11,000+ turkeys die in fire

Approximately 11,500 turkeys died when fire consumed the Elkton-area factory farm building in which they were confined, according to WHSV.


The pitfalls of industrial agriculture, breed tragedy. As we watch hundreds of millions of creatures die in the Gulf, let's pause, and ask ourselves;
is this the world we want ?
and what can we do to change it ?

Where are all of the people who ridiculed Michael Vick now?

I feel your pain...now pass the cranberries

Few deaths are as horrible as being burned alive... I'm sure this is NOT what they are thinking of when they consume "humane" meat.

Want to create a better world? Eat like you mean it - Go Vegan! ;)

At least the cooked turkeys were donated to area food banks.

"As God is my witness, I thought that turkeys could fly ...."

mmmmmm slow roasted turkey

hey michaeal vick fan...we're right here. Much better him than the turkeys, and while we're at, we'll throw you in as well.

Turkeys can fly short distances .

With this kind of loss it seems to me these buildings could be designed or retrofitted with fire doors that would open when fire and smoke is detected to allow as many of the animals to escape .


And the oil is still pouring into the gulf of mexico eco-system at an alarming rate

If only a stuffing factory was next door....... and a crandberry bogg.... across from the potato fields toss in a football game now thats a fire...

So... suffering is inconsequential as long as it's not a human experiencing it?

Just what we need in the world: more people with zero empathy.

You people are pathetic.

were any people hurt? Those turkeys were breed to be cooked

they're turkeys, who cares

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