Supes give farm wineries more free range

Keswick Vineyards, which went on the block earlier this year.

Earlier this month, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors made it a little easier for local farm wineries to make a buck–- which will make it easier for foodies to enjoy what they produce.

Surprisingly to some, existing zoning prohibited farmers from using farm stands that weren’t on their property, limited the size of their on-farm stores and what they could sell, restricted the number of events they could have and the number of people they could invite, and prohibited them from operating restaurants. But the BOS amended all that, allowing farmers to sell stuff at remote stands, expand on-site shops to 4,000 square feet, sell whatever they want, and hold unlimited events per year, inviting up to 200 people, even more with a special use permit.

Alas, though farm wineries still can’t operate restaurants, they can now have kitchens to make things like appetizers, finger foods, and soups.