Connect the 'Dots' at the City Market

Fresh strawberries at the 2010 City Market.

On Saturday, June 5 the Charlottesville City Market will host its first annual ââ?¬Ë?Dots Day’ forum, i.e. ââ?¬Ë?Connecting the Dots in our Local Food System,’ which will allow City Market-goers to learn more about our local food system. Shoppers and chefs alike will find resources to identify local growers, home gardening and poultry-raising tips, community garden information and volunteer opportunities, seasonal cooking demonstrations, food preserving tips, and much more. The goal of the events, say City Market organizers, is to “encourage greater participation in strengthening our local food system.”


To clarity: this event is being sponsored by Market Central, with the cooperation and support of the City Market. The exhibit area will be on 1st Street. Market Central is a non-profit organization, formed to preserve and promote the City Market, and to secure a permanent home for the market.

We would also like to encourage market-goers to wear(what else?) Polka DOTS on Saturday, June 5th, as a sign of their support for the market, and for local foods. We hope to see you there!

oops... that would be - clariFy. Sorry.

Last comment, I swear: For more information on the event, please see our website,, and click on "Dots Day". - peace, out.