Red Rooster

No big surprise that a band called Red Rooster plays alt-country and Americana, but plenty unusual that they do it with a DJ and occasional electronic keyboard parts. The cover art for this NYC folk act's newest album Walk puts a tractor in front of an urban skyline; that's about right.

Red Rooster - The Places In Between
Red Rooster - Satisfied Mind
Red Rooster - Raining In Los Angeles
Red Rooster - Borrowed Money
Red Rooster - Black Point Road

Or, for a more explicit statement of this intriguing contrast, you might look to their 2005 double album Dose, which they went so far as to split into separate acoustic and electric discs.

Red Rooster - San Diego Skyline [electric version]
Red Rooster - Mexico Revisited [electric version]
Red Rooster - Sharp Dressed Man [acoustic version]