Suspect in trailer park slaying arrested

news-burgess1Demonte Marquis Burgess.

Police have arrested Demonte Marquis Burgess, 19, for the January 22 shooting that killed Miguel Lugio Salazar, 32, and wounded Rafael Valina Ayala, 25, at the Mountain View Mobile Home Park. Burgess was taken into custody in the 500-block of South First Street May 19, and is charged with second-degree murder, malicious wounding and five other felonies in the January shooting, and another fiveĀ  charges, including malicious wounding and assault, for a May 9 incident in Albemarle County.

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The other fella wasn't released. This guy was arrested in addition to Mr. Grooms.

Didn't you report that they had someone in custody a few months ago? Did you ever print a follow-up that cleared the other fella?

Why did he kill them?

Curious to see who gets more time for their transgressions - good ol' GH the 5th or Mr. Burgess.

Somehow, I think Mr. Burgess will not be as lucky and will not have the luxury of top dollar representation.

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