No kiddin': Family values candidate lost custody of children

cover-feda-mortonFluvanna resident Feda Kidd Morton hopes her grassroots efforts will overcome a lack of cash on hand in the 5th District Republican primary. PUBLICITY PHOTO

Could one of the top "family values" candidates have a big family problem? Documents reviewed by the Hook suggest that Feda Kidd Morton, a Republican seeking the nomination to run for U.S. Congress in the 5th District, lost custody of her four minor children in 2004 over her alleged "anger and bitterness." Morton has moved to block the custody story, having allegedly secured a temporary injunction stopping anyone from publishing such documents.

"The Fluvanna Circuit Court Judge entered a temporary injunction Friday afternoon [May 14], enjoining and prohibiting [the candidate's ex-husband] and others from possessing, disseminating, and/or publishing any and all information, documents, and/or transcripts arising from the proceedings in the juvenile court which you are now in possession of," Morton's campaign manager, Aaron Evans, wrote in an email to the Hook one day after a reporter interviewed Morton.

The Hook has seen a copy of a transcript of the 2004 child custody hearing in which a judge, expressing concern about their well-being, placed the four children in their father's custody.

Campaign manager Evans advised the Hook not to publish anything about the matter until a full hearing in Fluvanna Circuit Court. "To do otherwise may be at your own peril," he warned.

"I'm not going to acknowledge that anything was filed, and I'm certainly not going to make copies," said Fluvanna Circuit Court clerk Bouson E. Peterson Jr. when the Hook requested a copy of the alleged injunction. Nor would Peterson confirm that an injunction hearing took place May 14.

"I said I'm not going to comment," he reiterated. A "B.E. Peterson" of Fluvanna is listed as endorsing Morton on her website.

Morton, a Fluvanna High School teacher, won a May 1 straw poll at the 5th District convention and is one of seven candidates in the June 8 Republican primary vying to challenge Democratic incumbent Congressman Tom Perriello in November.

Morton describes herself as a "traditional family values" candidate who opposes abortion and gay marriage. She's received endorsements from social conservatives such as Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer.

In 2004, Morton took her ex-husband to court for more child support and full custody, says the ex, Dennis Kidd.

"The judge granted me custody," he says. "I didn't ask for any of that. The judge recognized the driving force in her life was her anger."

Kidd says he has heard nothing about a temporary injunction, nor was he ever aware that the Juvenile and Domestic Court records might be sealed.

In a transcript Kidd had made of the November 17, 2004, proceeding, Judge Dwight Johnson said, "[I]t makes it clear to the Court that Mrs. Kidd has allowed her anger to be the most controlling factor in her life and to overshadow her concerns for the well-being of her children, which is damaging."

Continued Johnson: "In this controlled environment in a courtroom where her rage is barely controlled, one would imagine what it would be like outside the courtroom."

According to the transcript, Johnson said, "And I can't see that she wants the children to have a good relationship with [their stepmother] when she refers to her as a whore and a slut in front of them. That is just not acceptable. I think it's damaging." He ordered sole custody to the father and visitation at Dennis Kidd's discretion.

Johnson is no stranger to controversial rulings, having once sentenced a couple to eight years in jail for buying booze for underage teens.

Morton appealed the decision, and she and Kidd subsequently agreed to joint custody of her youngest child, with his primary residence with her. Three older boys remained with Kidd, with liberal visitation for their mother, says campaign manager Evans.

When asked about the court order giving custody of her children to their father, Morton says, "The older boys chose to go live with their father."

"It's a farce she's claiming to be this Christian conservative woman with family values," says Dennis Kidd. "She's not what she's trying to portray. I just think people need to know who they're voting for. It just sickens me."

Last week, Lynchburg Tea Party blogger Kurt Feigel published a story about Morton's three marriages titled "Family Values and Campaign Hypocrisy."

"Life isn't perfect," says Morton. "I would have preferred to not have had three marriages." She calls the dissolution of her 20-year marriage to Kidd "tragic," but says she's moved on. "I picked myself up, and I don't feel like I'm hypocritical that I stand up for traditional family values."

Dennis Kidd describes the alleged temporary injunction as "a cover-up." Says the candidate's former spouse, "They're trying to pull something slick."

Update: The evening of May 17, Kidd did receive a copy of a temporary injunction signed by Judge John Berry at 1:28pm earlier that day.

The judge denied Morton's petition to prohibit media organizations from publishing the custody documents (because those records were not under seal) but did temporarily enjoin Kidd from releasing any documents related to former or currently pending cases in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court until a May 21 hearing. Candidate Morton was required to post a $1,000 bond in case the injunction is dissolved.

–updated at 3:30pm May 18 with information that the temporary injunction was partially denied and partially granted


@Chris -- interwebs are suggesting this is came from someone's research bin. scandal?

@durt -- maybe "it's been done before to others"... but I doubt you're saying that makes it justified.

(no sarcasm -- full disclosure)


@who cares? - You still at it? And now cheering for the collapse of the American economy? Somebody like Ann Coulter might accuse you of hating America with that kind of talk. Me? I just think it demonstrates that your head is wedged in the same spot as backlog's.

As most reasonable folks know, economic numbers WILL fluctuate - even in a recovery. How about if I give you that Obama is somehow personally responsible for these latest stock market/jobs numbers (as absurd as that sounds), will you concede that Obama and the stimulus package are responsible for averting a depression and achieving what recovery we have seen thus far? Didn't think so.

Don't bother dislodging your head trying to respond.

Oh, Hoolarious, is spot on.

@who (s)cares? - Wow. I stand corrected. Obviously, you are the very picture of sober, level-headed clarity.

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Old Timer,

Mike Mcpadden is a libertarian and a lot like Rand.

You are right about the special elections...but let me ask you to do some research.

In how many of those special elections (including the one just concluded Tuesday for Murtha's seat) were won by dems who ran as smaller government democrats, even in some cases running openely against many of the president's government expanding, big spending proposals?

While I admit this story seems a bit tacky, if John McCain's temper was an issue during the last presidential election (i.e. "fitness for office"), why shouldn't Feda's apparently well documented temper also be a fitness for office issue in this campaign?

Now we find out she stole the words of others for her article that she put in a local newspaper ? And she excuses it ? She needs to withdraw and give her supporters some dignity.

Everyone - Americans and non-Americans alike - should read Jeff Sharlet's 2008 book "The Family" to understand that "family values" can mean more than what we might think at first sight.

It depends who all someone counts as their "family", which values they have in mind and to what end, and whether that end is in the interest of themselves rather than the wider population.

What if their "family values" are more about power - sheer naked political power and its collateral benefits - than philanthropy and altruism??????

Go figure!!!

And if she can have good social graces in a court of law with her kids on the line how in the heck can she comport herself on the floor of the US Congress?

You didn't answer my question Joe... If you are scared say you are scared.

btw Upset is one thing having a Judge call you out for having anger management issues is entirely something different.

So tell me "Joe" is your last name "InThe5th"? I'd love to know. I use my real name. Now tell me Joe you give credit to Feda for protecting her kids, yet at the end of the day it was the judge in the article that had to protect her kids first. Sounds like to me she was a day late and a dollar short in doing her job as a mother.

JoeIn5th, are you not hiding behind a false name too? I mean, so am I, but you know what? I'm not chiding anyone else for doing the same thing I'm doing. If you don't understand how THAT is hypocrisy, then you won't understand why people are criticizing FKM. It's not that she was (allegedly) "protecting her children" (three of whom chose not to live under her protection, apparently); it's that she preaches a very narrow and exclusive definition of "family values" while not living up to that definition herself. Moreover, she would very much like to be elected into a position of power over other people, from which she could legislatively intrude into other people's private lives on issues that she apparently can't really get a handle on herself.

So, to recap: it's not the bad decisions (or the valiant and courageous defense of her children from whoring sluts, as you might prefer): it's the "do as I say, not as I do" stance. NOBODY likes a hypocrite.

In other news, yet another Republican champion of "family values" has stepped down because everyone found out he was cheating on his wife with a staffer. Bye-bye, Mark Souder of Indiana!

"I have a message, a message from the Tea Party, a message loud and clear that does not mince words. We’ve come to take our government back."
RAND PAUL, the Tea Party candidate, who won the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky on Tuesday.


Well, then the tea party will be very surprised when Rand doesn't start making war on every one including drugs,and won't tolerate bigotry.

He'll just be one more let down to them.

Remember, he won the GOP platform, he didn't win the seat.

If he is like his father, I won't have a problem with him.

Feda is not Rand.

As a republican woman, this is what makes me mad. Shame on Ms. Kidd for trying to represent me. No one is perfect, but once the marriage is over, it's over, and you should be over it...I feel sorry for the kids.

Shaun Kenney, Aaron Evans, Joein5th, Steve Waters pay attention.....

Focus your eyes here, now watch closely.....

FEDA Poof!

Just going on record here and saying that the "Michael" who commented above is not the same person as me (so as to not be misattributed in the future).

Nor is the "durtburglar" who commented above the same person as me. Just call me dr. durtburglar for future reference.

who cares,

"is really not a libertarian since he recognizes the need to fight Islamic extremism and even uses that term"

This is why I said that your crowing over he the victory of Rand as a note of change is all a bunch of hooey. You would never vote for him, and he would never support your neo-con policies.

"Miserable job numbers out and the market is down almost 300 more points."

The market is better than where Dubya the neo-con hero left it. Dubya - the heart and soul of the GOP, never managed to create more than a million jobs while in office, and left with a net loss in jobs compared to whwere Billy Bob left it for him.

Rant all you want about Obama, but we know that neo-cons like you absolutely have no solution. All you do is take a vibrant economy and destroy it, and then get mad at the person who inherits the office for doing some of the same things neo-cons do.

Is Obama spending a lot of money? Sure is. But he isn't doing anything you didn't choose to do, so you have nothing to complain about.

You're just mad that you aren't getting to call the shots on all the money being spent. Too bad. When you had a chance to be a fiscal conservative, you failed. So shut up until you can actually practice what you preach.

Maybe I’m too ingrained in the Sorenson Institute way of viewing the world, but this just seems like a particularly low blow/sideshow that really doesn’t tell me anything about the race or the candidate, other than he-said-she-said concerning her family is fair game.

So the Sorenson Institute generally favors the idea of having candidates who refer to others as "sluts" and "whores" in courtroom settings? If so, then perhaps U.Va. needs an institute that encourages reasonable people to run for political office and discourages the likes of Morton, Cuccinelli, and Kenney from aspiring to elected positions.

"I picked myself up, and I don’t feel like I’m hypocritical that I stand up for traditional family values.”

I think she doesn't understand what "hypocritical" means.

Hmmm, it's even better than that -- she apparently referred to the step-mother as a slut and a whore in front of her kids -- you know, the kids who have to find a way to form a lifetime relationship with their dad's new wife.

Well Well Well. We see more from people like her that claim to be "saved" (Salvation isn't a get out of jail free card ya know). This isn't an attack on her family but her claims to be a family values candidate when clearly she doesn't have family values. She's made her bed and now doesn't want to lay in it. Too Bad! Wow you have to love these kind of candidates. She's just as hypocritical as Bob Marshall and his claims that abortion leads to women having kids with special needs. Feda Morton and Bob Marshall and appropriate pair indeed. Perhaps after her next divorce he and Bob can marry and the Anti-Christ can be born! Interestingly both of these candidates have Steve Waters working as their campaign official. Wow Steve, they say things come in threes so whats next? Are you going to run a Devil Worshiping Axe Murderer? Personally the entire bunch needs to be run out of politics!

Normally I'd agree that family is off limits but when she made her "Family" values her core campaign message with this in her background she's only asking for this kind of attack. Really she sounds sad if you ask me.

Can you say Herndon? She knows

We the people are TIRED of leaders who are experienced! Experience=Taint. Know Nuthing Party 2012!!!


Perhaps you did not read the Progress article on Morton's plagiarism (the link is below). She did not "restate," she copied. This is a political wannabe who adores Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, and truly believes (certainly, that's her right) in the ideas of uber-nut W. Cleon Skousen.

Mike McPadden, my favorite for the 5th, is really not a libertarian since he recognizes the need to fight Islamic extremism and even uses that term, something taboo for Hussein and his minions. The libertarians like Ron Paul would rather wait until the jihadists are storming our shores. In fact, the thing most distasteful about Paul is his acceptance of campaign donations from white supremacist groups, which is rather disgusting. Btw, Feda Morton is really much ado about nothing...she doesn't stand a chance, so discussing her child custody issues is academic at best.

Shaun Kenney has an anonymous alter-ego that he uses to post when he feels like being less Sorensenian? I find that hard to believe; he talks a lot on his own blog about the importance of transparency online and ethical blogging. I doubt he would do that.

I am confused, though. Looking back at his earlier post where he alludes to something that the right is going to come out with against TP, it really seems that Shaun Kenney is insinuating something negative, or at least something the right would see as negative, about TP. It's that insinuation that is puzzling to me, coming from someone who writes extensively about ethical blogging.

Pretty telling that the campaign warns not to print info at "your own peril." That pretty much says all you need to know about this woman and her cronies.

I'm durtburglar!

See, dr. durtburglar, the reason I make the distinction is that I sometimes comment on this and other local blogs under the name "Michael," (particularly regarding politics) and while it's a common given name and anyone can use it (obviously), I'd hate for someone to attribute his comments to me.

Of course people have flaws and skeletons. It's only a problem for me when those flaws directly contradict the standards they'd like to hold everyone else to. If the people you list plan to legislate how others should conduct their private lives while they themselves can't conduct their private lives according to their own rules, then voters should know that as well.

FKM insists that marriage should be reserved for one man/one woman; presumably that's because she believes it's such a very special, sacred thing, too sacred and special for gays to be allowed in. Yet she runs through three marriages herself. Lots of people run through multiple marriages, but it's the people who fixate on the specialness and sacredness of marriage while running through multiple marriages that can't be taken seriously.

Presumably she also believes that marriage needs to be kept one-man/one-woman "for the sake of the children." Yet she apparently can't keep the good of her own children in mind when she's under stress in one of her multiple marriages.

I know MANY monogamous gay couples who've been together for many, many years, some of whom are raising children together in exactly the kind of loving, nurturing environment that you would hope every child could be raised. A person like FKM is in NO position to rule on who should/should not be married.

her position on "Family Values":

Defend Family Values and Parental Rights
Protect the rights of parents to make decisions for their families without the interference of government. Defend the traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Yeah, who needs interventionist judges trying to protect the welfare of children? Next thing you know, Virginia will actually be extending the same civil rights to all of its citizens.

Stop that. I'm the real durtburglar.

No, I'M durtburgular!

Oh come on. People obviously react differently to family situations/personal loss vs loss/difficult issues in other arenas. She didnt blow up when her issues were defeated on the school board did she? As a public school teacher you dont think she goes to work in a rage when her biology lab budget is cut? As a mom, I am sympathetic and I understand. Dont you think Perrielo, Hurt, Boyd, McKelvey, McPadden, Verga, or Ferrin have personality flaws and skeletons in their family closet? EVERYONE has these issues. NOBODY is perfect. We should hold our elected officials to high standards, but this is not a mistrust of the people. This is a personal matter.

Where has Feda every said "don't fight tooth and nail for your kids"? How is this reflective of her views on the right to life or that marriage should be between a man and a woman? Are you saying she should have aborted or just shacked up with a woman and none of this would have happened? Otherwise, where's the hypocrisy?

You're attacking a mother for fighting for her kids. Were this a guy you wouldn't care. Were this a Dem you'd really not care.

This does matter. She is a loser and needs to quit. Her campaign manager is in Georgia and other are leaving the sinking ship like rats do. She and her crew of rats have no credibility. I doubt ant other candidate would want her endorsement now.

Considering this article has 147 comments already, it should come as no surprise that it has been a topic of conversation on the radio, too:

If you are not prepared to address your "life decisions" publically, don't run for public office. I prefer a confident leader, not a liar or someone running from the truth.

We, as a society, should be encouraging full disclosure by offering a "safe" environment for "legitimate mistakes" to occur... otherwise how can we possibly make educated decisions regarding our potential political leaders? That being said, whether or not a particular life decision matters in the voting booth is up to each one of us individually.

Step away from the hysterical mob...

Deleted by moderator.

The tracer has no way of tracing the computers he/she claims to.


Past presidents, right, but certainly not our current president.

I hear ya Michael. Dr DB is a sham.

Oh, so this is about gay rights and about the fact that she doesnt support homosexual marriages? Darn, I forgot.

Diana - See, it's not about the ex-husband having an axe to grind at all. Nope. It's totally about abortion and gay marriage. You never see aborted kids going through this or gay couples having these arguments.


You're obviously confusing "cheering for the collapse of the economy" with pointing out the obvious, i.e. that Hussein's socialistic policies aren't solving the problem, they're just making it worse or, at best, delaying or making impossible any improvement in the situation. But don't you worry, if the economy ever does show ANY improvement (that's real improvement, not the fairyland kind Hussein talks about when he lies about "jobs saved") Hussein will at the the forefront, reading from his teleprompter about how he came to the rescue. The ONLY good that can come from the ongoing economic disaster is that it will ensure that Dear Leader, his czars and fools like Tommy Boy will be voted out of office. But what did you expect when you voted for a guy who never had a real job and certainly no executive experience, just "organizing" the community and radical views and associations. Some resume. Please tell me that you weren't naive enough to believe in his "hope and change" (or is that hoax and chains?). Btw, I was never a big Bush supporter, other than his policies re dealing with terrorists (or people who cause man-made disasters, as Hussein's followers might say). But why spoil your rants about that and how anyone opposing Hussein is a racist? You have your playbook to read from and I wouldn't want to confuse you with actual facts. So you keep right on thinking (and I use that term loosely) that there's 50%+ of the electorate who are racists because they oppose Hussein's policies, that George Bush caused the housing meltdown (like he forced bankers to make liar loans to people who couldn't afford those loans, yeah right) and belief in whatever totally illogical crap the Dems spout. Pretty soon, even the Obamabot droids will see the light.

Families have issues, divorce is ugly, and some people can conduct themselves better than others. When you're considering whom to give political power to, it's absolutely relevant to know who can conduct themselves honorably in an ugly situation. Politics is full of ugly situations. Some people are just better in those situations than others.

hypocrisy - that's why it's a story. If she had been a fiscal conservative that hadn't paid taxes or gone bankrupt that's a story to. If someone was anti-gay like one of the founders of the Family Research Council (who endorsed Feda BTW) and then took a male escort to Europe that's a story as well.

@Shaun Kenney - "(full disclosure: I supported Feda very early on in this race)"
No kidding? Would never have guessed that. (dripping with sarcasm...)

"Is there a particular issue that this highlights?"
How about her frame of mind and fitness to hold office? Is it fair to judge her public life by her mess of a private life? I dunno, but it's been done before to others, with less cause.

Then gain, I wasn't gonna vote for her anyway (full disclosure).

From my perspective, if you've paid any attention at all to the things this lady says, then you didn't need this little revelation to realize that she has "rage issues."

@Shaun, you wrote, "I mean, when the right comes out with 'Perriello is teh ghey' is the thinking class really going to kick back on that one and say he deserved it?"

I have to say that I don't even understand what you mean. Maybe you could spell it out more clearly; you must know something that "the right" is going to come out with (you say "when the right comes out with," not "if the right comes out with," after all), so I'm sure you could do a better job than that.

The children's step-mother is a whore and a slut, and in front of the children? That speaks to her restraint and her ability to exercise good judgment and her control over her emotions. I don't see any "he said she said" here -- I see what a judge said. (And I'm a person who feels that the information about John Edwards' personal life was ABSOLUTELY relevant, and I'm angry that we didn't know those things while he was still a candidate.)

Seriously, it tells you NOTHING about the candidate?

@Hoolarious -- really? I mean, when the right comes out with "Perriello is teh ghey" is the thinking class really going to kick back on that one and say he deserved it?

Folks, if that's how low y'all want to set the bar, that'll be OK with the radicals on both sides. Maybe I'm too ingrained in the Sorenson Institute way of viewing the world, but this just seems like a particularly low blow/sideshow that really doesn't tell me anything about the race or the candidate, other than he-said-she-said concerning her family is fair game.

In fact, I'd say it tells me more about her detractors than anything else.

@Diana - "This article just highlights the ugly part of everyday family struggles."

Everyday family struggles? God I hope not. Not mine anyway.

Austro May 17th, 2010 | 1:29 pm

How much you wanna bet this story wouldn’t have been published by The Hook if she was a Democrat?

I'd take that bet in a second, but how would one possible enforce the wager.

I think the hook is pretty unbiased, Austro. If you have evidence to the contrary, please show it.

And, I'm sorry, but a link to some Glenn Beck video probably wouldn't be considered evidence of anything other than YOUR bias.

Deleted by moderator.

Actually, this piece is about the candidate, Shaun, not the family. And the candidate's family became an issue the moment she decided she was running on the "family values" platform.

Maybe she means her family values are to be used as an example of what NOT to do?

You fail to note that 3 months later she regained custody of the youngest child in an appeal. Divorces are never pretty things.

Shaun, she is apparently a candidate who feels comfortable telling other people how their families should look but doesn't hew that line in her personal life. That, in my opinion, makes her personal life absolutely fair game.

Diana, the story DOES note that she regained JOINT custody of the youngest child three months later. It also notes that the older sons chose not to live with her.

Shaun, I generally agree with you on families being off-limits in politics, but in this case Feda is campaigning on "family-values" (that is, her family values are better for the country/5th District than others, such as Perriello). When people make those implicit claims, i think an investigation into those values is appropriate.

It certainly mucks things a bit. This was clearly an opposition research find by a competitor who didn't like Feda's showing at the convention. Her campaign should have gotten an injunction on that file as soon as she filed. Candidates rarely investigate themselves well.

"but this just seems like a particularly low blow/sideshow that really doesn’t tell me anything about the race or the candidate, other than he-said-she-said concerning her family is fair game"

Actually, it tells me quite a bit about the candidate. If rage issues dissolved her family life (which she campaigns about valuing so much) and she could barely contain her emotions in a court room, why should we expect her to be a level-headed candidate/representative?

She is someone I don't want anywhere near my seat in Congress.

The article says, "Morton appealed the decision and she and Kidd subsequently agreed to joint custody of her youngest child, with his primary residence with her." This looks like they talked it out and agreed to joint custody when in fact it was approved by a judge who apparently thought she was of no danger to her children.

Do you think the father just decided after 3 months that she wasnt too angry anymore and that seeing their youngest son was ok? Do you think the appeal judge thought she was a danger?

Families have issues. Divorce is ugly. This article just highlights the ugly part of everyday family struggles. It doesnt talk about her qualifications. It doesnt make a clear case as to why this matters or why this disqualifies her stand on traditional family values.

" CHARLOTTESVILLE - The five circuit judges of the 16th Judicial Circuit - which stretches from Albemarle County north to Culpeper County and east to Goochland County - have appointed local lawyer Dwight D. Johnson to replace retiring Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Judge Jannene Shannon.

Johnson is thought to be the first black judge in the 16th Circuit."

I thought the judge was black. Since he's black, it is near certain that he's a Democrat. He must have known that Feda was a Republican and used his power to harm her.

Common Sense,

All [Republicans] think about is money? Surely you jest (your name is a giveaway, right?). Perhaps if more people thought about money and the consequences of runaway spending, our local, state and federal governments wouldn't be in such awful financial shape. Republicans certainly share the blame for the mess we're in, but it's Obama & his cronies leading us to financial ruin right now.

@Michael. I have seen Judge Dwight Johnson in action. He doesn't care if you're black, white, or purple...if you're doing something wrong...he's gonna throw the book, the gavel, and anything else at you. Oh and not all black people are Democrats...

the hook is doing the GOP a favor by airing this before the primary.

Just to put some fuel to the fire...was there any mention of WHY her marriage dissolved in the first place? Irreconcilable differences? Alleged extra marital affairs? Anger and resentment? I don't remember if there were any mention to this in the article, only that she took him BACK to court after the fact for more child support, which should have been settle by CSS in the beginning according to their salaries and yada yada...

Just trying to put a different spin on the situation...not excuse her for any type of alleged hypocrisy.

You can just tell. She has the crazy eyes.

And when anybody who has to hit it over your head about how "family values" oriented then it usually means they're overcompensating for the fact they're not. The more conservative Republican religious family values they are means the more gay bathroom scandals, rent boys and hookers, the more drugs, the more infidelity and the more bad parenting going on. Hollywood's done a good job over the years parodying these crazy eyed shrill hypocrite types in various movies. You'd think the general public would have taken the cue and caught on by now. It shouldn't be surprising.

@dr. durtburglar...why can't we have a Congresswoman that makes bad decisions? Our past presidents have....

HAHAHAHA! Love it. We cant have Congresswomen who make bad decisions. Hilarious. I guess that means the whole gang of them running for Congress have to get out because people make bad choices all the time. Everyone makes mistakes. This one just happens to be documented in court during a difficult time in a mother's life.


*And when anybody has to hit it over your head about how "family values" oriented they are, then it....


Deleted by moderator.

Coach Kidd, as I remember her from high school, was pretty level-headed with the exception she didn't allow her children to watch television (if the high school rumors were true).

Of course, she called the new step-mom a "whore" or "slut" in front of the kids, she was a woman scorned. I'm not condoning it but I can understand it. Should she had called the woman out of her name in front of the with her girlfriends...heck yeah...while drinking a few apple martinis!

Pffft. Shows bad judgment on her part. We can't have Congresswomen who make bad decisions.

I keep thinking she must believe "traditional" is defined as "doesn't work".

I'm kind of curious if Shaun Kenney will be back to explain his cryptic post in response to my earlier post. I'm wondering what his Sorensen-based high-road explanation will be.

Perhaps nothing is her fault. Perhaps everything bad that ever happened to her was someone else's fault. Perhaps the rage is boiling over again in agarn's post. Perhaps the claim that allowing two consenting adult males to marry would lead ineluctably to legalizing mother-son marriages is completely insane. Perhaps no one can single-handedly "destroy" a marriage that is strong to begin with. Perhaps people in glass houses should not try to legislate the throwing of stones at other people's houses. Perhaps someone who can't handle a messy divorce without breaking down isn't really the kind of person we want wading into politics on our behalf. Perhaps people who use terms like "whoring slut" and variations thereon shouldn't be in a position where they can lord it over other people.

And perhaps hypocrites are simply hypocrites--people who have lots of ideas about how other people should live their lives but who exempt themselves from those same rules. "In my case it's different--I was young and impulsive! and then I was victimized by a whoring slut! and my rageful breakdown wasn't my fault!"

And somehow the real danger to marriage is committed same-sex couples.

Perhaps her disapproval with gay marriage has to do with pragmatic legal issues like the fact that if you allow two men to marry then you cannot leagally stop a mother and son who has had a vasectomy from marrying.
That's a "pragmatic legal issue"?

Feda has just started to tell her life in two phases, before she was saved and after she was saved. She excuses all her behavior before. Now we see that she is an empty shell telling us to lead our lives one way while doing otherwise herself. She should withdraw tomorrow as I hear we have not heard the entire story yet ! Her supporters need to call and email her and advise her to do so for her own good and the good of the party.

If a man and a woman can marry, then why can't a father marry his daughter? Or a mother and her son? I mean, CLEARLY, by allowing men and women to marry one another, we have left the door wide open for parents to marry their opposite-sex children! I'm panicking at the thought! We have to close this immense loophole that we've somehow overlooked and we have to shut down opposite-sex marriage RIGHT NOW because allowing men to marry women means that children can marry their parents! It's so obvious! This is a very real pragmatic question!

Funny, me thinks most folks running this up the flagpole to see who salutes weren't voting for Feda to begin with. Hell, weren't even going to vote in the Republican primary.

So, someone thinks family stories are off limits in political campaigns? Really now? How people deal with family issues is pretty much diagnostic of who they really are and it's hard to think of anything more relevant. Of course if people have a personal story stained with moral squalor, then maybe any of us contemplating who to vote for might want to know if they lacked the judgment and character to handle their personal life with grace and integrity. Relevant? you better believe it. This woman sounds like someone you wouldn't want to hire as your book keeper and for sure not to make decisions about your world.

If you want to hold PUBLIC offices, then expect your life (past, present & future) to BE public. So only the lily white, squeaky clean should apply.

Dear Joe In 5th,

Hardly anyone was going to vote for Feda anyways. She'll still get a few hard core RWNJ's but NO ONE NEW is going to sign on with her now, Campaign Over. She has an "L" firmly affixed to her forehead.

However, Feda will still be welcome in the padded room with Verga and Ferrin.

@Nigel Coleman - "Very disappointing that Ms. Provence and The Hook have chosen to stoop to this."

Wait a minute. Are you the same Nigel Coleman who wanted to publicly burn effigies of Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perriello at a Tea Party rally in Danville? The same Nigel Coleman who mistakenly published the address of Tom Perriello's brother to your facebook account, which resulted in some of your loonier compatriots endangering the lives of the young family by cutting the gas line to their home? The same Nigel Coleman who, when informed of his mistake, posted on another blog, "Oh well, collateral damage."?

Is that really you? And if so, do you really think you are in much of a position to criticize the propriety of anything that takes place in the public square?

If you are the guy who I think you are, then I hate to break it to you, but your credibility is less than zilch. And to read that you are "dissappointed that Ms. Provence and The Hook have chosen to stoop to this?" Buddy, nobody stoops lower than you.

Robert Hurt did a great job researching Feda Morton (see $17,000 on his FEC report for legal fees). If Mr. Sincere and the other promoters of gay rights think that Robert Hurt and Chris LaCivita are going to leave the private life of Tom Perriello alone, they are wrong. I can't wait for Robert Hurt to win on June 8th. When Chris LaCivita finishes with Tom Perriello, lil' Tommy will wish he never heard of gay rights.

If two guys can marry then why can't a guy marry his own father?

If you are taking morality out of the equation for one couple then why not the other?

So then if that is the case... then why can't a child simply marry a parent in order to avoid estate taxes? Or comtinue their pension as a surviving spouse?

These are very real pragmatic issues that need addressing.

I laugh at those of you who are so quick to condemn.

Like your spouse hasn't ..... you know.....

@Suzie in VA5 -- I'm no supporter of Tom Perriello, but I fail to see your point.

Has Perriello been suggesting that his personal "family values" should be imposed on other people? Has he said that some Virginians are second class citizens who do not deserve the same rights he has?

If so, I'd be happy to poke holes in his portfolio on that basis.

For the moment, however, we are asking whether someone who supports intrusive government policies -- that is, policies by which the government intrudes on the private lives of citizens -- is worthy of getting the _Republican_ nomination to face Perriello in November.

I prefer a government that stays out of the board room and out of the bedroom, as well.

Suzie do you really think Hurt is going to find something on Periello that Goode didn't?

The republicans really aren't coming up with anybody, because the party has gutted all he people of substance and balance.

huh... Shaun Kenney hasn't come back yet to explain his earlier comment in light of the Sorensen high road that he prefers.

Shaun Kenney and JoeIn5th are one in the same, or at least they use the same computer. Maybe Joe can explain for his alter-ego Shaun, since Shaun has crept under a rock.

@Suzie in VA5--Clearly you've misunderstood whats going on here. Obviously the Hurt Campaign had nothing to do with this and the husband of Feda Kidd has everything to do with this!! He knows his wife best and its clear that he went to the media and The Hook decided to report on the story. If her husband will tell the newspaper this, God only knows what he's been telling friends and family in the area and we all know how quickly these things spread.

"All they think about is money.." No one really believes that statement is limited to Republicans, do they?

Lee - She'll fight like hell for the 5th like she does her own family.

Well like her 3 kids and her ex-husband It looks to me like the 5th only wants to fight to get the "hell" away from her.

Joe - OK so as long as she's right to life and anti-gay marriage (3 divorces sounds like she's anti-marriage period now) everything else is ok.

You know it took 3 marriages for Merrideth Baxter to figure out she was a lesbian. Feda's had 3 marriages now... Sounds like a interesting similarity don't you think. Maybe she's fighting herself when she's fighting gay marriage. It could explain her anger issues. Maybe its time she be honest with herself, her family, and the voters.

@JoeIn5th - "You’re attacking a mother for fighting for her kids."

You're just being obtuse. She's being attacked for being a hypocrite who has draped herself in bible verse after not having lived by her own standards.

"Were this a guy you wouldn’t care."

Perhaps not - it is not that unusual for fathers to get the short end of the stick in custodial arrangements. It IS unusual for a mother to lose custody. That's kinda the point isn't it?

"Were this a Dem you’d really not care."

I bet YOU would though. But you'd be hard-pressed to find such sanctimonious chest-thumping coming from a Democrat over his/her "family values" credentials.

I am glad I found this out before June 8, because if she won the Republican nomination, and it came out then, Tom P would tear her up!

Feda Morton never had a snowball's chance of getting the nomination so you might as well argue how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. However, if she did, I would vote for her over Tommy Boy even if it was revealed she burned down an orphanage on Christmas Eve.

Ah yes, who cares, the exact reason why we know you are of the Party of No, and why it has to be quashed. Ideology before all else, hmmmm??

Michael contends that since Judge Johnson is black, it's nearly certain he's a democrat. Taking it one step further, Michael wants us to believe Judge Johnson, because he's a democrat, abused his judicial power to harm republican candidate Feda Morton. This is offensive nonsense. By now, I would think we have gotten well past associating race with political party affiliation. I don't have any idea what Judge Johnson's politics were before he went on the bench. I do know his strongest, and most politically powerful, supporter, Delegate Paul Harris, was black. By Michael's reasoning Harris must have also been a democrat. Oh wait, Harris was a republican. Another big Johnson supporter was former Albemarle prosecutor Jim Camblos, also a long-time republican. Republicans held the balance of power in the General Assembly which elected Judge Johnson to judicial office. Michael probably won't let facts get in the way of his opinion, but the rest of us know that race and politics are far more complicated than Michael makes out.


ahh, a true Obamabot droid. Must be nice. You no doubt believe to your "right" to health care. Followed by your "right" to a roof over your head, food in your stomach, clothes on your back, car in your garage, etc etc etc. Don't worry, Hussein will steal from those who those who have (from each according to his ability) and give it (in return for their votes no doubt) to those who haven't (to each according to his need). Worked great in the USSR and should work out just as well here in the soon-to-be USSA. Problem is the Neanderthal knuckle-dragging bigots like myself will be voting people like Tommy Boy out of office this November followed by Hussein himself and his cadre of "czars" in November 2012. We won't even have to wear the sheets you libs think anyone who doesn't approve of Hussein wear. This is all assuming Hussein's appeasement policies and Rodney King diplomacy don't one day make us all see Iranian nuclear mushroom clouds over our cities. Of course that will be the fault of George Bush and those pesky Jews in the eyes of libs.


I didn't say that our current president hasn't made bad decisions. Of course he has, there I said it! Everybody makes bad decisions, it shows that we are human. But my question is why should we hold him accountable for all the bad decisions that was made prior to him becoming the president?

fedaisaloser is referring to this story.

I have seen students at UVa dismissed on honor charges for plagiarism for unattributed borrowing like this.

@ Old Timer, make that the party of "Hell no!".

As yesterday's election results show (not to mention VA, NJ and MA), the majority of voters are coming around to realize just how bad Hussein is. They want to try and end the train wreck that is his administration Nov 2012, but place lots of stumbling blocks in his way this November. Get used to it.

Um, no. It's that you insist on pejoratively referring to the man by his middle name (Hussein - incidentally, the most common name in the world) because you think it illustrates some point. Perhaps you'd care to share with the class what non-bigoted point that is.

Feel free to throw in a good birther diatribe while you're at it. That should be good for a laugh.

Well possibly that he is more concerned, by his actions, that the Israelis are constructing an apartment building in east Jerusalem than he is about the Iranians constructing nuclear bombs. That his Chairman of the JCS refused to say American forces would NOT shoot down Israeli jets flying through Iraqi airspace enroute to bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Kind of makes you wonder where his sympathies lie. Re where he was born, if Hillary couldn't dig up dirt on that during the primaries, I'd have to think it's not true (re being born in Kenya or wherever). If you want to whistle past the graveyard by denying there is serious opposition to Hussein's policies and train wreck of an administration, as evidenced by elections in VA, NJ, MA and yesterday's primaries, go right ahead. You're in for one HUGE surprise come November. That's when all of us ignorant bigots clinging to our guns and religion (though definitely not me re the guns/religion or bigot business, but why ruin your stereotype?) will make our voices heard.

Following on what local lawyer said -- I have seen Judge Johnson in action for many years also. I was don't know whether he was a Republican before he became a judge, though I know he was not a Democrat. I know that when Democrats were in charge of the judicial selection process, his candidacy didn't get a sniff. As soon as Republicans took over, he got elected. Draw your own conclusions.

On the bench, Judge Johnson is a real social conservative. He is so strongly anti-abortion that even though Virginia law permits a teenage girl to seek an abortion without parental consent with the approval of the judge, he will not, under any circumstances, approve an abortion for a teenager. He has also been so strongly in favor of a parent's right to discipline a child that he regularly acquits parents charged with beating their children, saying "I don't see an abusive parent. I see an unruly child." The Departments of Social Services in the jurisdictions in which he sits have regularly been frustrated by this attitude.

This suggests to me that for Feda Morton to have lost custody of her kids over anger issues, it must have been REALLY something.

It's a pity that the transcript is now off-limits. Maybe Judge Berry will reconsider.

who cares,

"As yesterday’s election results show (not to mention VA, NJ and MA), the majority of voters are coming around to realize just how bad Hussein is."

Actually, it is very telling about the demise of the GOP and the hypocritical neo-con right, not about Obama. Ron Paul's son is not a Tea Partier, he is a Libertarian and will actually function like a Libertarian, which will come as a shock to many Tea Party people. He won't support things like the invasions of Iran. I am a Libertarian and I find the Tea Party to be little more than white male neo-cons angry that the safe position they held economically might not be secure for the first time since the depression.

Feda is not at all like Ron Paul, and I don't see a single person on the GOP platform going for the 5th that is remotely like Ron Paul. If they were they might get some traction

Something to remember: IN all but one of the last 7 special elections, Democrats have won, including in long held GOP seats. Sestak's defeat of Specter was a reminder to the Democrats that they better stop acting like big government owned by big business, and a little bit more for the common man and women - including Tea Party people.

I suggest you do a little bit more in depth analysis, though it seems something tea Partiers struggle with.

When is the media going to stop casting stones and cleanout their own closet? EVERYONE has something they would like to change in their life or past. Why should Feda be an exception? I think she has a good idea of what Americans and particular families are going through, unlike the other wealthy policians.

It is sad when the only things the media can ââ?¬Å?dig-up” are divorce matters and custody issues. That is a great idea Hook, continue to cause hurt to this family. Anyone that has been through something like this knows how this stuff can be twisted and yes, easy for someone to loose perspective when there is so much personal hurt involved.

This is really a low blow even for The Hook.

Isn't it odd how those are judgmental, and tout themselves as wonderful Christians, are the ones with the not-so-peachy lives behind the scenes.

P.S. - Feda, before you go around deciding what's best for others, you should do some personal reflection, and possibly rethink your position that you are someone qualified to be telling others how to live their lives.

Dear Feda,

Romans 2:3

Do you suppose, O man�you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself�that you will escape the judgment of God?

She's against gay marriage? That cracks me up. Yes, Feda, because your straight marriages have worked so well, you certainly have the right to tell others how to marry. Wow. Hypocritical doesn't begin to describe it.

How is she allowed to teach when her anger with kids has been seen in court? I think she should lose her job!

What a joke!

How much you wanna bet this story wouldn't have been published by The Hook if she was a Democrat?

I think that the Hook likes exposing hypocrisy from all ends of the political spectrum.

How much you wanna bet this story wouldn't be published by any right wing rag? The right wing does it so those you think are left wing must do the same?

The fact is the woman like so many GOP candidates these preaching family values are giant hypocrites. Deal with it.

How about $1,000,000,000 to start with? If you can afford it... and I would win that bet..
The truth needs to be told. This woman is not a viable candidate for election. Period.
None of the Republicans are decent candidates. I know boyd and he is not what he appears to be either. They are all going to give you the shaft in the end. Don't vote Republican! That would be a big mistake. All they think about is money..

New bumper sticker released by the Kidd Morton campaign:

Vote Feda "Doesn't Beat Her" Kidd Morton in 2010!

Since when did traditional family values not include some anger issues and/or the occasional domestic? What kind of world are you hippies living in???

I got the internet goin nuts.

One would think that Americans, (when they have awakened from their iPad or Xbox or TiVo coma) would come to the realization that EACH and EVERY time a candidate runs for office using the 'family values' platform, one can rest assured that 'family values' are at the BOTTOM of their priority list.

But then again, I am talking about the most spoiled, lazy, self-entitled group of citizens on the planet, so I guess maybe not.

America seems destined, these days, to stew in its own hypocrisy until it has become SO bitter that NO ONE any longer desires to have a taste of it.

Good luck with that.

To the outside world, Feda Kidd Morton and her 'family values' are a perfect summation of America.

@BusMan -- maybe that's a way to sleep better at night. I dunno... I'm really uneasy about stories where family gets involved. It just doesn't seem like the highlights of modern journalism, is all.

Is there a particular issue that this highlights? It's not like she's running on divorce reform or anything silly like that -- she has a general idea of family values and supports them. Stuff back from 2004 involving her kids just seems like a low shot, though maybe the campaign protested too much and Lisa felt the need to publish? I can't say.

Not sure this helps people select a candidate. Just mucks things up a bit and helps sell papers.

(full disclosure: I supported Feda very early on in this race)

Since when did families become a target in political campaigns? The Hook really stepped over a line on this one... that's not to excuse anyone's behavior, but to make a candidate's family the target of a story? Not cool, and certainly not journalism.

I think the "family values" platform, when not hypocritical, can certainly be insulting. It implies that other candidates don't value families while also appealing to one-issue voters.

Why wasn't abortion outlawed in this country when all three branches were controlled by pro-lifers?

Feda Morton thinks it's ok to be divorced and remarried three times, but would deny gay Americans their right to be married even once.

The state with the lowest divorce rate is Massachusetts (the first state to legalize gay marriage). In fact, the divorce rate is highest among evangelical Christians who claim to support "family values."

Gay people have families, too. It's just that people like Feda Morton refuse to acknowledge them.

Morton's animosity toward gay Virginians is bad enough. Her hypocrisy with regard to what Jesus called adultery (divorce and remarriage when one's first spouse is still alive) just shows that she is unworthy of election to Congress.

Traditional marriage = between one-man/one-woman, repeat as necessary, with "anger to be the most controlling factor in [one's] life and to overshadow [one's] concerns for the well-being of [one's] children." Yay for Family Values!


How many mistakes? She couldn't be sure after 3 times? Losing control in court like that costs you. Sorry.

This is someone wants to label themselves as having 'family values' as if I or anyone else doesn't. So let's look at their values. Marry and get divorced 3 times and then attack someone in the courtroom because they 'might' have broken up your marriage. Sounds to me like she was so desperate to live an image she made some bad choices after her first marriage.

That's like some guy messing aroun with interns and calling it a youthful indiscretion. Sorry, it doesn't fly with me male or female.

Very disappointing that Ms. Provence and The Hook have chosen to stoop to this. This isn't news it's gossip.

Well if your willing to gloss over your own failures as a human being then what else is she willing to gloss over. We all complain about a lack of character from our elected officials but when one is called out on it, it is said to be gossip. This shows her to represent herself as something she is not and that my friends is a lie. If you lie about one thing, then you will lie about anything.

I worked with Judge Dwight D. Johnson for three years and am able to report that I did not in that time witness him showing concern for the political affiliation, gender, race, et cetera of anyone before him in his courtroom. He is strict and is known fondly among court staff for stating, typically to attorneys, "if you have a point, please make it now" or literally calling "time" when the allotted time for a hearing expired. I witnessed recurrently that among the judges in the 16th JDR District that one of the other judges with whom he is most likely to butt heads is a Democrat (and a judge I also happen to admire). Judge Johnson is a religious man and he makes no secret of it. I cannot speak to the content or appropriateness of the above stated article; however, I can speak to the performance of Judge Johnson in the Fluvanna JDR Court without hesitation.

I love this whole "Anti-Incumbent" get-out-the-vote movement. Yes, let's replace everyone in office with anti-government "Taxes are Socialism" businesspeople who "Share My Values". That's gonna work out great...

@NigelColeman: I guess you'd prefer to simply believe whatever a politician says? This is definitely news and if you can't see that I pity you.

How is a woman fighting tooth and nail for her own children a bad thing? Anyone wanna find out more about Mr. Kidd's character before continuing to destroy Feda's? Lotta folks wanna take his side without having all the details...

JoeIn5th, to my knowledge, Mr. Kidd isn't running for public office on a platform of "defending traditional marriage," an institution which apparently is somehow NOT threatened by people who rack up three marriages. If Mr. Kidd were to run for public office on a platform of legislating morality that he doesn't uphold himself, then we should probably take a look at how he walks the talk.

just maybe the stepwife is a whore and a slut... perhaps she did step in and destroy a 20 year marriage... perhaps this woman was willing to fight for her convictions and was sandbagged to point that it broke her down. Perhaps her disapproval with gay marriage has to do with pragmatic legal issues like the fact that if you allow two men to marry then you cannot leagally stop a mother and son who has had a vasectomy from marrying. Perhaps she is on her third marriage because the first one was a young and impulsive mistake, the second one (of 20 years)was destroyed by a whoring slut, and her third one is the charm. Perhaps the judge reversed himself because she overcame the humiliation of a whoring slut and was able to find the strength to regain her composure.

Perhaps many people in politics who seem hypocritical about issues like alcohol abuse, drug abuse etc, support the laws because they know FIRST HAND that what they are doing is wrong and realize the need for regulation.

Perhaps there are two sides to this story.

Perhaps the hook could do their homework first the next time something like this comes up.

Joein5th wrote, "She’ll fight like hell for the 5th like she does her own family."

That's exactly what we're worried about! Because apparently she couldn't deal with the challenge of a marital crisis without totally losing her cool, repeatedly, in public and in front of the kids! So yes, thank you for clarifying the whole problem with FKM!

You also wrote, until it was deleted, that FKM did what anyone would "naturally" have done under similar circumstances of possible infidelity and abandonment (blow multiple gaskets, apparently). That diminishes the achievement of every man and woman who has undergone similar emotional challenges but weathered them gracefully and with maturity. Clearly, for you, taking the high road in situations like this isn't important or to be admired or valued at all. Let's just all sink down to what's "natural" and let all h3ll break loose if we're spurned.

@nicknameoscar - I hope no one believes that statement is limited to Republicans because as of 11/2009 per an MSNBC article 8 out of 10 richest congressional members were Democrats and 28 out of the top 50 richest were as well. But it makes a nice sound bite I suppose.

As for this article, I agree with those who feel it is okay to shed light on this candidate's lack of family values. If there wasn't anything embarrassing or meaty in court records, I can't imagine she would choose to draw further attention and suspicion to herself by demanding they be off limits.

Deleted by moderator.

Also, good on Rick Sincere for having the backbone to attach his name to his comments when sticking up for this article. Funny how everyone else attacking Feda wants to hide behind false names. Some bravado.

The Tracer - Clearly you don't do what your name suggests very well.

Everyone else - If you wanna hammer a mother for protecting her children go right on ahead. Show your true colors.

oh snap, durtburglar -- that's priceless. thank you for that post.

@who cares? - "I would vote for her over Tommy Boy even if it was revealed she burned down an orphanage on Christmas Eve."

"...just how bad Hussein is."

The bigoted voice of the Tea Party movement speaks!

ââ?¬Å?Restating principles of the Constitution is no different than restating the Ten Commandments,” Morton wrote in the statement.

She can't be serious.


Everyone who is against Hussein is a bigot, don't you know? It couldn't possibly be that they don't want this country turning into the USSA, United Socialist States of America. Funny how half the electorate in the past, give or take 5%, can be against a sitting President, Republican or Democrat, and not be called a bigot. But now, because Hussein is Black (well, half Black to be accurate), if he doesn't get 100% approval, it must be because half the population are bigots. You libs are so illogical, it's almost comical.

@who cares? - So it is based on your (mis)perception of the administration's Israeli policy? Well, that makes all the difference in the world - now you come off not only as a bigot, but also as delusional.

Peace in the Middle East is in our best interest, my friend. Provocative actions by a right-wing Israeli government harm the prospects of peace. A US administration SHOULD call the Israelis to task when their actions run counter to our interests. Kinda makes me wonder where YOUR sympathies lie. However, your fears of a US shootdown of Israeli jets are paranoid at best.

The current US administration's actions with respect to Iran have created the best atmosphere for diplomatic progress (and internal democratic change there) that we have seen in twenty years. Iran's hardline position is at odds with world consensus in a way that we haven't seen since the Islamic Revolution. "Hussein's" administration deserves credit for that (though I don't expect you to admit that).

Makes perfect sense now. He's running low on his Vitamin M.

who cares? gets laughed at regularly around here for pretty much the same rant. see if you can guess which other name he uses in this thread.

@who cares?

My rants? Seriously? (I'm literally laughing at you now.)

Look Lee Harvey, the only one I've called a bigot around here is you (and you confirm the truth of it every time you throw around that Hussein nonsense). Honest and sincere folks can disagree about policy. You CLEARLY have deeper issues.

Keep up the over-the-top drumbeat though. November is a good ways off and reactionary, racist/zenophobic rhetoric should serve you well at winning converts (is the sarcasm thick enough for ya?).

Hopefully for your sake the economy doesn't continue improving. Maybe you'll even get the terrorist attack you've been hoping for and things will really get bad? Keep those fingers crossed!

I am so thankful as a small l libertarian Republican that she was exposed before she could make us look ridiculous. We need to be the party of free minds and free markets. She is in favor of neither. She couldn't beat Periello anyway. The Hook did the GOP a huge favor. Thanks!
Hurt or someone else will beat him easily. People prone to rage meltdown during tough campaigns. She would have lost it sooner or later. She made her family an issue when she started lecturing the public about what a family should be.
Good riddance!

hey durtburglar,
how's that hope and change working out for you? Miserable job numbers out and the market is down almost 300 more points. I guess Hussein didn't save enough imaginary jobs. But I forgot, it's George Bush's fault. You keep on telling yourself that as the economy sinks further because of Hussein's policies. Most folks will have a clue and not drink Hussein's Kool Aid. November here we come!

@backlog - You sound as though you've got your head lodged somewhere fairly close to your own "taint."