Yeardley and 'Fuguely': Post covers their final days

With family and friends of the couple mostly circling wagons in silence, the Washington Post has managed to tie together the newspaper's copious reports on the late Yeardley Love and the violence-prone, lacrosse-playing lover who allegedly took her life earlier this month. Appearing in its Sunday issue, the 2,246-word story recounts tales of Love, George W. Huguely V, his father, Farmington Country Club, and Boylan Heights restaurant.


Arlen, et al. Why do so many posters go down the banal path of GH finding "out how little of a punk he really is" and of GH being assaulted sexually or otherwise when he graduates to the big house? Seems like he'll do just "fine" in prison. He has proven rage tendencies, is rather large and athletic (and will presumably become more so in prison), killed someone with his bare hands, has crazy in his eyes, been tasered and not remembered/cared, and is well-connected from the outside.

Dude the post shelled out some money for that

From the Post article, Huguely may have beaten up other male lacrosse players, beaten his ex-girlfriend to death and been an all around tough guy in Charlottesville but in the penitentiary he will find out how little of a punk he really is in the scheme of things.

Whom did they pay, Travel lite? Most people close to GH V and Love wouldn't talk to them.

I may be naive, but if the Post did pay for this information doesn't that call into question the validity of their reporting, and is there a way to find out if that is the case ?

I hope there is no plea deal. I hope the DA goes for the throat

Why anyone would think the Post paid the people who spoke to their reporters eludes me. There's nothing about this story that even hints at that, and frankly, it's almost totally stuff that's been reported already in a variety of media--The Hook, C-Ville, Channel 29, UVa press conferences, etc., etc.

That was nothing more than tabloid journalism. The Daily Progress and the Hook should not give this article anymore coverage. To put Huguely back in the news on the day of UVA graduation is something that should have been avoided.

@Duh, agreed! He's had his 15 mins of fame, be it negative or positive, he needs nothing more.

That Post article was boring... only because it was 99% stuff that we have already read elsewhere.

manbearpig.... prison is the big leagues.. not some college punks with silver spoons in their mouths...

This guy will be wetting the bed from day one....

Manbearpig- I sense some irony in your discourse- Boy George will be in unfamiliar territory, probably spending 22-23 for the first fours years in solitary- ie, Robert Chambers....for his own protection.

He is not "big" at all when compared to the really hard cores- the hard cores don't screw around with cowardly kid, girl and lady killers like Boy George- they make those types pay

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