100mph chase in Fluvanna collars suspects w/o death

Unlike a recent police pursuit in Richmond that killed an innocent bystander, a 100mph chase in Fluvanna reportedly reined in some burglary suspects without death or injury. Recent pursuits in Augusta and Charlottesville appear to have violated internal policies, but no public disciplinary actions have been announced in either jurisdiction. An average of three bystanders die each week from law enforcement chases, according to a group called PursuitSafety, which urges officials to limit their chases to capturing violent offenders.

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I hope the cops at least beat the offenders.

Mac and Cheese, are you advocating police brutality? Please say it ain't so!

I feel police brutality is just like shoplifting.... for every shoplifter caught, 100 aren't. For every police brutality event caught on video tape, 100 aren't.

Here's one that was caught on tape, absolutely pathetic!



Good thing it wasn't in Albemarle. They can't drive the speed limit and in a striahgt line without crashing into a parked vehicle! :)


Hawes, give it a rest already! All you are trying to do is get "him" fired up and taking over all of the threads...

Fluvanna? Must have been them ol Duke boys again

Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you've already said that!


If you get around the Internet as much as I do, you would be surprised to see some of the kids you come across in various forums hoping to sooner or later become cops. They actually think the job is about 100+ mph pursuits, beating suspects (a/k/a street justice), and shooting anything that moves contrary to their verbal orders. And they all dream about the first time they can use a taser. We don't have much to look forwards to in the coming years.

In one thread I read last night a young punk talks about his having to rent a car to go take his state police exam. He claims he doesn't want the state police to see him show up in his personal car with all the violations of law present on it. This is the type of deceitful punks we have trying to get into law enforcement.

See link.....



A friend sent me this GSOE , kinda funny and long but you may see a few familure faces .



What a way to start out a Sunday Morning . I cannot believe those trained officers fired assault rifles in that house with children . The Dog shooting is bad but firing weapons in a known residence with children is absolutely inexcusable .

This is why I am armed as everyone else should be . I hope me and the lady of the house are not wearing our iPods listening to music when idi...ots like this decide to kick the door in because we will start unloading both SR 556's at anything that moves with ammunition anything these idi....ots are wearing will NOT stop ! Instructions in this house is to quickly move to the safe room of the house and fire at anything that moves and ask questions later .Thankfully not many people are going to get up here to the house without triggering the hidden intrusion alarms to allow us time to get our iPods on and our contacts out . Sorry bros couldn't hear and couldn't see , sorry about your luck , Maybe you should have tried knocking or calling first .

I don't need a card to know my rights , NEVER TALK TO COPS ! that's your second line of defense as soon as the numerous magazines are empty .

Kind of like the Police departments attitudes lately .WHAT ARE WE BECOMING ?

As for the 100 MPH chase . NOT necessary !


Here's a quote from the link I just posted:

"If I showed up (for the state police exam) in my all black Vic, with my loud exhaust, aftermarket fog lights, darker headlight housing and window tint thats too dark and on too many windows...well, you see where I'm going with this."