The Rotunda's black socks

onarch-rotundasocks0920-1Some recent visitors to the Rotunda thought the tops of the capitals were draped in mourning for slain student Yeardley Love.

Some may have thought the Rotunda was in mourning, but according to UVA preservation planner Brian Hogg, the “black socks” that appeared on the columns of the Rotunda in March are there to protect the building.

“There is some deterioration in the marble of the capitals,” says Hogg. “We’ve put the netting up as a way of controlling their exposure while we evaluate their condition and options for repair.”

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Is "Sean" just an alias for John Galiano?

It would have been better if they used white/off white socks if available so it would just blend in nicely.
I hope this will be fixed soon. I have some visitors coming this would be nice to have the 'original rotunda look' for picture taking purposes!

A lot of places have a tendency to have "temporary" additions to buildings for years. Hopefully this won't be one of those situations.

seriously -- coming to visit with my kids for reunions next month and they've never visited before -- this looks hideous

Couldn't the netting be put on after graduation???

My apologies for off topic. If you see this it is only because I am testing something.

One black wrapping for each dozen or so infants aborted this academic year at UVA hospital, carefully described as a routine OB/GYN procedure by Casteen & co. There were 309 in 1991, the year a lot of current students were born.

looks good actually

@Sean: No energy to entertain such misguided thoughts.

These things have been an eyesore for months. It was my hope that the assessment and repairs would be finished before so many families and friends returned for graduation and reunions. Brian's team has failed to move on this renovation in anything resembling timely.

I'm sure that UVa will do the right thing.

I noticed the other day- I thought it was part of grieving for Love...

What's the timetable on them being removed/the evaluation done? Can we get a followup, Dave?

Back in the day, we wanted to bring Christo to town to wrap the Rotunda. Sorry it never happened, it would have been awesome.

It's not like these are original, is it? I've seen pieces in private hands that were removed and discarded because they were themselves replacements. When did the cycle of repair begin? The great fire?

Oh, and they're not "infants," Sean. They're fetuses or embryos. Does Casteen also use his diabolical powers to force you to make so many mistakes?

very funny! i was wondering that myself.