Snap o' the day: Carrion eaters in Crozet

snap-carrionNature's way.

With VDOT budget cutbacks, vultures will have more of a chance to pick clean the deer carcasses littering roads, such as this one on Three Notched in Crozet.

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Don't forget maggots and beetles, Jim. Our friend the blowfly was most likely the first on the scene. (Well... after the car, that is.)

Hah- as a fellow biker I am surprised by the number of dead animals VDOT leaves for days-weeks by the side of the road.

looks like demorats picking apart America to me.

VDOT is charged with this responsibility? Hmm, I assumed the game commision had some useful function. I guess they don't.

Those vultures better work fast. Leaving a carcass for too long could result in the carcass being deemed personal property of the vultures and then the tax burden may force the vultures to relocate. That could be bad for tourism.

I rode my bike by this twice over the weekend showing houses; the efficiency with with vultures work is impressive. The carcass went from "fresh" to "nearly gone" in just a couple days.