RR fence comes down

snap-crozet-park-lotThe May 14 fence erection caused uproar in Crozet.

Buckingham Branch unblocked much of the parking lot May 21 at the Square in Crozet, one week after sealing it off, the Progress reports. Business owners in the Square agree to assume liability for the lot, although the 1877 deed makes it increasingly murky whether CSX, which leases the line to Buckingham Branch, actually has rights to the property.


How soon till someone falls down in that formerly fenced in area and breaks their arm and sues all those businesses?

Glad they took it down, though! Nice work a bit late, but good job not being litigious.

CSX ALWAYS tries to sieze private property.

they try and close crossings at farms etc.


The fence is not "down"... It has been moved. One car deep parking. That's it.

And the oil is still pouring into the gulf of mexico eco-system at an alarming rate

Another case where CSX gets on its high horse. Almost as bas as when they started asking the police to arrest people for trespassing if they mrely crossed a railroad track. Not walked the tracks, not hung out on the tracks, merely crossed to get to the other side. Citing safety reasons-then why doesnt every business who has a parking lot also try to ban people from taking shortcuts?
Number of trains versus number of cars. Which is more likely to happen? Getting hit by a train or getting hit by a car in a parking lot?