DMB to quit touring... in 2011

According to its website, the 20-year-old Dave Matthews Band, one of the prime engines of the Charlottesville economy, is giving up its bread and butter after this summer's tour.

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I'm pretty sure the cash-cow that DMB has become has well-lined the deep pockets of its members and hangers-on to the point that charitable contributions, outside business ventures, etc. shall continue regardless of any lack of touring.

Finally! I have never liked DMB and they are certainly NOT the prime engine of the Charlottesville economy. This town is so delusional.

Touring? I thought they still played at Trax on Tuesdays. I need to get out more.

Not to diminish the value of all commercial business in Charlottesville, but I don't think any of Coran Capshaw's restaurants, etc. would be making any money if it weren't for UVA and its ancillary activities, so let's not delude ourselves that we're not really a "company town" and the company isn't Capshaw's

They made it big?? I thought Dave was still at Millers

Sure Thatgurl, just like Lee Danielson was a big part of the Charlottesville economy. Riggghht.

Capshaw has bought up some different real estate, but other than the Pavilion, which hasn't exactly been the big wonderful dream that it was sold to C-ville residents has, it doesn't seem like he has been an engine for much real job creation. It does look like the Jefferson is playing out better.

The small Coke bottling plant probably employs more people. ACAC probably employs more people. Martha Jefferson definitely employs more people.

People like you and some of the baffoons still on the council think he is a big deal because you are into lots of smooth talking and 'vision.'

The Dave Matthews Band is a big-time entertainment act that represents Charlottesville well!

Coran Capshaw has put a lot of money in to the city in various ways.

I wish both parties continued sucess!

If anyone else thinks they can also start up a successful musical group here in Charlottesville, more power to you!

...only to resume touring in 2012. they're taking a year off, but that doesnt sound dramatic enough, does it?

How much money did we make off of the DMB last year? I guess Charlottesville's economy will be in ruins! News Flash!

I hope they never tour again,lest they become like the Moldy Bones, formerly the Rolling Stones

Hey Carter, how's it going?

Actually, DMB gets most or all of its t-shirts printed at Blue Ridge Graphics on High St. Not sure what else they get locally but it will surely have an impact on BRG.

Don't forget Enoteca, Cinema Taco and 12th Street Taphouse. "Prime engine?" Maybe not, but certainly a huge player in our local economy in a variety of sectors. And he and the band via Bama Works do a hell of a lot of charitable contributions to our community.

Correction: He doesn't own the Pavilion. The City and its taxpayers do. He built it (with a no-interest loan from the City) and is under a long-term, exclusive contract to host entertainment there.

Thanks for the correction, frieda. I'd forgotten that the Pavilion management was a contractual arrangement.


I remember Red Light when it was an ity bity thing, and then the DMB took off carrying Capshaw with him. I also didn;t say you were a fn of Capshaw, because you said otherwise in your original statement.

Almost all of those establishments you named do NOT bring money to the local economy, they make money for Capshaw off of the resident population. Wow, he has a bunch of restaurants, many of which I have eaten at, and all of which do not bring money in from the outside. They are there because there is a population already here with money to patronize them. Restaurants are also not well known as good slaray generators either. The Music Today operation 'handles' through a website ticket sales and fan goodies, most of which is probably manufactured in China.If he has a factory locally making it I am all ears. Yeah, I know about the Jefferson, and it's one of the few things I actually applaud him for because it really was a big undertaking.

My point is that these operations are not in of themselves 'big boosters' of the local economy, though they certainly have a lot chatter and flash about them. They are products being offered because there is already a population affluent enough to purchase them. They do create some jobs, but they aren't doing the kind of long term salaried jobs that really bolster an economy over the long haul.

some people are incredible.

This band has provided a lot for this city. They have helped many students play music. They have provided many with opportunities.

They'll be back in 2012. What's the need for this article?

Charlottesville is turning into a cash crop and Capshaw loves it

The DMB is one of the prime engines of the Charlottesville economy? Give me a break. They are not.

Not that I'm happy about it, but Coran Capshaw is certainly a prime engine of the C-ville economy. But for DMB, no Coran.

The band gives a good bit of money to charitable organizations in town, as well. I wouldn't exactly say that's a huge component of the local economy, because it's not, but it deserves noting.

Who cares? Seriously, who cares? Who?

Old Timer, perhaps you didn't read my post very closely. I'm absolutely NOT a fan of Capshaw and said so. However, he owns Mono Loco, Ten, Blue Light Grill, Mas and Enoteca in addition to the Pavilion and the Jefferson. He's got a large stake in Five Guys Burgers. He owns a lot of property (developed and undeveloped) on which he pays taxes. He also started the massive operation in Crozet which is now MusicToday (which handles merchandise and ticket sales for a huge number of successful musical artists). He's the owner of locally based Red Light Management, managing the likes of acts from Faith Hill to Cheap Trick. If anything, I loathe the number of ways in which Capshaw owns so much of Charlottesville. But all of those operations bring in money, pay taxes, employ people and purchase items in the community. Regardless, I don't think he's a "big deal" or deserving of special treatment. Far from it. I'm just willing to (grudgingly) admit that he does have an impact on the local economy.

You people are really a bunch of boogers, stop jabbering and go make some money of your own. P.S. DMB should go on tour with Hootie and the Blowfish, they are both horrible.

Pretty sure UVa is more like the prime engine...not freakin Dave Matthews Band.

OH YEAH??????????? Well you anti-Capshavians and jam band haters can go... Wait a minute, this means nothing to me. Sorry, just saw all this dialogue and thought there was a need to jump in.

Probably no need for the article even.

lol to the whole thing. theyre taking a year off the website said, so why was this even posted? lol and the bickering..hahaha