Snap: Death penalty protest on High Street

news-deathpenaltyprotestorsProtesters gathered Thursday in front of the Charlottesville Circuit Courthouse.

Citizens unhappy about the then-impending execution of convicted murderer Darick Walker gathered on High Street on May 20 with signs. Despite their pleas, the state of Virginia carried out the execution at 9 o' clock that night, fulfilling the sentence Walker received for killing Richmonders Stanley Beale and Clarence Threat. "Walker invaded his victims’ homes by kicking down their front doors, and then, in the presence of their families, mercilessly shooting each victim multiple times," Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli wrote in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of Mr. Beale and Mr. Threat."

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Why were these protesters not carrying signs reading "I'm basically for homicidal psychopaths who kick down doors and kill people in their living rooms"

Protesters are not part of the solution, so they continue to be part of the problem. Protesting does nothing..........action talks, BS walks.......

I have never understood how a "Christian Nation" could execute it's own ?

"I have never understood how a ââ?¬Å?Christian Nation” could execute it’s own ?"

There is nothing in the New Testament that prohibits execution.

You're right, the Bible is probably one of the most violent books ever written, so I guess it comes as no surprise.

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It is still pc to sacrifice virgins though, right?

The new testament could hardly be described as violent. Whatever or whomever he was, Jesus was not a man of violence. The old testament is sick and depraved, however.

The Old testament is sick and depraved? I must have missed the Larry Flint edition. Is it on sale this month?

Never mind. As long as cardboard weilding "Citizens" can keep the sidewalks safe from squirrels and pigeons, I guess the less-than-citizens who have lived here for three or four hundred years need not fear scary books nor gangs of spandex-clad joggers.

What would the free world do without Sharpies?

I would guess that 80% if these people will be out next weekend with their PRO-Abortion signs. Can't inject a killer but you can suck out a kid.