the incident of GH attacking a fellow player is the one who really should have done something.

Also, as a student of UVa, GH was supposed to abide by a certain rules. Certainly, one of them was to obey the law which he clearly violated by breaking and entering into a fellow teammate's apartment and beating him up to the point where the guy has bruises on his face.

I truly think the tragic death of Ms. Love could have prevented had someone stepped in.

How many speculative articles can the Hook publish about this tragedy? Everyday there is another column where a writer with no professional experience parses together a few stray facts to draw some conclusion like he or she is writing a college essay. These are not news articles. Connecting the murder to Morgan Harrington or blaming lacrosse, affluence, etc. for what happened is not responsible journalism.
I'm not suggesting this story should be pushed aside, but without any tangible developments don't publish exploitative articles with mugshots and dirt on lacrosse players uninvolved in the case. Another example is the death of the lacrosse coach's father, how is that relevant to the news in Charlottesville?
I hope that the Hook stops pumping out amateurish guess work and reports on interesting events and culture in the area.

Wow! I think all of you need to take a basic statistics class. The fact that you are all attempting to not only establish correlation between lacrosse and murder, but causation between lacrosse and murder, or being from the south and murder, or whatever other inept generalizations you are making is frankly a little embarrassing for you (and your I.Q.). The only way to demonstrate that any of these things (being from the south, playing lacrosse, being rich, etc.) is the cause of murder would be to rule out that being from the north, not playing lacrosse, or being poor means you don’t murder). This is basics people.

The sad part is that, while all of you continue wasting your time finger-pointing, others will be murdered uneccessarily because efforts are misdirected at correcting the problem. The bottom line is, we are not sophisticated enough in our understanding of human behavior to know why this happened. George Huguely was unable in that moment to restrain himself from harming another person. He lacked the empathy and coping skills to avoid this outcome. BUT, there are 1000s of other rich lacrosse players who experience unrequited love and DO NOT murder because they have a different set of skills and a developed sense of empathy (which, by the way, is developed by the time you are 5).

There are MANY other George Huguely’s out there with the same background as him that DO NOT commit murder and because of that, the only aspect that can explain his ability to murder are the unique intricacies of his own behavioral development. Either he is mentally disturbed or suffered from systemic family dysfunction. This is what explains his actions and NOTHING else.
This does not mean it was right. But, until we start doing the hard work of digging deeper and trying to understand the individual within the complex system in which they develop, we will continue burying innocent victims.

Kiki. I would love your thinking to be correct like you can prevent a murder by reporting someone. you really think if the guys on Lax team reported George there would be some punishment. Heck the coach knew about the incident of George hitting his fellow Lax friend because he kissed Yeardley. They both played in the next game..where was the disciplince.,,the guy at Va Tech who killed many students was reported.. teachers knew about him..were his parents informed..was he thrown out of school. NO. Privacy issues..BUT if you don't pay the tuition believe me schools will call or find the responsible party otherwise parents are out of the loop. There are always restraining orders..do they work..obsessive guys do kill. it is not simple easy to kick someone out of school. Lax does not just belong to the rich as some here think. public schools have Lax teams..probably jerks there too.

@Jan-Murders can be prevented. Does reporting someone always work or is it any guarentee in this case that it would have prevented Love's death? Of course not. Does that mean that someone shouldn't be reported because it may not? No.

BTW, did you read my other post about how I actually put more blame for lack of a better word on the ADULT coach and not the players? Even if the powers that be had done nothing, he had a responsiblity to report that incident to someone in administration

IMO, VA Tech failed with Cho and the UVa men's lacrosse coach failed here in this case.

Also, it is easy to throw someone out of school or easier than you may think. I am an almunus of a private university that is in ACC. I personally know of two people who were expelled including one for assault.

gimme a break with all these hypothetical psychoses....plain and simple, the guy is just your standard dumb jock with a drinking problem and a wife beater complex.

I beg to differ. I believe this sad lad was an alcoholic, and most likely abused other substanaces as well. Does UVA have a chapter of AAA and ALANON on campus, if not they should, and the coaches policy of turning a blind eye to even one night of intoxication a week, becuase that's what he did in college, sent the wrong message. UVA needs a serious investigation of exactly what drugs are being used by their students, on and off campus. Offering services without a full understanding of the extent and nature of the problem is not intelligent or useful.

It is chilling to me that in his mug shot, he doesn't look the least bit sad or remorseful after (supposedly) just being awakened from a drunken stupor and arrested for murdering his girlfriend.

Jan- you are right. Tough to stop someone like Boy George- even the Nanny couldn't stop him.

The question is whether or not Boy George will be able to stop Bubba. The one thing hard cores hate amongst them is a lady killer. He will find out just how much............

If Nizolek was a serious steriod user, he surely wouldn't buy them on the street in Cancun to illegally import into the US. Obviously the writer of this article is simply determined to make reference to what is otherwise a completely irrelevant occurrence to the Huguely case.

brangelina has a good point.. totally inappropriate

This guy didn't kill her because he loved her, he killed her because he loved himself... when you love someone you protect them from harm.

If he really loved her he would have disappeared so she could live a decent life without a jerk like him in it.

If he really loved her he would plead guilty tomorrow and ask for expidited sentencing to end this chapter so the family can grieve.

Do lacrosse players at UVA recall any instance when Huguely may have had an altercation with former UVA lacrosse standout Will Barrow?

To me, people's denials know no bounds. This man is a drunk, pure and simple. Contrary to what the doctors said, alcohol in and of itself is a wondrous catalyst for murder. Read the daily paper. My one thought is that I wonder if anyone told George, "You're a drunk, and you have to change." It would have been easy to get him to stop, i.e., cut off the cash cow. He'd have been in rehab in two or three days.

Why on earth do you have that poem/song quote at the beginning of this article? What does that have to do with this tragedy? It is about a woman who cheated on her husband and he then killed her and the lover.

A little inappropriate in regards to a young woman's brutal (and seemingly unprovoked) murder, don't you think?

Frank, he's definitely in rehab now. Too bad it took the ultimate sacrifice by Yeardley to make it happen.

I am also with Angelina. The Carl Sandburg poem is offensive in this situation.

Oh, and Granny, Yeardley Love did not make the "ultimate sacrifice." That term refers to soldiers or others who willingly give up their lives in for a greater cause. She was MURDERED. She did not sacrifice herself so Hugely could go to rehab. Ugh--that is offensive on all kinds of levels.

marchmallow- there are a few stories going mostly of stuff that may have been said at parties. No names in particular. People are not speaking out now because they have either been approached altready and are under a gag order or they themselves have sought legal (or parental) counsel and have been told to shutzy-upzy unless they want to get in trouble themselves (ie: underage drinking=illegal=kicked off teams etc).

Yeah, the poem could go.

Don't send him to prision for life give him death. Why should we pay for him for the rest of our lives!!

bearsalumni May 12th, 2010 | 8:46 am
marchmallow- there are a few stories going mostly of stuff that may have been said at parties. No names in particular. People are not speaking out now because they have either been approached altready and are under a gag order or they themselves have sought legal (or parental) counsel and have been told to shutzy-upzy unless they want to get in trouble themselves (ie: underage drinking=illegal=kicked off teams etc).

So much for justice...lets just cover our own butts, the heck with Justice for Yeardley. I suppose it is possible the same theory applies to Morgan's murder/s.

This is a quote from a post that come off of NBC29...anybody heard anything about it? Or is it just a rumor?

"This kid was also stalking a nurse at UVA for the past several months. They had an altercation just prior to Love's death. The altercation got very heated, the girls mother was going to report him to police, bet she wishes she would have now."

Seriously, Dave. Please get rid of the Sandburg quote. That's offensive and also potentially libelous.

GoshenLover, we're all soldiers in the war against women. Love did, indeed, make the ultimate sacrifice. And she won't be the last. It's the longest running war in human history.

Perhaps it was the natural mindset of people accustomed to him causing trouble. Maybe it looked like tantrums and harmless in nature because tomorrow would come and games, classes and parties would resume. The possible answer was no different than in ugly, severe and dangerous domestic abuse situations: put distance between oneself and the disregulated individual. Just as in marriages, it is preferable for the victim to leave, commute or transfer (or get a diploma in the mail). Not fair to the victim, but the pretty, friendly campus lowers the appearance of risk just like nice-looking homes where apparently respectable citizens kill someone following threats. As others have written, there should be clear answers taught to students about these dangers which require action be taken.

He's 22, this is his first major offense so therefore, it is unlikely he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison. Personally, I would like him to be sentenced to at least 20 years AND get some help for his problems. This kid (and yeah, he is still a kid emotionally) appears to have some major issues with anger, attitudes towards women, etc.

@Jan-The things you list esp. the fact that GH didn't bother to call 911 and had enough foresight to take Love's computer makes me think his lawyer is going to have one heck of a time trying to convince anyone this was an accident. The description of Love's body is chilling. . . I do wonder if GH isn't a sociopath. He seems to display no empathy towards anyone-not his teammate that he beat up, not Love, no one.

I agree with the comments about the Sandburg quote,something that sounds like a bad country and western song, not something from a major poet. But it does illustrate an important point-that male violence against women is so often trivialized or treated as a joke in our society.
Pornography that oftens features women being beaten, tortured, and degraded in every way imaginable. The misogyny of rap music lyrics(rap's not the only offender, if maybe the most blatant). This is considered entertainment.
The late feminist philospher Andrea Dworkin once wrote something to the effect of imagine how outraged we would be if someone made movies showing how much blacks enjoyed being lynched, or how much Jews loved being in concentration camps and tried to pass it off as entertainment. Yet violence against women is often viewed in this manner.
Heterosexual male privilege as it is often manifested in groups like the fraternity or athletic culture, where women and LGBT people are objectified and hated, lies at the very root of why violence against women occurs-and so often is tolerated, and even lauded.

King Baby, plain and simple.

Hear we go again, why must we make excuses for such horrific behavior? Whatever happened to accepting ones behavior for what it is. He was just a spoiled kid who grew up in a world where it was acceptable behavior for him to throw a temper tantrum whenever he could not have his way. All Yardley said was "No" and he reacted as he always has. Like a spoiled rotten KID that he is. Now that he is
with the Homeboys, he will learn exactly how she felt when she said "NO". Do not worry, He will learn exactly what it means to be a "girlfriend" of demanding MALE.

@mac the cheese "There are two kinds of tough guys out there. The guys who are animals like this one and guys who are willing to stand up to guys like this before they do someone else harm.

The problem we have is that society has lumped them both together and implied that any kind of aggression is bad.

Until we go back to revering one over the other tragedies like this will occur over and over."

This is such a good point I had to repost it.